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  1. Haha! No spare wheel in my car unfortunately (fortunately?) probably only have a stone to lose!! 7kg, that’s another wheel!! 😂
  2. Hi all, looking at buying these wheels.... i own an audi rs3 at the moment (don’t kill me!!) with 8.5j 19’s up front and the same at the rear but 8j. They both have 245/35/19 tyres on. Both are ET50. https://mbdesign.shop/en/mbdesign-kv1-dc-concave-wheel-shinyblack-polish-20inch-5x112-5b1 theyll be the 19 inch version though with ET45 as ET35 will be slightly too big. I could go 20 inch but then I’d need new tyres and it just gets so expensive, and there’s also the speedo issues etc. They weigh a featherly 7.25kg each, versus 14kg of my original alloys!! at the moment, looking at second hand prices, I could sell my Audi black rotors for £1200 as they’re mint, and pick those up for £2014 which makes the swap £814....would it be worth it to save 28kg off the weight of the car?! They also do them in matte grey grey which look great too.
  3. what are the above like in terms of grip in the wet and dry?
  4. For 36k you could get a great spec RS3. Or for an extra 2-3k, a facelift RS3. Hold their value much more than an R, much much better engine, better interior. You’ll never tire of the sound either.
  5. As long as I have a pro only coating applied I don’t mind. I’d happily go with Kamikaze ENREI or Zipang. It shouldn’t really matter on the brand, as long as the value matches I guess!
  6. I asked my detailer about this, he said it was just marketing from gtechniq, it’s not true...he’s recently changed from gtechniq to kamikaze due to quality, apparently gtechniq have been bought out by Reep detailing now!
  7. Update on this...... ive been in touch and they’ve offered to use a detailer I haven’t heard before. It’s a 1 man band called BR exclusive on Facebook. There’s are good reviews, and upon a phone call to him, he seems to know what he’s doing. the only thing I’m concerned about is he want some the car for 2 days, with a free courtesy car, but my detailer normally has mine 4-5 days. I’m concerned that the amount of time may be inadequate to do a proper job. My detailer has a studio, whereas this guy wants to do the job at VW Leeds, is is going to be detailed outside? I’ve asked about his pricing, and he charges £500, whereas my detailer wants £750. I had gtechniq crystal serum ultra topped with exo applied by my detailer which is professional only, he buys this through another detailer who is gtechniq certified (certification is 5 grand!), and thus I cannot prove that gtechniq crystal serum is used. This other detailer wants to use GYEON MOHS, which is £60 compared to the £160 for the serum from gtechniq. This to me says inferior product as you get what you pay for. I’ve mentioned this, and as I cannot prove that black was used (VW Leeds have made some calls to gtechniq and my detailer isn’t on their list) they are having non of it. They’ve said that it’s basically either use their guy or I cannot help you. so my options are either take the gyeon detail @ £500, an inferior product to what I had applied, or I could just keep pushing and go to VW UK and explain the situation. At the end of the day, am I not within my rights to request whichever detailer I want to put my car back to how it was before they messed it up?
  8. Went in for second service today as it was part of the service plan. Paid £800 to have the car detailed back in the end of July, and they’ve washed it and there’s marks all over it. I need to get it under my lights but I assume it will be absolutely covered in swirls. I’m hoping the gtechniq crystal serum ultra with EXO topping will have protected the car a little....to make matters worse the NO WASH was highlighted at the top of my service sheet! I showed them them the obvious marks and they’ve offered to machine polish them out which I frankly don’t want them doing, I’d rather have my trusted detailer do that at the very minimum, actually sod that I want them to pay for the whole thing doing again!! has anyone been through this before, where do I stand? I have photos of the car after detailing on my phone, I’m planning on going down to the detailers tonight and taking some photos in the same spots so I can put them side to side, does this sound like a good idea? cheers, simon
  9. Only really haven’t one dislike about the golf R and that’s the engine note. I have a 5 cylinder itch to scratch and the golf just sounds like a fart can in comparison which is to be expected. Wish there was the option to spec more alacantara trimmings in the golf like you can in the RS3 (the knee pads, red trim on the seatbelts etc) but apart from that I can’t really complain
  10. Unfortunately it’s still a 4pot, no matter what you do it isn’t going to sound like a 5 pot or more :( no point spending the money to polish a turd (engine noise wise anyway) :(
  11. I’m itching to get into an rs3. When I was looking at a new motor (coming from a SEAT Leon cupra 280 dsg, 14 reg back at the end of 2016), the prefacelift with a decent spec and low-ish mileage was around 38k. I couldn’t warrant spending that much and I wanted a new car so I could spec it how I wanted it. I also wanted 4wd. I went for the next best thing, a golf R. After I ordered my R I test drove a TTRS mk2. Fantastic car. Had the sports exhaust and sounded absolutely amazing. Dealer let me launch it and it was something else. The fact that they don’t even have Bluetooth music streaming put me off, and the fact that brakes were mighty expensive and there was 0 warranty (even the after market warranty they tried to sell me didn’t cover RS model cars!!). So I ended up ordering a near full spec golf R. 3dr, lapis blue with 5 year warranty for a touch under 33k. The car is perfect except for the sound. Whenever I see an rs3 go past me, I just want one. They’re now coming up on auto trader with a semi decent spec for £30-35k. Looking at the rs3 8p as well, I doubt they’ll drop much more in price from the 30k mark for a good number of years. If I had my time again right now I’d be getting into an rs3, I do kind of wish I’d waited, but I really wanted a car I could 4wd launch! I’ve looked at swapping my 18 month golf r with 5k options and 3.5 year warranty remaining on it, and I reckon I could get 25k for it privately, that would leave me probably £5-8k short of an rs which could easily be bridged with a bank loan, but selling a brand new car with so many options and a big warranty left on it for a car which is 1-2 years older than mine, it just seems backwards somehow. I think I’m going to need to wait until it’s 3-4 years old until I can think about swapping it.....and then I’m going to be in another dilemma, do I buy a 16 reg prefacelift for the better noise, pops and crackles, and vastly less depreciation or do I buy a facelift rs3 with the better tech and vastly superior engine and weight distribution and a years Audi warranty?? So many decisions! Also, in the last 18 months, I’ve had 3 points, 1 non fault claim and one fault claim with no one else involved - at 24 years old that kind of stings and I’ve a feeling my insurance will be massive on my car next year (up from £700) and probably upwards of 2k on an rs3 of any breed!
  12. Lapiz 3dr dsg climate screen adv phone prep pro nav voice control app connect dynaudio prets 90% tints lane assist Dynamic light assist Dcc rear camera pretty much everything except leather and sunroof. No keyless because it was discontinued on 3 door
  13. Purchased these today. £57 instead of racingline’s extortionate £192. Quality is spot on, they’re pretty much exactly the same!
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