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  1. Alright guys, I know it won’t be cheap but what sort of money we looking at for a forged engine? Running stage 3 currently and would like to track the car without knowing it’ll go bang! Cheers
  2. Had my car a week but also had other work on, Ive got another vehicle so told him to have it as long as needed. I’m applying gyeon Matt caramic coating when I get time which should make it easy to clean and protect the wrap during the winter months
  3. A few shots of the golfs new wrap. Will get some better pics when it’s ceramic coated and clean!!!
  4. My friend who owns “wrapped uk” in Colne near Burnley is doing me a great deal for £1250 and doing headlights again as they were bubbling from the last company that did them. He specialises in Avery Dennison although this vinyl is KPMF and the colour is purple/black iridescent Matt if you want his details give me a shout
  5. Decided to get the R wrapped and my mate just sent me a teaser today.... will post pics and spec when it’s complete!! Will hopefully be on track in the new year
  6. i'm been running that clutch with stage 3 at 540bhp and 690nm torque for 6-7k and no issues at all
  7. I’ve moved jobs and people there keep asking me how much my car is worth after it’s been modified and why I haven’t got the latest model etc- yawn! Ive spent a fortune on my 2014 R and it got me thinking; if I was to buy a mk7.5/S3 would you put the mk7 back to standard (within reason) and bolt the mods onto the 7.5/s3 or sell the mk7 modded? Or after spending £xxxxx on a car that’s hardly driven, keep it and get it on the track?
  8. Do these stick onto the original spoiler?
  9. If you’re looking at remapping/engine mods in the near future, I’d stay clear of 14plate unless you go straight to stage 3 and upgrade the turbo.
  10. I’m running that setup on the rears currently. Looks like will have to save up and raid the piggy bank for 4 pot APs with R8 handbrake 🤭
  11. I had a really annoying noise with what I thought was suspension related as any minor bump in the road I heard this rattle. DH automotive fitted me some bilstein b16s coilovers the other week and eventually the problem was found, the shim on the brake pad was loose. Might be worth checking before you start pulling the suspension apart
  12. What’re folks running as a rear brake setup? As I have read the handbrake is intergrated on the standard setup which makes the rear BBKs a lot more expensive. Are the TTRS (or other makes) calipers a worthy upgrade or is it just best going for clubsport rear discs with a decent pad?
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