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  1. If you watch his YouTube videos you’ll see for whatever reason , he’s not a lover of the golf r . God knows why
  2. Mine was cleared and told to go on my merry way . 2 hours later it came back so went down with a picture of dash . Booked it in again got a call gear selector, they will sort it . Get your phone ready for when you start the car that seems to be when it comes on the display
  3. Booked in and will get haldex filter check just for good measure. Cheers lads
  4. Hi nige could you please tell me the price of a res delete for the mk7 hatch back . Looked on line etc but can’t find them anywhere ... cheers
  5. Cheers so when is it every 2,3,4,5 years I’ve know idea
  6. Just about to book in for 3rd year service . It’s just a oil change but will have brake fluid changed as well , but do I need haldex oil change to cars only done 9000
  7. I’ve a white r with pan roof , looks great shut but to be honest it’s never shut . Dsg farts sound so much better , plus if you travelling at speed it dont make much noise .
  8. Just been online extended warranty all parts cover . £277 with £100 excess, to me it’s a no brainer . Job done ✅
  9. Just gone from silver to black , when clean black look great but only when clean . But am happy because it gives me a reason to clean the car 😂
  10. Love mine , never hardly shut from spring to September. You can listen to those farts so much easier. Also my car is white so when shut it still looks good IMO
  11. I know what you mean , still look good but I might change them to black later
  12. Did mine last week took a couple of hours tops and that’s with cleaning and sealing the wheels to .
  13. Could anyone give me the part number for a centre cap for a Pretoria alloy please
  14. Someone said they look better in the flesh than in a photo and they where spot on .
  15. Well had the wheels done and I think they do look really good . It’s a big change from silver to black and make the car look very different ( looks meaner ) most people say it looks great but am still not 100% sure
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