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  1. Perhaps I'm being silly, but is it possible a bulb has blown? Pop down to your local Halfords or whatever and ask them.
  2. Can you explain why he should be banned for life? Or is it your opinion that anyone who has an accident should be banned for life? Why should PP be any different from anyone else unless you have some other agenda? The incident should be properly investigated by the police as with any other driver and action should be taken appropriate to the findings of the investigation. It is entirely possible that he may well be prosecuted. No favouritism and equally no vindictive witch hunt. PP has a valid licence and should not be exempt. However, being stopped by the police for not wearing a seat belt and taking criminal action based on a photograph taken by someone with no official standing and with insufficient information in the photograph to meet evidentiary requirements are two different things. I suspect (but cannot prove) that there may be many instances where non-royal drivers are spoken to by the police but are not prosecuted. As above, I would expect the police to act with no favouritism and equally with no vindictive witch hunt. I'm not condoning the action, but I'm trying to ascertain whether the people crying out "off with their heads" are taking a balanced view of the incidents or if they are pursuing an anti-royal or ageist agenda. which has nothing to do with the incidents themselves. As an aside, the Reigning Monarch is actually exempt from obeying any law, driving or otherwise.
  3. I have similar roads here in the Borders and the drivers I hate are the ones who drive round corners at around 40mph (where you can't overtake safely) then immediately speed up to 60mph when the road straightens up which means you have to get past them real quick or you might exceed the speed limit. Fortunately I know the roads well and can anticipate some short straights where they don't speed up and I can squirt past them, but then the muppets flash their lights at you 'cos they think you shouldn't be allowed to overtake them.
  4. The original Ford Escort (based on the Ford Popular). a 1952 model I think. Four-pot flathead with 3-speed gearbox, cross-ply tyres, drum brakes all round. I leaned to drive in this and actually passed my driving test in it (I think the examiner was just desperate to get out) The very epitome of a shed on wheels, but great for learning about car maintenance (cos it kept breaking down!).
  5. You don't say what your normal washing routine is. The ceramic coating will make it easier to wash the car, but only in that dirt and water will wash off more easily. To preserve the finish you MUST adhere to best practices for washing or you risk ruining the finish with marks and swirls. Read "Bec's guide to detailing" in the sticky threads at the top of the page. In your case the instructions for a maintenance wash are all you currently need. If you just go gangbusters with a sponge and Fairy liquid you're wasting time and money putting the ceramic coat on in the first place!
  6. There are many, many threads on here, especially in the "sticky threads" above that will give you recommendations on DA machines and polishing and waxing products so I'm not going to repeat it all here; do a search. That said, I use Rupes DAs and polishes and Mohs ceramic coating on mine - in my garage. Honestly, no and especially not at this time of year. You will probably need at least a full day, and as a beginner, more likely two days to do the polishing, then you may need a day or two (including drying time) to apply any coatings or waxes, and you can't guarantee the weather for that long. Many products need to be applied in temperatures above 10 C and you're not likely to get that consistently at this time of year. You don't want to be working with polishes or waxes in direct sunlight (they'll "go off" too quickly and you'll have major problems cleaning them back off) Sorry to be a bit negative, but this is not a good time of year to try to do this type of work outdoors. You'd be better doing some research here and on YouTube over the winter, then getting your chosen kit ready for the spring and get one of those pop-up tent things like Booth11 uses to provide shade for working in. Good luck.
  7. We get loads of them on the road around this time of year and I'm well used to spotting them and avoiding them (well, most of the time - I've had a couple of hits over the years). Driving on the A72 this morning I lost count of the number of bodies on the road; the stupid things insist on running across the road instead of flying.
  8. Does it get louder if you open the fuel filler cover? It's probably the fuel tank breather valve adjusting the internal/external air pressures. Normal.
  9. I think he said one wheel bolt - not the whole wheel. Any bolt other than the locking bolt can be removed but the whole wheel can't be stolen unless the locking bolt can be removed.
  10. From memory, you use the "OK" and left/right buttons on the right-hand side of the steering wheel to change the MFD display. In my manual, there are instructions from about page 18 onwards.
  11. Possibly condensate from the AC unit. If so, it's normal.
  12. I know you are in London but you might want to check out GtiWorld in Edinburgh. They are pretty good at sourcing cars to meet customer specs and are part of VW so you get the full warranty. They're right next to Edinburgh Airport if you want to fly up. Check out their Facebook page and have a chat.
  13. These days the same can be said for the entire car!!.
  14. Mine were specced as original, new in December 2016. Still perfect now. You get what you pay for.
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