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    ACC no funciona

    I was just about to suggest this. Mine says ACC deactivated every time I start the car (my last R did the same) because I switched off the ACC with the 0/1 button (because I wanted to see the car's total mileage in the bottom-left of the display and ACC changes this). When I want to use ACC I re-enable it by pressing the 0/1 button on the wheel and the "deactivated" message goes away.
  2. BillTheButcher

    Golf R 2019 WLTP - Looses MPI (Dual Injection) !

    😁 The B7 RS4 was one of my hero cars for years. I got the chance to own one in 2017 so I went for it (in fact, it's the car that I swapped my first 7R for). The noise and drama were everything I'd hoped for but the performance wasn't that impressive by modern standards. Mine might have been suffering from the dreaded carbon build-up; I didn't check.
  3. BillTheButcher

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Have a read of this, mate:
  4. BillTheButcher

    Golf R 2019 WLTP - Looses MPI (Dual Injection) !

    This was a well-known issue with the B7 RS4. The carbon build-up on some of their engines is appalling. The consensus seems to be that cleaning will improve things for a while but it will just build back up again over time. They were supposed to have 414 BHP from the factory. I've seen dyno readouts where they're down to as low as 360-370 purely from the build-up. I didn't realise it affected so many other engines.
  5. BillTheButcher

    Decisions decisions!!!

    That's lovely. I've got a real soft spot for all of the RS variants, especially the V8s. 😎
  6. BillTheButcher

    White smoke under bonnet?!

    I've never seen the smoke but my old 64-plate hatch and the 16-plate estate I've got now both do the "beeping" thing after I turn off the ignition.
  7. BillTheButcher

    New order info.

  8. BillTheButcher

    Strange comparison...... R v R8

  9. BillTheButcher

    Hopefully no-one here

    What a ****.
  10. BillTheButcher

    Any mk6 for sale any time soon?,

    Have a read of this: Members require 50 posts to create a new advert
  11. BillTheButcher

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    I haven't done enough miles yet to work out accurate MPG figures for my 7R estate. But I averaged 31 MPG over the 4,000 miles I did in my old 7R hatch. I never saw less than 23 MPG from a tank.
  12. BillTheButcher

    Oil Operating temperature

    My 16-plate sits between 102-106. Almost exactly the same as my old 64-plate.
  13. BillTheButcher

    Bend Lighting (AFS) Error

    I had both go at different times on my last R. Unlike what others have experienced, when one side went the other side kept working.
  14. BillTheButcher

    DSG's on VW's compared to BMW's Auto's

    Yes, mine does, at least in sport manual. I tried both auto modes on the test drive just to make sure they worked and I *think* sport auto rev matched as well but I can't remember if "normal" auto did it. I've had a couple of 7Rs (both DSG) and I had an M140i with the ZF 8-speed auto for a few months earlier this year. IME the ZF is smoother when in full auto but less responsive when in manual mode. I prefer the DSG.
  15. BillTheButcher

    Second 7R on the way...