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  1. I know but it has to be oem for me , sad like that 😂
  2. Ordered one Friday , paid £240 which I think is a lot for what it is.
  3. Where are you lads buying them from your vw dealer or else where
  4. I had and so did many more , have under bonnet insulation replaced under warranty no questions asked
  5. Cheers abt 12 much appreciated, think I’ll try it
  6. Old topic I know but has anyone got any more pictures of the tcr spoiler on a r . Really thinking of getting one but still a little unsure .
  7. Had to laugh when he did launch it he was using the paddles er WRONG LAD . Put it in manual and race ....it’s not rocket science 🤔
  8. I took mine in last year service , brake fluid plus haldex oil changed . Asked for them to clean filter to made a point any way picked car up service etc👍But no haldex oil changed because they didn’t have a new filter which would cost around £129 I think . Had haldex oil changed elsewhere
  9. As above , had mine done 18 months ago . Big job but done under warranty
  10. I got a pair of black ones off eBay, £98 I think . Good quality and look loads better on a white car
  11. New video out yesterday from him . New wheels on there black but they have put silver wheel weights on them 👍quality 😂😂
  12. If you watch his YouTube videos you’ll see for whatever reason , he’s not a lover of the golf r . God knows why
  13. Mine was cleared and told to go on my merry way . 2 hours later it came back so went down with a picture of dash . Booked it in again got a call gear selector, they will sort it . Get your phone ready for when you start the car that seems to be when it comes on the display
  14. Booked in and will get haldex filter check just for good measure. Cheers lads
  15. Hi nige could you please tell me the price of a res delete for the mk7 hatch back . Looked on line etc but can’t find them anywhere ... cheers
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