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  1. Laths

    Battery dead

    I’ve heard the car learns what battery it is after a bit of time if it hasn’t been programmed. Cant be that difficult as even Halfords offer the battery programme. As said, car working fine, if the battery goes odd I’ll get another and then get it programmed. 😁
  2. Laths

    Battery dead

    Had a duff one, couldn’t be assed with going to dealer a etc, too much faffing about. Got a Yuasa from Halfords, fitted it , works fine , just drive a few yards driving to clear error messages , no coding codswallop required. All safe and sound.
  3. Mine has finally given up after nearly 3 years from new. My question is - is it best to replace with a new one or get it charged up and risk it losing its charge again . I must admit I’ve been doing only short jaunts last few months . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It’s who your with really. There’re some good main dealers as there are poor indies. Ive stuck with my main dealer who I purchased the car from and have no complaints yet 😁.
  5. Take to an electrical motor factor - that’s most probably a wiring issue.
  6. Mine don’t cut in half the time saying voltage too high. Probably the speed detector and cam affecting voltage
  7. Got a can of silicon spray with the straw adaptor, get your head down in the footwell and spray up into the clutch pedal the bits you can see. Also I found wearing a particular shoe caused a squeak from the sole 😂
  8. Just wondering as there seem to be a number of faults and build quality mentioned on here regarding the 7.5. Mine is a 7 , 3 years nearly and no issues, except under bonnet insulation , replaced.
  9. Just squirted some silicon grease at the top of mine, sorted .
  10. On the rattle, make sure all the bits are clipped together on the rear view mirror. Mine was rattling and I pushed and clipped the two parts together and they became firm, although looking at it you would not see any dicernable issue.
  11. I must learn to read properly, missed van after scamera[emoji41] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. DIY, hammerite high temp, no problem.
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