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  1. Yes, Youd have less lag from pulling off. You have 410ftlbs of torque but it would come in sooner with a sports cat
  2. I went to a trackday last week, Drove a supposedly 450BHP R34 Skyline. that thing carries speed through corners ridiculously. 😀😀😀
  3. maybe with some heavy duty track pads like DS3000, but these ebc ones are great. Inspire so much confidence in braking. I wish you could try them to see the difference. And all update with insurance too!
  4. DS2500 aren't road legal either. many people do use trackpads on the road. I don't think there is any harm to be honest, they are more effective than oem road pads. Cold bite is better and can handle more head and abuse. I cant see a downside to be honest
  5. on paper bluestuff are . but ive never used ds2500 on track but doubt they would be any better
  6. Cobra for me. Love the sound
  7. EBC Yellowstuff OR Bluestuff if you want zero fade.
  8. I think thats the part number for OEM springs. Although VWR products are VW, they are still aftermarket
  9. I've actually got H&R springs which i think are 30 or 35mm. I wouldnt want it any lower tbh. Have a look on DPM performance. there delivery is fast
  10. on the gen 1 TSI engines,there is a breather pipe on the intake which isnt there on the TFSI engines. I know revo do a intake but its quite pricey. I got a revo copy for 140quid of eaby china though. Still works as it should, its a bit of pipe at the end of the day
  11. Lowering springs with DCC changes the firmness a bit. with lowering springs:- Comfort= Normal Normal= Sport Sport= ....Extra sport?
  12. I saw a post on FB last week of a guy who did it. Looks really authentic. Obviously time consuming with the stitching though.
  13. is the CS discs and pads worth the upgrade over the R then?
  14. Had mine for well over 3 years. been fine. I think on a 4wd car they need to match the front though. Dont hold me on that though
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