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  1. shhhhh… don't tell you insurance company that because they won't cover you!!! I told my insurance company that I was fitting winter tyres. They asked me if I was fitting 4. I said of course, but asked them why. They said they would not provided cover if only 2 winter tyres were fitted. I already knew that fitting 2 different types of tyre is potentially dangerous. The insurance companies know this too.
  2. We have been fitting winter tyres to our cars from 2011. I agree that the safest option is 2 sets of tyres. I don't worry about snow. I worry about ice on untreated roads around where I live. So what's the safest option for ice? (I have already read a lot of reviews and watched a lot of videos so I could work out the answer for myself and not have to rely on other peoples' opinions.) I would not take any chances with my wife's safety. So she has Continental TS850 tyres on her A3 for winter. The grip on ice, snow and cold wet roads is excellent and they are predictable if we get warm spells. From my experience it's no surprise that some people recommend the newer TS860 as an all-season tyre. I work part-time so I decided not to bother with winter tyres last year. After I slid the front of the car out onto a main road, I changed my mind (and I was only doing 10mph!). Surprise, surprise, the Michelin PS4 tyres on my Golf are not good on compacted snow, who knew. This week I'm looking for Continental TS850 P tyres to swap onto my alloys. Initially, they will seem expensive, but will last for years. Worth it for the "peace of mind". I would like TS860 S but they are not yet available for my stock alloys.
  3. The main thing is that your wife is ok. Cars are much easier to fix than people. Your poor wife. A long time ago the same thing happened to me. The car would not stop and slid onto a main road. Luckily it was late at night and there was no one on the road. On the subject of rear wheel drive. The Germans have no problems driving RWD cars in Germany. Though the law requires them to fit winter tyres.
  4. Unfortunately, common sense is not that common! What about the people who ONLY fit 2 winter tyres! It is dangerous and it invalidates their insurance!
  5. In over 3 decades of driving I have seen too many cars crashed into fields when there is snow and ice - including several 4WD vehicles. Yesterday, my wife pointed out a hole in a hedge and car in the field. I just hope they were not injured. It's all good fun until something happens.
  6. Obviously having 4 driven wheels has an advantage getting up a hill when grip is limited. However, having 4 driven wheels has no advantage going down a hill covered in snow and ice. (Unless you want to accelerate.😨😄) Again please be careful. 4WD can help you get up a hill that summer tyres will not safely go down. Winter tyres would be the only safe option for going down an icy hill.
  7. We both really liked the Audi Q2 we had on loan for a week. It was the first Sline I have driven that was properly comfortable. I do like the style of the Troc. Though, neither of us like the name 'troc'. I was reading that there may be a smaller T-cross out in 2018 - based on the new Polo. I would be really interested in an R version of that.
  8. No worries. For the record I think 4WD is a great performance feature. However, I can find no evidence that it improves safety. And I have looked! That's disappointing to hear about Michelin PS4 tyres. I'll have to keep a close eye on mine. I have no idea what they are like in this weather as my car has not moved. We use the other car with the winter tyres. Last night rain washed away the salt/grit then it froze again. Very dangerous conditions.
  9. Dynamic Light Assist and Matrix LED headlights are 2 different systems. I have DLA on my car. My owners manual says the dynamic lights work at 37mph. I believe the Matrix system works at 20mph. I don't know why there is a difference. I think this is Dynamic Light Assist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOSLMs5Pma8 This is Matrix LED - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYSix5r38qY Interesting. My wife has a 3 year old Audi A3 with Xenons, which I thought would be the same as the Mk7. I always thought they were slightly better than my Mk6 Xenons. Though that may have been due to the static cornering lights. Now I have a Mk7.5 with LED and dynamic light assist. By comparison with the A3, new LED lights are definitely a lot whiter. Though I believe this may be causing a perception that the lights don't reach as far. I think this is because everything close to the car is so bright. By comparison to near objects, the distance looks darker. I was wondering that too. Thanks. I am still wondering what Dynamic Lights look like to other drivers. Then it occurred to me that the lights probably help the other drivers too. My car will be lighting up the roadside for everyone.😎
  10. In normal driving it is very subtle and hard to notice the effect. It is most noticeable in dark foggy conditions on bendy roads. I can see the headlight beams in the fog and see them moving as I turn. The other time I notice it is driving around the back of the house to the garage. I can see the beams move around on the garage door as I straighten the steering wheel.
  11. Please be careful. These conditions are dangerous! It's all good fun until something happens. This is what VW say on their website - http://www.volkswagen.co.uk/need-help/owners/winter-tyres-4motion "Do I need winter tyres if my car has 4 Motion? Volkswagen's 4 Motion definitely offers an advantage delivering drive to the road, although it's a mistake to think that 4 Motion means you don't need winter tyres. When they're fitted, winter tyres increase the 4 Motion advantage significantly and will make sure you get the best results out of your 4 Motion system. 4 Motion doesn't do much for steering and braking. Fitting winter tyres provides better drive, steering and braking." 4WD is NOT a safety feature. It is primarily a performance feature. Please remember, grip comes from your tyres and NOT the 'drive' system.
  12. Yeah, I'm sure my car would cost a lot less if I didn't read forums. Ended up ordering keyless, dynaudio and Art Velous seats for the GTI. None of which I need. They are not things on my original list. Though from what others say - they do add to the experience.
  13. If there was only one option, I could live with a white Golf R. I'm not sure I could live with a Rubin Black (maroon) GTI/GTD. As both white and red are a £280 extra.
  14. DCC Would not buy a performance Golf without it.
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