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  1. It certainly looks good - and it looks and feels very similar to the Golf inside as the materials are better quality than the ID.3. Although SWMBO loves driving the R she has (sensibly) decreed that our current car is our last R. We have now moved very close to most of our relatives and since retirement we don't need to commute so almost all of our journeys are sub-50-miles round trip. This means an electric car makes a lot of sense for us (and my wife hasn't noticed that I've specced the e-boost version. "That's just so we can get the nicer wheels! Cough, cough). We have several relative
  2. OK, it's an odd (dumb?) name for the UK market, but there it is. I had an e-mail from VW telling me that I only had 9 months left on my agreement and due to long lead times I should start ordering my next car soon. Soooo - Golf Mk8 R? Well I used to live in the Scottish Borders and the R was fun on those roads, but I've now moved the English Midlands and the roads here are dull, boring, filled with traffic and too many idiots so that wasn't really an option. And the price of petrol? Forget it. Which brings me to Electric. The up front price is steep but the ongoing costs are good, e
  3. Bosch Aerotwins are good, but I did experience some juddering with no coating and with Nanolex coating (although the Nanolex is great by itself). Aerotwins with Kamikaze Intenso had no juddering. I now use PIAA wipers (as noted above) with the windscreen coating that they supply with the wipers and they are the best so far. Fiddly to fit but very effective which is what matters.
  4. i used a standard Sandisk SD card. You do not need a VW card for the Mib2. I simply copied all the files to the SD card. Then you plug the SD card into one of the SD slots in the glovebox and follow the options to update the Nav. It takes about 20 seconds to "find" the card so don't panic. It then takes about 30 minutes to update the maps, but it does show you the progress in %ages.
  5. To the best of my knowledge, the Discover Pro system (MIB2) does have two SD card slots in the glove box, just above (or below) the CD slot. Plug your SD card into the left-hand one and try the update options again. I don't know about the Mac system, but on my windows system, the Mib1 and Mib2 folders, along with metainf.txt and WMPinfo.xml files are all in the root (first) folder on the SD card. This worked perfectly on my 2019 Discover Pro.
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