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  1. Check out Rtech for a stage 1 remap. You wont regret it, well worth the trip
  2. Looks alot better, Plastidip on mine looks more matt that gloss.
  3. the rears do little compared to the fronts, id stick with OEM on the back. I run EBC bluestuff pads currently. no complains at all,no fade etc
  4. I just kept doing light layers every 15-20mins, Spent more time peeling off the excess. I like how easily reversible it is. I sprayed by front and rear bad too but had everyone trying to race me so removed them. The vinyl ones look clean. worth trying
  5. I did the lettering on bootlid about 2 years ago. Still looks good. If you dont like it you can just peel it off. I'd still mask up the car and only spray the area you want to though
  6. have a look on AKS tuning, I think they sell it too. You can also cur the intake part of your stock engine cover and use that with your aftermarket intake
  7. probably best looking on Ebay for a seller breaking the car for parts
  8. If your Girlfriends or wives give you stick about modding your cars, remind them of all the handbags,shoes and clothes they keep buying for no reason!
  9. looooool Hes probably going to report your car! haha I wouldnt talk to you Either hello Honda tuner, what turbo do I need to beat a golf R? 😤
  10. I think that last comment is the reason he isn't talking to you.😂
  11. haha poor guy. Guess the Vtec isn't as amazing as he thought lol
  12. They are pretty quick if tune though. Love hurting pride of other drivers after they try so hard lol
  13. He clearly wasn't trying.......:D
  14. Thats an insane amout of work lol may as well clean the inlet valves while your at it
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