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  1. Probably a daft question but why are you leaving your engine running if you're not driving the car? I can never understand why people do that. You must be loaded Gibbsy 😉
  2. Slightly off topic, but I came across an article about the new beemer M135i xdrive today. Looks ok, I'm sure the build quality will be great and ~300 bhp. BMW are obviously gunning for the R (and S3). This has come a bit late now though I would have thought, with the (more powerful?) MK8 R just around the corner?
  3. I always let my car go past the service interval (though never more than 1000 miles in case it causes warranty issues). I'm sure you'll be fine - presumably you drive fairly sensibly?
  4. Michelin PS4 if you have 18 inch wheels Michelin PS4s if you are on 19 inch wheels
  5. Hi Kobre The clutch slipped a couple of times at ~18,000 miles, then behaved itself for a few months. At ~25,000 it slipped again a few times. Last week (@ ~32,000 miles), I noticed it slipping again. It's definitely getting worse but I am not sure I'd describe it as getting 'progressively worse' - it tends to slip if I accelerate hard in 6th gear from ~3,000 RPM (but not always). Because I know the clutch is weak, I tend not to push it too hard from low down in the rev range. I have not replaced the clutch yet but expect I'll need to do this in the next 12 months. Hope this helps
  6. Unfortunately that's my experience. Started slipping a bit at 18,000. Currently on 32,000 and starting to think about having to fork out for an updated one in the next few months. Oh, and I'm a 47 year old accountant who drives like Miss Daisy, definitely not a car wrecker.
  7. Still ~£31k for the 'cheapest' ones. Given that the Mk8 is just around the corner I think I'd hang on.
  8. Yeah, in fairness to Hampshire Luke, his Youtube videos are ok. Good on him for doing the clips and they are much more watchable than Songs of Praise on a wet Sunday evening!
  9. I bet he lurks on this forum
  10. Flicking around on YouTube today and was absolutely flabbergasted... What do those kids do for a living to afford Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and Aston Martin's etc?? There's even a guy with a Golf R (called Luke?) - not knocking the clips, just amazed these people have the funds to buy and run the cars.
  11. There are a few girls on the forum too!
  12. I've always filled my cars with the cheapest stuff I could find, without issue. Oh and I tend to keep them for a few years too.
  13. Can somebody share a link please? I would be interested in getting this too
  14. Hang on to your current R (and the £ it would cost you to change), and wait for the mk8...
  15. I think you'll be very lucky indeed to get any sort of "deal" at the moment. Production delays mean they are not being built in the numbers they once were and demand for them is high. A couple of years ago when I bought mine I paid £24k (almost new). To find the same car now would cost me close to £30k! Good luck in your search.
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