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  1. I've read about quite a few of them that had the initial head gasket recall (IIRC due to the wrong one being fitted - Mustang head gasket instead of Focus?) having the same problem again later. Also, I thought Mountune upgrades left the Ford warranty intact...
  2. I've never heard a four-cylinder engine/exhaust that sounds anywhere near as good as the 2.5 five-pot in the RS3. My A45 (I had a pre-facelift W176) sounded a lot more aggressive and dramatic than either of the Golf Rs I've had, but it wasn't sonorous or particularly pleasant to listen to. I had an 8P RS3 and an 8J TT RS (both with the 5-cylinder engine) and it's one of best-sounding (and -performing) sub-8-cylinder engines I've ever experienced.
  3. I PXed my R a couple of weeks ago. The remainder of the VW warranty and the next two services were all transferable to the new owner. The documents didn't specify how to do this. The (non-VW) dealer said the new owner would be able to sort it all out by contacting VW without any input from me.
  4. I'd have taken the deal just for the 6-year warranty. Is that standard over there? Also, I'm very envious of your garage. 😎😄
  5. I've had the big red dash warning a few times, always under the same circumstances: multiple lane approach to a roundabout with my lane clear but the other lane(s) stationary. I had the emergency braking kick in a couple of times in my old 7R hatch when someone turned left into a side road in front of me but then stopped before they'd completed the turn.
  6. Had a new gear selector assembly fitted under warranty last week.
  7. £16k is an absolute bargain. 😎 😄 I never normally keep cars long enough for anything to go wrong. Last week's warranty claim for the faulty DSG selector is the first time in ages that anything's needed fixing.
  8. Thanks. I didn't realise there'd been a facelift. I see the 208 is three-door only so it would have to be a 308 for me. I like the look of them. Every review I've read has mentioned and/or criticised the steering wheel and instrument cluster but I think you could get used to it. I'm curious as to how much truth there is behind the widespread comments about poor reliability and electrical issues.
  9. How was it for reliability and how did you/she get on with the steering wheel/instrument cluster layout?
  10. My 7R estate flashed up this error message last weekend. It cleared itself after a few seconds but then reappeared the next time I started it. Again, the message cleared itself a short while later. It only appeared if I tried to select M; if I left it in D or S it was completely fine. I took it in yesterday to have it looked at. Apparently it's the F319 switch that's faulty. They're replacing the whole selector assembly today. The courtesy car they've given me is an entry-level Up. It's like driving a shopping trolley. The front of the car is so short that I keep parking it about three feet away from the end of parking spaces.
  11. DVLA can give you the info if you can convince them you've got a legitimate reason for needing it.
  12. I knew that Mercs had this but I didn't realise VWs did too. Do you know if it's always been the case or is it a recent addition?
  13. I bought a new build a couple of years ago with a single garage. The Golf just about fits with the mirrors out; it goes in comfortably with them folded in. That said, I think I'm the only one on the estate that actually uses the garage to store a car. Some of my neighbours have what I'd consider to be highly-nickable marques yet they fill their garages (single and double) with **** and leave the car(s) outside. I know that if a scrote gets into the garage then they have space and time to work unobserved on stealing your car but, from every report and forum post I've read so far, it seems like the vast majority of car thefts are from driveways.
  14. Were all the cars that were taken parked on the drive?
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