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  1. Leo9

    MRC Stage 1

    Good point: Dynos are very variable indeed! Basically, just hustle your car around until you get a figure you're happy with.
  2. Leo9

    Stoptech 340/30 grooved discs

    Can't help with a Stoptech source, maybe they can advise you about any UK dealers (the VAG tuner in Southampton certainly sells their BBKs), but you might care to consider the OEM replacements from MTech, Vagbremtechnik and Tarox, or if you're feeling flush the bespoke Tarox at loads more dosh but with alloy bells and quite a bit lighter unsprung-weight-wise. Let us know what you end up with & how they are - it might even help me when I get round to the (mild) upgrade myself.
  3. Interesting! I'll be in the same position next winter. So I guess I'll be going for a good run before heading to my very local test station. Must rmember to ask them to test emissions right away while everything's still nice and warm.
  4. Leo9

    What do you dislike about your R?

    Becs - just keep repeating the mantra "Up Front, Back Down" until it takes permanent hold. Or retain a mental image of 2nd/3rd & 3rd/2nd instead of the 1st-2nd-1st you're probably on at the moment. Seemples (as in if I can learn it - which I did - anyone can)! PS Happy 2019 to you & yours btw!
  5. Leo9

    My New 7.5R With Mods

    Assuming you're in the UK: http://www.richtersport.co.uk/abt-UK If not, look up ABT in Germany via Google for dealer details where you reside. PS I quite agree but they don't seem available in 19" so they're a no-no for me, the ride on tyres slim enough to fit the Golf on 20" rims would be crippling. HTH
  6. Increasingly for the last 2 years or so I've been getting the powerful urge to visit the Houses of Parliament while they're sitting and at their most crowded with a 7.62mm machine gun and an endless supply of ammunition - I can see no better way of serving my country.
  7. Leo9

    Counting Using Images

    Sticking with the same theme...
  8. Leo9

    Lego GT3

    I just wish Lego's DB5 wasn't so fugly - what have they got against curved bricks???
  9. Leo9

    Merry Christmas.

    Seasonal greetings likewise and best wishes for a fun-filled 2019 to all my fellow Golfist enthusiasts! 😀