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  1. My 7R estate flashed up this error message last weekend. It cleared itself after a few seconds but then reappeared the next time I started it. Again, the message cleared itself a short while later. It only appeared if I tried to select M; if I left it in D or S it was completely fine. I took it in yesterday to have it looked at. Apparently it's the F319 switch that's faulty. They're replacing the whole selector assembly today. The courtesy car they've given me is an entry-level Up. It's like driving a shopping trolley. The front of the car is so short that I keep parking it about three feet away from the end of parking spaces.
  2. DVLA can give you the info if you can convince them you've got a legitimate reason for needing it.
  3. 😁 You can see it popping at the end of this video:
  4. Is that the one he bought off Arthur that blew up at Santa Pod?
  5. I knew that Mercs had this but I didn't realise VWs did too. Do you know if it's always been the case or is it a recent addition?
  6. I bought a new build a couple of years ago with a single garage. The Golf just about fits with the mirrors out; it goes in comfortably with them folded in. That said, I think I'm the only one on the estate that actually uses the garage to store a car. Some of my neighbours have what I'd consider to be highly-nickable marques yet they fill their garages (single and double) with **** and leave the car(s) outside. I know that if a scrote gets into the garage then they have space and time to work unobserved on stealing your car but, from every report and forum post I've read so far, it seems like the vast majority of car thefts are from driveways.
  7. Were all the cars that were taken parked on the drive?
  8. I had a pre-facelift (15-plate) A45 for a while last year. It felt noticeably quicker than my R in a straight line. The concrete ride and noise contribute a lot of drama. 😄
  9. Mk4 R32 was the first decent car I owned. It was nose-heavy and it always felt a bit sluggish but I absolutely loved it.
  10. I was just about to suggest this. Mine says ACC deactivated every time I start the car (my last R did the same) because I switched off the ACC with the 0/1 button (because I wanted to see the car's total mileage in the bottom-left of the display and ACC changes this). When I want to use ACC I re-enable it by pressing the 0/1 button on the wheel and the "deactivated" message goes away.
  11. 😁 The B7 RS4 was one of my hero cars for years. I got the chance to own one in 2017 so I went for it (in fact, it's the car that I swapped my first 7R for). The noise and drama were everything I'd hoped for but the performance wasn't that impressive by modern standards. Mine might have been suffering from the dreaded carbon build-up; I didn't check.
  12. This was a well-known issue with the B7 RS4. The carbon build-up on some of their engines is appalling. The consensus seems to be that cleaning will improve things for a while but it will just build back up again over time. They were supposed to have 414 BHP from the factory. I've seen dyno readouts where they're down to as low as 360-370 purely from the build-up. I didn't realise it affected so many other engines.
  13. That's lovely. I've got a real soft spot for all of the RS variants, especially the V8s. 😎
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