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  1. Have you hit any potholes recently? I had a bit of vibration on the nearside front at speed and it felt "wobbly" at low speed. Turned out that the inner rim had been dented, presumably by one of the bad potholes in my area. Cost me £930.00 for a new Pretoria.
  2. Got to the main forum page, scroll down to "Modifying and Tuning" and look for the OBDEleven and VCDS forums. I suspect you'll find info there.
  3. Nah. Get a leaf blower. I can blow my car almost completely dry in about 5 minutes, then I only need a couple of towels to pat dry any remaining drops and inside the door shuts.
  4. Yes, over Gyeon Mohs+ and Synchro. No problem.
  5. As stated above, it's probably a blown bulb and you should take this opportunity to replace both bulbs with a whiter version. You can probably guess that this has been discussed many times before, and if you use the search facility at the top of the page, entering " cornering light" (with the quotes) you will see lots of threads with plenty of info about what to buy, where to buy it and how to replace the existing bulbs (it's dead easy!!) Good luck.
  6. Yeah, I noticed that in Ep1 the rear shot showed dark rear lights like an R but in other shots it had the GTD badge and wheels. Most likely they are using more than one car and didn't reckon anyone would notice. As if! Nerds of the world unite!
  7. Happens regularly to HGVs under a railway bridge near where I used to live. Usually solved by deflating the tyres and backing out.
  8. Nope. This relates only to the Judge's conduct and any disciplinary action would be against the Judge. The prosecution could separately appeal the leniency of the sentence and, if upheld, the offender could be given a heavier sentence. Two separate issues.
  9. The judge has been referred to the Independent Judicial Conduct Investigations Office so she'll hopefully get her wrist slapped, but probably nothing worse.
  10. If you stick with Karcher, a lot of us have bought a Qwashers replacement hose - far better than the Karcher. Just find the right one for your washer.
  11. TweedsideR

    Gyeon quartz

    I coated mine with Gyeon Mohs+ a year ago, really easy to apply and it still looks great. Once the weather warms up a bit I will do a complete clean/decon/polish and re-coat with Gyeon Synchro.
  12. Yes, it's hilarious. After my last (2nd year) service, I had the usual "advisory" that the rear discs were corroded, which I ignored. A couple of weeks later I got a call from the dealer mentioning the advisory and asking if I wanted to do anything about it! I politely "advised" her that I'd had exactly the same comment on every Golf I'd owned since 2001. it is a known Golf problem, I had never done anything about it in the past and I had no intention of doing anything this time or next year when they tell me the same thing again!
  13. Perhaps I'm being silly, but is it possible a bulb has blown? Pop down to your local Halfords or whatever and ask them.
  14. Can you explain why he should be banned for life? Or is it your opinion that anyone who has an accident should be banned for life? Why should PP be any different from anyone else unless you have some other agenda? The incident should be properly investigated by the police as with any other driver and action should be taken appropriate to the findings of the investigation. It is entirely possible that he may well be prosecuted. No favouritism and equally no vindictive witch hunt. PP has a valid licence and should not be exempt. However, being stopped by the police for not wearing a seat belt and taking criminal action based on a photograph taken by someone with no official standing and with insufficient information in the photograph to meet evidentiary requirements are two different things. I suspect (but cannot prove) that there may be many instances where non-royal drivers are spoken to by the police but are not prosecuted. As above, I would expect the police to act with no favouritism and equally with no vindictive witch hunt. I'm not condoning the action, but I'm trying to ascertain whether the people crying out "off with their heads" are taking a balanced view of the incidents or if they are pursuing an anti-royal or ageist agenda. which has nothing to do with the incidents themselves. As an aside, the Reigning Monarch is actually exempt from obeying any law, driving or otherwise.
  15. I have similar roads here in the Borders and the drivers I hate are the ones who drive round corners at around 40mph (where you can't overtake safely) then immediately speed up to 60mph when the road straightens up which means you have to get past them real quick or you might exceed the speed limit. Fortunately I know the roads well and can anticipate some short straights where they don't speed up and I can squirt past them, but then the muppets flash their lights at you 'cos they think you shouldn't be allowed to overtake them.
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