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  1. I've got the standard Cadiz alloys on my R , and I've never been really happy with the steering. Do the 19" Pretoria's make much of a difference to the steering? I'm not worried about the ride so much as the car has got DCC. Cheers
  2. I have posted elsewhere but I was at the Geneva show yesterday and the Akrapovic Exhaust looks lovely but will it be interesting to see how much it will cost and to what benefit for performance! The black press looked good especially on the lighter colour. Didn't really get to see too much of the new dash, the new nav display was good but not sure if it is worth the extra dosh!!
  3. I was at the Geneva Motor Show yesterday and it was packed!! They must have got in on a press/trade day!! The R was in a colour only done for shows and had an Akrapovic exhaust which looked lovely!! They were able to video the car far easier than I was able to. Be interesting to see what other options might be made available on the car!
  4. When I spoke with Nationwide they said they achieved the discounts by the quantity of cars they buy! They offered their own finance not VWFS and the discount was only applied to the car price not any extras!
  5. Thanks for the responses, I've said the dealer can do a 'no contact' wash and not to fit any internal stickers! Just got the 3 hour drive in the morning to go and get the car!!
  6. Sorry if this has been posted before! The dealer has just contacted me to see if I want the car put through their valeting dept! I pick the car up on Saturday so I need to make a quick decision! It's from JCB Medway anybody had problems with them?? Cheers
  7. I've taken it too, there was a form to sign which was part of the finance documents!
  8. I'm going to the Geneva Motor Show on Sat 11th March so will get some photo's and video's of the R assuming it's on the VW stand!
  9. I was told today the sales manager would be seeing the person (VW UK) tomorrow and hopefully I'll get some news! When I talked about a FL all they said was that it would cost more in tax and delivery would be about 16 weeks. yes the interest rate would offset the saving! I don't know why the dealer would think I'd be happy to pay more for the older version when between VW and the dealer they've created the problem of making the deals on FL's cheaper!
  10. Did you discuss with the dealer about reviewing the price of your pre FL car? I'm waiting on JCB to speak with VW UK about putting my car on the deal that takes £3250 off the price of the car! They know I'm not happy to pay £1500 more than the closest spec FL car to my ordered car!
  11. I spoke with Nationwide today. The price is very competitive for the spec I want and the chap (Dominic) was very helpful! Note: 1. The discounted price is on the car only not options. 2. Finance is via a third party PCP (5.4% APR) and not VWFS, so no deposit contribution or other incentives e.g. 2 services for £149. The difference in price for me between DTD and Nationwide is wiped out due to losing my £1000 deposit and paying the DTD fee of £384! Basically like most brokers they make their money on quantity of sales. Again I was quoted 12-14 wks delivery which will put the car in to the new car tax system which works out at about £350 extra over 3 years, but the FL residual value will wipe out that difference against the Mk 7 that I've got ordered! Decisions decisions
  12. Sorry I thought it was a revised deposit contribution! Hopefully I shall hear back from the dealer today and get some figures! I'm in two minds about it but I don't how they can expect me to pay more for the version when they are selling the newer one cheaper!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I'm in a similar situation. I've priced up a FL based on the same spec as the R (inc Tech Pack) I ordered except the new DNS Pro sat nav but included the Dynaudio and the FL cost was £1500 less. £32860 for mine and £31400 for the FL. Both quotes through Drive the Deal. Obviously the new sat nav would've closed the gap but the FL has an 8" sat nav like the tech pack so it is basically the same spec! I ordered the car in September with the £2000 deposit contribution and the dealer I'm going with is going to try and get the car on the £3250 finance which was brought in for the end of the line Mk 7's! I have to make a decision as I was supposed to be picking up my car on the 4th March. I'll be interested to know how you get on!
  14. I contacted Nationwide today and they are £1500 less than DTD! Another long wait possibly though!
  15. Growler - I would def push the dealer like I am, Nationwide cars quoted the same spec FL model for just under £30k!! Thats another £1500 cheaper than DTD! As always the issue is with delivery which would probably be June time and the car tax does increase even more on the FL due to the increased emissions! Over 3 years the overall additional cost would be £360 to tax the FL car!
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