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  1. Another alternative is Gulf Competition oil. Again id only use this if your doing track days
  2. https://www.mk5golfgti.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,91029.0.html this may help
  3. it has been done although not easy. Will you be doing the work yourself or a garage? Id imagine the latter would cost a bomb
  4. Millers nano drive is ester based so has additives in it which protects the engine and helps performance. for a daily drive though.... normal VW stuff is fine
  5. user sainsburys fuel on previous modified cars. Filled up with super unleaded yesterday @1.22 Silly not to.
  6. Its possible to do yourself depending how handy you are. some have used Mr muscle oven cleaner to clean the valves lol Then their are companies that do a inlet clean and test Injectors for a fixed price which is pretty good
  7. if you mean the companies who come to your home/work and spray the foam stuff into you engine, it doesn't work for us. Walnut blasting seems most popular and effect choice
  8. Thanks for the link I can see it catching on tbh. If you've ever been to london (perhaps the same in other cities) people buy those foldable bikes. this is a cool alternative
  9. may be worth contacting the company. Ive tried Federal 595 RSR. very happy with them and they seem well recommended by others who enjoy trackdays. Read some reviews on them. Also Nankang AR1 are popular too
  10. Pretty cool Wonder how much they retail at....
  11. Paradox1

    Tragic news.

    Saw this on bbc website, absolutely terrible. Heard a moment ago that someones been arrested
  12. What type of driving do you do? If its normal road driving, Id just do the fronts. Then when the rears are lower, move the fronts to the rear and put the "new new" tyres on the front.
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