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  1. 2nd for directhoses also have a 10 meter one now for a fair few year and no problems with it apart from the o ring on the pipe either fell off of perished recently but a simple fix as it was leaking between gun and pipe i was also getting a pulsing on my Nilfisk but sounds like yours is a fault on the unit
  2. baz2011uk

    MF Cloths

    i needed to get some new MF cloths so used a company called rag master https://www.ragmasteruk.co.uk/super-plush/ i ordered some edgeless 500 and 600 and a few others very impressed after using them today
  3. had a 85% sunstrip tint fitted a few weeks back think it looks ok
  4. well swapped out the black to the chrome this morning after my run why on earth i put black i dont know i may look at getting them done in black chrome maybe or even hydro dipping them with loads of little black R's on it
  5. i am preferring the chrome but put the black on to see how it is and i am unsure what way to go whats others options
  6. was a cracking day did pop over to the stand but no one was about to say Hi to 😞
  7. when i installed my BV 650s 2ch i used a power magic and after a few weeks i was getting a low battery warning on dash so went down the cellink B route and took the power magic out i admit they do cost but is so much better and the parking mode times are now brilliant no issue with low battery since i may even upgrade to the cellink neo ust for the bluetooth also i had my ghost fitted at least a year before this and the ghost was never an issue
  8. received mine yesterday and have to agree very good fit and no issues with paint either great deal for £22 and only takes 5 mins to swap them over
  9. same as what i have planned on the rear red and black, black on black looks to much for me on the front i have de chromed the lower silver part also around the vw badge and the 2x silver across the grill but have left the vw badge chrome it looks pretty good not sure a black on red would suit the front i may try it se what it looks like tho just need this god dam rain to give it a rest
  10. i cant commit to coming on stand due to work but if i am about will pop over and say hello
  11. i got th black badges and underlays from badge skins still not sure on it back looks good but its the front that im not sure on what to do black on black or black on red what have you done on yours? do you have any pics?
  12. wrong part Dave 🙂 i do have a set of them also coming tho just to see what the front end would look like all black and a red underlay its the black parts on the R badge i want to change tho to red
  13. after looking online this may help others the R version of theses are ali colour so are double the price of chrome and black im not that clued up on vw parts so correct me if i am wrong 5G0853763A LEFT 5G0853764A RIGHT 5G0853765A CENTER But if you search with colour code after part number you will see there are different colours ali 3Q7 chrome 2ZZ and black 041 not sure what finish the black is tho matt satin or gloss so correct me if i am wrong as the part numbers are the same but differ in colour codes any will fit see here also it may make more sense https://www.online-teile.com/volkswagen-ersatzteile/search_results.php?keywords=5g0853765
  14. so went to wrap the lower silver trim while still on car in gloss black but wasn't happy with the result on the 2 end bits so decided to drop the bumper off and remove them i have no real tips but they are a pig to get off there are clips at the rear but even doing it this way i did break some clips on the 2 end sections but hope there is plenty left to keep it secure i did wedge bits of plastic between the clips like what you do on the grill and i think this did help a little only thing i would say is don't try removing the middle section first as the 2 end section overlap by a few mm and it wont come out until the 2 ends are removed the middle section come off pretty easy with no damaged clips also the trim can be fitted back in place with the bumper fitted back to car this is what i will be doing when my wrap turns up as ran out after failing the first time 😞 its a shame there are no gloss black offerings of theses parts only offerings i have seen is a carbon fibre ones at $600 will get some pics up once complete i am undecided on the vw badge tho i have wrapped the rest of the front end in gloss black but put the original badge on i do have the gloss black badges front and rear unfitted but think its to much gloss black on the front with them also fitted this is on a tornado red as well i am also looking for a pre cut inlay for the R badge not the R itself the other part to it in red but cant find any if anyone can help that would also be great thanks
  15. That would be great thanks Dave Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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