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  1. Leo9


    I'm Leo in RL, catslave and have (had) a mane of hair so it wan't a great leap to arrive at my handle. Prosaic, really. Sorry! Oh yes and it's also my Ascendant sign for those who are into astrology.
  2. Good luck Jon, and like others have said please don't be a stranger. "Go slowly, come back quickly" as some old saying has it. You'll need an R for the 2nd part, obviously!
  3. It worked for me too during winter months that are the toughest for me: the anticipation of the new arrival for nearly 4 months from the autumn to January delivery, then the next few months pure enjoyment as we got to know each other. Since then Autumn mods have kept the enthusiasm going with similar results. Hopefully it keeps on working for you too!
  4. Ouch! Gutted for you Becs but at least you'll be getting your revenge. I've got some grotty green paint arrived on Gudrun's rear bumper nearside quarter where a batch of us at a dentist's on an industrial estate (not much choice out in the country) were parked nose in to the building but I have no idea what did it
  5. The Golf's digital display looks ugly, primitive and childish to my aged & jaundiced eyes so until it improves to at least Audi/Porsche standards there's no way I'd have it. But what do I know, I never even liked pac-man or mario.
  6. Leo9

    Changing jobs?

    Difficult decision. I'm inclined to agree with this comment BUT I can also see the extra stress and hours involved in the new job's commute which was, IIRC, what you wished to avoid. Therefore I'd be inclined to stay put provided you got some form of immediate recompense - even if modest - and some form of more formal legal agreement regarding the future handover/buyout. Without some guarantee/proof of goodwill you could well be in the mire in 4 years' time. Good luck whatever you choose.
  7. Hi I'm toying with the idea of upgrading to the new offering from ECS of an Aluminium baffled oil pan (sump): less big and heavy as their well-regarded steel one, just 0.3 litres extra capacity instead of 1.5 L, but with a magnetic plug and takes the OEM gauge. Good enough for me. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-iabed-industries-parts/aluminum-baffled-oil-pan/462-103-888-tab~/ Does anyone know a dealer who can import these into the UK, I don't fancy going the personal duty + VAT route myself? TIA
  8. Good point: Dynos are very variable indeed! Basically, just hustle your car around until you get a figure you're happy with.
  9. Can't help with a Stoptech source, maybe they can advise you about any UK dealers (the VAG tuner in Southampton certainly sells their BBKs), but you might care to consider the OEM replacements from MTech, Vagbremtechnik and Tarox, or if you're feeling flush the bespoke Tarox at loads more dosh but with alloy bells and quite a bit lighter unsprung-weight-wise. Let us know what you end up with & how they are - it might even help me when I get round to the (mild) upgrade myself.
  10. Interesting! I'll be in the same position next winter. So I guess I'll be going for a good run before heading to my very local test station. Must rmember to ask them to test emissions right away while everything's still nice and warm.
  11. Becs - just keep repeating the mantra "Up Front, Back Down" until it takes permanent hold. Or retain a mental image of 2nd/3rd & 3rd/2nd instead of the 1st-2nd-1st you're probably on at the moment. Seemples (as in if I can learn it - which I did - anyone can)! PS Happy 2019 to you & yours btw!
  12. Assuming you're in the UK: http://www.richtersport.co.uk/abt-UK If not, look up ABT in Germany via Google for dealer details where you reside. PS I quite agree but they don't seem available in 19" so they're a no-no for me, the ride on tyres slim enough to fit the Golf on 20" rims would be crippling. HTH
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