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    Hi, i was wondering if someone could help or point me in the right direction, i recently had the new MIB fitted to my car with the AID however the POI and speed cameras dont show up on the digital display just on the main unit has anyone seen this before? thank you in advance.
  2. thats cool dude its not the eaiest thing to try and explain and the only reason i ask is becuase online they have both the MIB2 and MIB2.5 the a 9" screen and i wont lie i would save me 800£ if my exsiting MIB2 worked with the 9" screen as again i have seen them for sale with both.. see below might make it easier to try and explain.
  3. it is the MIB2 that came with my car, so i wont need any CP removal. i just dont want to spent £300 on a screen that might not work no display etc..
  4. Hi All, I hope you’re all well, I have a bit of tricky question. I want to upgrade my screen to the new 9” screen and the digital dash, in my car I currently have MIB2 with the 8” screen. Here comes the tricky part of the question. Looking on everyone’s favourite auction site there is 9” screens with both MIB2 and MIB2.5 my question is with my current MIB2 can I install the 9” screen and digital dash? I am not sure if I put link to pages on here so i have not but if it is allowed I can post the links. Thank you
  5. Thank you. 👊🏽 Just need black pretz now..
  6. Thought I different as such rather than whole front end just blacked out, it also kind of help bring out lip as well as you catch the black of the lip under the those white bits.
  7. first place i will calling on Monday these guys look really good, a shame they are so far from London
  8. thats nice! i was thinking more like this.. http://www.colourmycar.net/gallery/porsche-996-turbo-wrapped-pearl-white-carbon-fibre-roof-and
  9. Hey!! Thinking of getting my golf r wrapped in Satin pearl white, any know any good wrappers or colour suggestions?
  10. sorry dude could get back to before go to wlan in the setting and search for your phone hotspot
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