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  1. Hi. I've got a problem, wondering if some help can be done here: link just goes to the OBD forums where I have posted my query. Golf GTE facelift DRL https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=1056328&share_tid=2023&url=http%3A%2F%2Fobdeleven%2Eproboards%2Ecom%2Fthread%2F2023&share_type=t Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Agreed. I've owned the S3 for a month and the amount of compliments I get about my car when pulling up at a petrol station is insane. Never do I look at a Golf R and think 'I wish I had that'. And even so, same applies for Golf GTI & Golf R. & sadly you can't compare a S3 with a GTI, you can compare a Golf R & S3 (lesser model of Audi) yet they've got an RS3 to compete with the bigger boys (A45, Focus RS, M2) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I had a Golf R on order, customer service from VW was very terrible, so got an S3 instead. Amazing service from Audi. Fully spec S3 which I'm happy with, much more colour options & interior quality is so much more premium over the Golf. They obviously have the revised engine providing more HP but that doesn't bother me. The exhaust & 7 speed gearbox is truly sublime. As for an RS3? If one drove up beside me, fair play, has a bigger engine and louder exhaust... what would be an interest is to see if they could afford any of the optional extras or if they went for a basic spec. I personally think an S3 is good all rounder in terms of price and gives you that freedom to add those options, and you can still enjoy the performance aspect. Besides if an RS3 was beside me, I wouldn't 'change my attitude of driving' and that applies to any car. What you have to remember is that the Golf R and the S3 is pretty much an identical car, regardless if one drives better than the other. The fact is Audi would not be able to provide two cars in a line up of hot hatches. How I see it is if Golf R is mentioned in a video then I immediately take that to my S3, Audi would look Silly comparing a Golf R, S3, RS3, A45 & Focus RS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. How you finding the short journeys in relation to the car warming up etc? Do you drive it easy? Not sure if it's good for engine, only reason why I ask is because I have the same commute lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Not sure if a thread is out there. What is the best way to clean the exhaust tips to keep that silvery shine? Soapy hot water?
  6. I too had this problem. I was told my build week was going to happen in January after I placed order for it in August. So glad i did, I placed deposit on a brand new S3 showroom condition last Tuesday... I picked it up last Saturday, like for like spec. Absolutely loving the S3.
  7. Sorry do not have the ability to PM you, do you have the email address? Going to see what I can do
  8. What can I do to try and speed up my order? I ordered mine 3rd August and my provisional is BW 50.. I spoke with them on Friday and they said there is nothing they can do other than wait until the build week is confirmed.
  9. Yeah, I noticed that with VW - if you go for metallic paint and DSG that can cause some differences. Options I have is Tech Pack, DSG, 5 DR, Metallic Paint, Pretorias, Pano roof, Reversing camera, 90% tints. - I was hoping to add the DCC and climate windscreen but dealer told me to stop adding to the car - maybe he was annoyed.
  10. Okay, cool. Understood, I personally think it's wrong. It must mean I need to hunt around for the dealerships that do not make the most sales then! End of the day, VW is still getting business.. Don't see why each dealership should have a priority due to sales. I am living in Buckingham, if a dealer in Scotland was to offer me like-for-like car, but 5k cheaper. I'll go with that dealership, though I don't see why I should wait because that dealership is giving me a better deal than some other dealership making 0 sales. Must be hard for them. But yeah. For the order to be over a month earlier and to be built later I disagree with.
  11. Don't understand how you ordered it on 19th September and have an unconfirmed build week of 49. My order was accepted by factory on 3rd August and plan for week 50 unconfirmed.
  12. I ordered 3rd August and I got told the same thing today. BW 45.
  13. Cool, do you feel like you've got this off your chest now?
  14. Mine has been delayed by a couple of weeks because I added a sunroof.. yeh woteva VW... I should expect my collection in November, though nothing is specifically confirmed. Feels like such a long way away, though when I keep looking at car reviews and hear all these positives about the Golf, it makes me want it even more
  15. My only concern to the sunroof is the rattle that people have reported. Is it something that is relatively easy for VW to fix? Is it part of the servicing plan ensuring that everything is screwed together. I have had problems with my current car, and the slightest thing that goes wrong gets to me and I kick off. I am hoping mine doesn't rattle that's for sure!!
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