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  1. tortoise99

    So disillusioned

    Hi Alan This is awful. You made best efforts to resolve this with the repairer. Now go to the insurance company - make sure you take photo's of the shoddy work to send them. Maybe also take the car to another repairer to get a report and quote to rectify the first repair. Good luck.
  2. tortoise99

    Youtube videos

    I really want a TTRS!
  3. tortoise99

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    Took a DSG golf R for a long test drive and thought it was bloody awful (the lag when pulling away), hence I purchased the manual. Having said that, I would be prepared to give the DSG another go next time.
  4. tortoise99

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    As mentioned above - is the DIS on your R set to UK or US gallons? This will make a difference
  5. Hi At 18,000 miles my clutch started to slip a little (under high load in 6th gear). It then seemed ok (no slipping). A couple of weeks ago (at 25,000 miles) my clutch slipped again a couple of times. This evening driving home I put the car under high load again but could not get the clutch to slip at all. It's fine! Thus I am wondering if maybe the problem is a sticky clutch release mechanism, not the clutch plate itself. Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts? I am not keen to spend ~£1k on a new clutch if i can help it!
  6. tortoise99

    Engine noise after turn off

    I am guessing it's the pump that circulates oil around the turbo bearings. If I recall correctly it continues to run for a while after you switch off the engine. Does it do it after a 'hard drive' or all the time?
  7. tortoise99

    Looking to buy one

    Hi, There's absolutely loads of info on the forum. Spend a few hours searching - use the search facility - and you won't go wrong. Personally, my advice would be to buy one only from a VW dealer - they will NOT be more expensive than buying from an independent trader. The VW website has a used vehicle search tool. Good luck 👍
  8. tortoise99

    Standard MK7 R Clutch Torque Capacity

    The manual clutch is made from chocolate. I believe its rating is in the region of 2 wagon wheels....
  9. tortoise99

    Magnet for idiots?

    If it ever does happen I find it's usually because they're interested in my car (R's are not overly common where I live). Similarly if I were to follow something "exotic", TBH I'd probably get a bit too close in the hope he or she would give the throttle a blast to show me what it could do
  10. tortoise99

    What does your other half think of your R?

    My wife takes the R at every opportunity. She showed little interest in my previous cars (225 TT and then a TT tdi)
  11. Hi As per the title, where's the cheapest place to buy Tardis tar remover please? Am I right in thinking they come in 5litres only? thanks
  12. tortoise99

    Clutch slip

    Thanks for your replies. Drove my R today and the clutch is absolutely fine - not slipping at all. Maybe it was the cold weather? Think I'll sit tight for the time being.
  13. tortoise99

    Clutch slip

    Last week my (2016, manual) R crept past the 18,000 miles mark. Today I noticed the rev counter 'jump' up and settle back under hard acceleration between 2000 and 3000 revs. It's not major at this point but it's definitely the start of clutch problems. I called my local VW dealer for advice. They said it might be covered under warranty if there were no signs of abuse, but they'll only know when they see the clutch plate (ie once it's been removed). If it's been abused or is worn through general wear and tear then I'll have to pay for the inspection work (which will be a few hundred pounds). if I'm going to have to pay for a new clutch then I'll take it to my local garage (who'll charge much less), and get one that isn't made from cheese. has anyone here had a new clutch under warranty at 18000 miles, 2 years old?
  14. tortoise99

    Headlamp Washer & Cold Weather!

    I had exactly the same. Now the thaw has come it's all back to normal. No need to worry
  15. tortoise99

    Best Car Insurance Quote Ever

    What are the excesses with that quote? Presumably nothing daft like £500 I hope?