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  1. Thanks guys ( & girl!) Bought an Ez wheel brush a few months ago, which is great - been meaning to get some decent wheel shampoo for ages.
  2. Hi What wheel cleaner are people using these days? Valet Pro bilberry seems popular, but what else is good? Or are people just using ordinary car shampoo on their wheels (Autoglym or Bilt Hamber etc)? Thanks
  3. When he's not making his YT films I believe he works for his parents in their motor business (Hampshire Classics). I imagine they will have a fleet motor policy and the insurers have kindly agreed to cover his cars too? He's obviously a sensible chap so a reasonable risk. I quite liked his videos when he had the Golf.
  4. I'm in the same boat too - moved from an R to an RS3 a few months ago, but regularly lurk on this forum. Maybe we should ask the moderators to set up a sub forum for us 'ex pats' 😀
  5. OP - out of interest what did the people on the Skoda forum say? Can you pistol a link? * edit - post a link
  6. Hi Gaz Used the liquid leather conditioner and a couple of days later applied gtechniq leather guard L1. Seems a great combination! Did it over a weekend - did not drive the car between applications. No stickiness either!
  7. I was in a similar position to you earlier this year, albeit my R was "poverty" spec and a 16 plate... Don't regret it at all - got an awesome deal on the RS3 (very well spec'd 18 plate only done 12,000 miles). However, the cost to change was still ~£20k for me - and it's a whole different world of cost in terms if running it. The problem you'll have is once you hear the 5 cylinder wail of the Audi (and experience the power delivery), you'll want one. So make sure you can really afford it! My 'hunch' is you should hang on you your R for a few more months. We've not felt the full economic impact of Coronavirus yet - so prices will fall. Good luck Edit - good advice from Clarkie48 above - I hate to say it but I doubt you'll get anywhere near £22k for your golf. Whatever WBAC.com offer, they'll probably find an excuse to offer a bit less once they see the car too.
  8. Thanks all - I'll give the gliptone another try. Presumably GT11 and GT12 ? You've hit the nail on the head Booth11 - ultimately I want conditioning and a bit of protection.
  9. Hmm ok - so that's 2 votes for liquid leather. Maybe I should reconsider. thanks again
  10. Thanks Dave. Presumably you mean liquid leather? I tried that a few years ago on my mk 1 TT - and found it tended to leave the seats slightly 'sticky'. It did have a lovely leather smell though, but I would prefer something else if possible.
  11. Hi all I recently moved over to the dark side and bought an Audi, and have spent a couple of hours this evening looking for a product to nourish and protect its leather sports seats, while maintaining the matt finish. However I am more confused than ever! Do you have any recommendations please? My seats are identical to the picture. Thanks
  12. Here you go Stefan, a little clip of my daily drive to work. Not the best footage as it's from my nextbase camera, but you get the gist 😈 I should point out this was within the speed limit.
  13. Hate to say it Stefan, but if it wasn't for the glorious 5 cylinder engine and the lovely Audi interior, the RS3 would be second best to a Golf R. Oh god, what have I done getting rid of my Golf 🤔
  14. You're right Neil - definitely a sad day. But I am in my late 40's so thought I'd take the plunge on the RS3 - in a few years we'll be driving electric / hydrogen fuelled cars. Anyone thinking of getting one has to be prepared for a whole new world of cost though - double the road tax, cost of insurance has doubled (albeit to £450) - and fuel economy has halved !
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