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  1. Enjoy. Good choice[emoji6]. If it’s newer than a 64 reg then it’ll have DCC. Not easy to spot if it’s in ‘normal’ mode as the button isn’t illuminated so doesn’t catch the eye unlike ‘comfort’ and ‘sport’ where it’s lit up orange.
  2. Yeah the Scirocco R came with DCC as standard I’m 99% certain. At least on the facelift model.
  3. XDS = Electronic differential lock. So in VWs eyes it is considered a diff as such.
  4. Yeah it’s got an electronic diff which I feel does a pretty good job.
  5. Cool man no worries. I’ve tried to stay impartial and not be biased. I’m only basing my opinion on what’s talked about within the industry. That’s exactly right. Get the system that meets your budget and has the best benefits for your family. And likewise here’s hoping you never have to call on any of their services. [emoji1360]
  6. Sounds like you’ve already made your own mind up [emoji846] I’m sure you’ll be another very happy Verisure customer for many years. Just keep your own stash of batteries to use for the wireless detection they install as wireless intrusion devices in general have a habit of throwing up low battery faults at 3AM. And no I don’t work for ADT - I never have done and never will. Do you think I’d mention other national companies to consider if I worked for ADT? And unless a company gives you your own guard to live under your stairs the thieving scum will be in and out before the guards are even notified let alone anywhere near your premises. Sorry for participating in a forum discussion. I forgot you’re not allowed to give opinions on a forum.
  7. Did you ask the Verisure salesperson about the option of Police attendance on a confirmed alarm like ADT would offer? To gain police response your system needs to be issued a URN which can only be applied for by an accredited installer which I’m fairly certain Verisure aren’t (haven’t checked them out 100% but advertising a 3rd party NSI Gold ARC as your only accreditation sets alarms ringing in my head). If ADT tried to screw you over then try one of the other National companies i.e. Chubb or Secom etc. An accredited smaller local company would also be a option. The reason ADT wouldn’t move the system to a new premises for free would likely be related to the police response requiring the URN being reapplied for hence why Verisure would happily rip it out and throw it on the wall in another house.
  8. As someone who works in the electronic security industry all I can say is Verisure have a really bad reputation. Most of it comes from their dodgy sales and advertising pitches which bend the truth. The biggest being they market themselves as an NSI Gold company when actually it’s just the 3rd party ARC/monitoring centre they use that’s NSI Gold. With regards to national companies ADT always get negative reviews and I’m not sure they are not always as bad as they get made out to be although their pricing is often very high. Chubb are another national company worth considering as there is a lot less negative coverage with them. If you’re going purely down the cost route then a NSI Gold approved local company and not one just using an NSI Gold ARC and marketing themselves off that is your best bet.
  9. Since my previous reply I looked into it more and the facelift Scirocco R still has the EA113 but a revised version of it.
  10. Not got one myself but always hear rumours on other VW forums about VW having access to your journey details and driving habits and it being a matter of time before they use the data as evidence to decline warranty work. Paranoia in my opinion but at the same time it is VW at the end of the day[emoji52].
  11. Hey mate. Had a watch of the video a few times and can't say I hear anything I'd personally be worried about. Mine is the pre-facelift Rocco R with the EA113 engine (yours is the newer EA888 engine which is what the Golf 7R has) so can't compare it with mine. I'm a bit OCD with noises too so totally understand your paranoia haha. It's obviously still under warranty so no harm in getting VW to have a quick look/listen[emoji846].
  12. I can't see any arguments going on[emoji6]. It's a forum so surely discussions can't be frowned upon? Or is it just someone with a different opinion of the 7R that's the issue[emoji6][emoji6]? I'm clearly outnumbered but a bit of 'banter' makes a nice change from just reading about launches or pedal boxes.
  13. I think the C Class looks horrid but you've got point with the TT but only the TTRS in my opinion looks as aggressive as the Rocco R and then that's way out of the price bracket of the Scirocco. But what do I know being brainless[emoji6].
  14. No denying the 7R is a machine but my personal preference in a car is more the styling. I'm the same as your mate as had mine nearly 3 years but can't find anything that's anywhere near the Rocco R in terms of the combined looks and performance front. Plus mine has every option available ticked so hard to find something with a similar 'outdated' spec but still keeping a bit of performance as seems one is sacrificed for the other. Original plan was wait for the MK4 as all the rumours pointed at the MQB platform but like you say that's not happening. Haha that mk5 platform theory sounds about right.
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