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  1. baz2011uk

    Huawei E8372 "wingle" wlan hotspot

    if you install the life 360 app on your phone you will get a better idea once you have played around with it put the dongle sim into a phone and add that number to life 360 then pop the sim back into the dongle im not saying it will work but cant see why it wont as life 360 works off the number i think
  2. baz2011uk

    Huawei E8372 "wingle" wlan hotspot

    no need for that mate just download the life 360 app and add the dongle phone number into the app this will give you live tracking at any time
  3. baz2011uk

    Dash cam??

    will 2nd the BV 750s 2ch i upgraded mine last week from the 650s also no issues with DAB as yet
  4. baz2011uk

    Ag hd over red mist

    i love red mist
  5. baz2011uk

    blackvue 650s 1ch to 750s 2ch upgrade quick question

    it was fine on a short drive after install but it maybe just a bit of luck when yours played up was it a constant issue or did it come and go at set times say poor DAB reception areas? i do know a weak DAB area i pass most days so may take a run up there in the coming week see how it plays very happy with the install on the rear was very easy and the tips on here did help the fron i set up beginning of 2018 so was an hour or so to put the rear in what did people do with the slack cable was around 2ft i had left i tucked mine down the plastic trim in the rear just before you come across the hatch i was tempted to put it into the roof area just before you go upto the rubber boot but decided to go a bit back to keep it away from any interference
  6. baz2011uk

    blackvue 650s 1ch to 750s 2ch upgrade quick question

    all done and was just as easy not removing the rubber boot and using a long tie strap no issues with DAB as yet but time will tell
  7. baz2011uk

    blackvue 650s 1ch to 750s 2ch upgrade quick question

    thanks all so looks like passengers side it is then and see how it pans out worst case i will add some ferret core's after if i have issues is the problem some people have purely down to a non shielded cable supplied by blackvue? is there a 3rd party alternative maybe?
  8. will be changing my current blackvue dashcam 650s 1ch to the 750s 2ch over xmas holiday it will be a quick upgrade as i only need to run the cable for the rear camera as the front it all set up for a straight swap over apart from the bracket i have seen a few threads about the rear blackvue dash cams causing issue in the golfs with DAB so my 2 questions are if you have a issue free install and no issues with the DAB is the cable from the front camera to the rear running on the passengers side or drivers side of the car and the 1 i think maybe the deal breaker is when the boot is open the installs i have seen run the cable into 1 of the rubber boots where VW run the OE cables so is the cable ran in the passengers side rubber boot or the drivers side rubber boot i have a feeling the DAB wiring is in the drivers side rubber boot? and this is where some people have issue with the DAB cheers baz
  9. baz2011uk

    Dashcam in ur R

    i hard wired my BV650s in but also installed a 2nd battery by cellink in the glove box this extends the parking mode by a long time and also never touches the car battery when parked i had issues with the BV power magic box never did get good results in parking mode time but the cellink works really well parked up at airport gave me an easy 4 days recording i also installed a mifi dongle thats in line off the cellink and this gives me a live feed and notifications when parked up so if the car was hit in the carpark while shopping i would know there and then rather than once back to the car cellink do have a bluetooth version now think its the neo wish i had this as you never know how much power is in the cellink but is will charge from flat to full in 45 min
  10. baz2011uk

    Proximity Car Alarm

    i had the clifford 330x2 on my old VXR Vectra with proxy sensors and they worked a treat if you got to close it would buzz if it happened 3 times in a row it would trigger the full alarm never had any issues with it only when it hailed also with the clifford 330x2 they do other specs x1 / x3 and i think x4 depending on car manufacturer they will all work off the factory fob very nice little package
  11. baz2011uk

    The Cycling and Bike Chat Thread

    what everyone options on tubless keep thinking about it on my cube reaction race i have tubless ready wheels so it's only a matter of getting some good rubber sealant and valves
  12. baz2011uk

    Recommended Glass Cleaner

    another gtechniq g6 user here best glass cleaner i have used
  13. baz2011uk

    Snow foam

    i have been using this with great results and price is very good https://www.monstershine.co.uk/products/monstershine-cyclone-snow-foam-cola-bottles-scent?variant=16506648070
  14. baz2011uk

    What detailing have you done today?

    laid down some fresh wax yesterday OMG that was a hot day i am as red as the R now but without the shine :-)
  15. baz2011uk

    Paint issues

    i had this happen today when cleaning it and using a cloth to remove trapped wax in the gaps not impressed will touch it up for now and need to get it sorted after my holidays have a feeling the heat from todays weather may have had a part to play also