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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For Sale is my Golf R which I've owned from new since March 2017. 5 Door Manual with 24k miles approx MOT to 03/03/2022 The car has the following spec: Lapiz Blue Metallic Paint Vienna Leather DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control) Tech Pack - Discover Nav Pro and Dynaudio Sound System Keyless Entry Rear Side Airbags Winter Pack and usual R std features Manufacturers 5 Year warranty to March 2022 Full VW service History Transferrable VW Service Pack 4 new tyres at 19k miles (Feb 2020) New Bosch AGM battery (Sep 2020) Personal Plate to be removed prior to sale and revert back to original reg GN17MTV. The car is in very good condition with the odd age related mark, the front passenger side alloy has some marks but no kerbing. Feel free to ask any questions.


    Taunton, Somerset - GB

  2. Changing between first and second on my R has never been smooth but seems to be getting worse especially when cold. Car's done 23.5k miles. Is this a known issue and should I take the car back to my local dealer as it the car has got the 5 year warranty? Cheers
  3. Thanks for the replies, are there any other Apps that are able to edit the battery settings?
  4. I've recently changed the battery on my R to an AGM type. I bought an OBDII reader from Euro Car Parts but the OBDeleven app won't recognise it although other apps will, but I need to be able to amend the battery type details on the car. Is there another App or what OBDII reader will work? Cheers
  5. I need to change my battery but have no coding equipment. What's the best way to get in done?
  6. Has any body changed the Gear Knob on their Manual gearbox? I'm looking at fitting the Golf Ball gear knob from the Mk7 GTD. Cheers
  7. I've had an email regarding Car-Net renewal (£71 for one year £120 for 2 years), is it worth it? Does it affect CarPlay if I don't have it? Cheers
  8. Thanks for the reply, I've not seen that post. I will try unpairing and pairing my phone again. Cheers
  9. I'm not sure if it is something to do with IOS13 but recently when I start the car, the MIB2 media unit asks for the PIN then in the top left hand corner it says please wait with a rotating blue icon. I then can't use the touchscreen (but can use steering wheel buttons). I have to switch the unit off and back on 2-3 times before it works properly. Any body else had a similar issue? Cheers
  10. I've got the standard Cadiz alloys on my R , and I've never been really happy with the steering. Do the 19" Pretoria's make much of a difference to the steering? I'm not worried about the ride so much as the car has got DCC. Cheers
  11. I have posted elsewhere but I was at the Geneva show yesterday and the Akrapovic Exhaust looks lovely but will it be interesting to see how much it will cost and to what benefit for performance! The black press looked good especially on the lighter colour. Didn't really get to see too much of the new dash, the new nav display was good but not sure if it is worth the extra dosh!!
  12. I was at the Geneva Motor Show yesterday and it was packed!! They must have got in on a press/trade day!! The R was in a colour only done for shows and had an Akrapovic exhaust which looked lovely!! They were able to video the car far easier than I was able to. Be interesting to see what other options might be made available on the car!
  13. When I spoke with Nationwide they said they achieved the discounts by the quantity of cars they buy! They offered their own finance not VWFS and the discount was only applied to the car price not any extras!
  14. Thanks for the responses, I've said the dealer can do a 'no contact' wash and not to fit any internal stickers! Just got the 3 hour drive in the morning to go and get the car!!
  15. Sorry if this has been posted before! The dealer has just contacted me to see if I want the car put through their valeting dept! I pick the car up on Saturday so I need to make a quick decision! It's from JCB Medway anybody had problems with them?? Cheers
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