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  1. Paradox1

    Apr stage. 2

    Stage 2 On the stock turbo? I doubt it would be over 400bhp to be honest. 360bh to High 380s are usually the norm
  2. Paradox1

    Sad story, but am I missing something here?

    the quote said if he want breaking the law (assuming being on a moped while underage) he would be alive. I think it still would have happend if he was on foot bus etc. nobody knows what he did but he p1ssed somebody off obviously
  3. Paradox1

    Sad story, but am I missing something here?

    Kids do silly things, we all did. We all had trouble with other kids. If it came to it, we settled it with a punch up. These days everyone seems scared of a black eye so they just take a life instead?......wtf
  4. Paradox1

    Euro Trip

    You need new friends! haha
  5. Paradox1


    Have a look on Ebay
  6. Paradox1

    Working under car.

    Most definitely. I'll check it out
  7. Paradox1

    Working under car.

    Does these catch on the front bumper? I really hate working under cars, keep looking at axle stands to make sure they dont move. Paranoid.com
  8. Paradox1

    Tuning Buckinghamshire

    MRC tuning are in Banbury MDM Technik are in Marlow so probably a bit closer to you
  9. Paradox1

    Youtube videos

  10. Paradox1

    TTRS Calipers Fitment

    How are you finding these brakes? I was thinking of upgrading to these but not sure of the benefit compared to the mk2 TTRS/8- RS3 Calipers
  11. Paradox1

    Upgrade SciroccoR brakes

    Try so Mtech discs. I've recently fitted ebc bluestuff track/race pads. They are significantly better than OEM pads and give me alot more confidence when braking later. Ive fitted this tot he stock caliper too. If you feel these may be abit to excessive, you can try EBC yellow stuff pads, Friend of mine used them on track and said they were great. Front pads were just under £100
  12. Paradox1

    Yes.......another fuel thread!

    I used to use Shell until the price went up significantly I now use Tesco Momentum and the car does feel more responsive. Its also alot cheaper!
  13. Not personally, Only needed if the OEM Rad is underperforming. Id only do it if temps were getting very high on track
  14. Paradox1

    Autowatch Ghost Bypass

    He Sure does, met him a few times before he started the youtube channel. As you can see, he's a driver lol Not sure how i'd feel letting him drive my car though. Id rather let him take it out without me there! No I haven't seen this video but i'll check it out now. cheers Non German related but check this is you haven't already. Turn your volume up!