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  1. I’ve a white r with pan roof , looks great shut but to be honest it’s never shut . Dsg farts sound so much better , plus if you travelling at speed it dont make much noise .
  2. Just been online extended warranty all parts cover . £277 with £100 excess, to me it’s a no brainer . Job done ✅
  3. Just gone from silver to black , when clean black look great but only when clean . But am happy because it gives me a reason to clean the car 😂
  4. Love mine , never hardly shut from spring to September. You can listen to those farts so much easier. Also my car is white so when shut it still looks good IMO
  5. I know what you mean , still look good but I might change them to black later
  6. Did mine last week took a couple of hours tops and that’s with cleaning and sealing the wheels to .
  7. Could anyone give me the part number for a centre cap for a Pretoria alloy please
  8. Someone said they look better in the flesh than in a photo and they where spot on .
  9. Well had the wheels done and I think they do look really good . It’s a big change from silver to black and make the car look very different ( looks meaner ) most people say it looks great but am still not 100% sure
  10. Well sod it booked in for next week black gloss, the place where doing some when I went down and he held one against my car . Looked good and at the end of the day if I don’t like them I can change back . Will post a couple of pictures when there done next week
  11. I just don’t know which I like , black look good when polished and clean I must say .
  12. Look great but as you say you totally lose the tyre , thinking keep silver
  13. I love the silver but keep thinking of black but can’t make my mind up if to do it or not . But I suppose I could always change them to silver again 😂
  14. I have the silver ones at the moment but I have just scuffed one . So this needs doing and am now starting to think about doing them black , the R is white with black wing mirrors and pan sunroof so should look good . Just want to know does the black paint have a fleck in it or is it solid black 🤔
  15. That’s the ones I was looking at a couple of people have said they are good . Think I’ll have a run down , it is the one behind the showcase isn’t it
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