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    Massive VW fan, water and air cooled. Currently have 2010 mk6 R APR Stage 1 VWR intake DSG 3dr Silver. 72 bay window camper tickled with a lowering stick on gas burners

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  1. I know what you mean, I've done just enough to get mine through its mot every year, needs bottom 6" doing too just never time a money
  2. I'd say your a bay window owner too!!!
  3. New to this site but not vw's, owned my mk6 R 2 years and love it, remapped at Awesome last year with a VWR induction kit, couldn't believe the difference 😎 Plans to go turbo back exhuast, inter cooler and pump and the obvs remap. Also own a bay window camper 16 years in, she's not going anywhere fast, pardon the pun. I try and do most of the work needed on the cars myself if I can. Just rebuilt the camper engine which runs really well, I surprised myself just who much I enjoyed it. Love the whole VW scene water and Aircooled attend a few shows throughout the year with a VW family who all own a VW of some sort. That's me, I'll be skulking about looking for top tips and advice on mods for the Golf Cheers ðŸ‘
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