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  1. Yep just had a look and everything has gone up . Glad I ordered in April 😂
  2. Same as me , ordered 1st April moved 3 times it’s on 9/22 at the minute but think it will move again. It is what it is or cancel. Think I’ll sit and wait ps lots of options on my car
  3. Not 💯 sure but I would think your speakers need time to bed in . Should sound better in time
  4. Ordered mine a week after you ( with loads of options) at the moment am unconfirmed week 9 March 2022 so no not unless it’s just the way it is
  5. Was in the same boat , then thought sod it just order it . didn’t want to be sat in the car 6 months after having it going … I wish I’d had it now .
  6. Out of interest what options have you had , and congratulations on the news
  7. Correct , nothing worse than six months down the line and thinking I wish I’d had the sunroof or leather or Akra etc . It’s to late then
  8. As I always say if you can’t afford the road tax you can’t afford the car . Get what options you want and go enjoy the car
  9. No I to am a cash buyer … if it ever gets here 😂😂
  10. My deposit was £1000 . Car as similar spec to yours . Pp , dcc , akra , pan roof etc total of 8 options
  11. I to have thought about forgetting the whole thing and cancelling. But I ordered 1st April so that’s over 8 months into it , I personally think anyone that far in would be crazy to cancel . if you did cancel then what and over inflated second hand or back of the queue for a new one 😂 just sit tight it will come
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