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  1. Laths

    Battery life Golf R

    Mine has finally given up after nearly 3 years from new. My question is - is it best to replace with a new one or get it charged up and risk it losing its charge again . I must admit I’ve been doing only short jaunts last few months . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Laths

    4th Year / 40k Miles Service

    It’s who your with really. There’re some good main dealers as there are poor indies. Ive stuck with my main dealer who I purchased the car from and have no complaints yet 😁.
  3. Laths

    Rear tailgate led lights - how to change?

    Take to an electrical motor factor - that’s most probably a wiring issue.
  4. Mine don’t cut in half the time saying voltage too high. Probably the speed detector and cam affecting voltage
  5. Laths

    Squeaky Clutch Pedal

    Got a can of silicon spray with the straw adaptor, get your head down in the footwell and spray up into the clutch pedal the bits you can see. Also I found wearing a particular shoe caused a squeak from the sole 😂
  6. Just wondering as there seem to be a number of faults and build quality mentioned on here regarding the 7.5. Mine is a 7 , 3 years nearly and no issues, except under bonnet insulation , replaced.
  7. Laths

    Squeaky Clutch Pedal

    Just squirted some silicon grease at the top of mine, sorted .
  8. Laths

    New Golf R 7.5 Owner

    On the rattle, make sure all the bits are clipped together on the rear view mirror. Mine was rattling and I pushed and clipped the two parts together and they became firm, although looking at it you would not see any dicernable issue.
  9. I must learn to read properly, missed van after scamera[emoji41] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. DIY, hammerite high temp, no problem.
  11. Laths

    What Warranty claims have you made?

    Did they sort out the rattle ? This is quite a common theme, it’s the cover above the fuel lines that come into the engine bay below the master break cylinder. Usually a buzz that comes and goes . See pic, pack with foam or something , the white in the pic is some cotton wool pads slid up to where you see it.
  12. My stop start never really works properley unless I take it for a good blast . Too many short journeys from me and it always says power consumption too high. So yes give it some more miles .