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  1. The whole tyre naming scheme is really confusing. What is the difference between an all season and all weather tyre? It depends how you spell the word tyre! An American all season tire may only be a 3 season tire, but an all weather tire is a 4 season tire. They also play football with their hands!
  2. I'm not sure the Crossclimate+ are the best option anymore. Especially as you are going to change summer and winter. Unless you get a lot of dry winter roads In the test below the Goodyear is only slightly behind in the dry and much better in the wet. Note: dry testing 100km-0 and wet testing 80km-0. Also, air temp was mentioned to be 30C. I would think the Goodyear would be even better in the wet at typical winter temps. Also @3m30sec he mentioned that ice upset the Michelin. I find it really interesting that 3 of the tyres had shorter wet brak
  3. Please be careful. Some poor guy on another forum slid down a hill and hit a stone wall in his S3 and has £6,700 of damage. Thankfully nobody was hurt. A guy on another forum has just compared his Golf R with summer tyres to bambi on ice. In these conditions, 4 wheel drive and summer tyres just get you to the scene of your accident quicker!
  4. Thank you. Given the recent weather/road conditions I was wondering if I had made the right choice. Our rural road is not gritted and gets icy every winter. I wanted to ensure that my wife had the safest tyre for all conditions. She previously had Conti WinterContact TS850. Which were excellent. Though I had been reading about how good 4 season tyres are getting. So when she bought a new BMW 218i at the beginning of January - we went straight to the tyre garage and a had four Goodyear Vector 4 season Gen 3 tyres fitted. My parents have CC+ tyres on their Merc C220. I have recently
  5. Apparently it excludes the first years VED of £870. (I linked a Whatcar Q&A on this subject.) Though, you have to consider the possibility of a price hike. Especially as the delivery times have increased so much due to a shortage of semi-conductors. At this moment you should be able to have up £1600 of options without having to worry about the luxury car tax.
  6. Yes. Sorry, I was typing that on my phone, so didn't bother quoting.
  7. From the configurator Lapiz £755 + 19” alloys £825 = £1580. Winter pack is an extra £270. So over the current £1600 limit. Your PD11 value is slightly lower than it should be, unless the prices have changed.
  8. My wife refused to pay for memory seats in her BMW. She just prefers to complain every week when I drive her car. On the plus side - now we use the BMW at weekends, so she does not mess up my driving position in my Golf. Such first world problems.
  9. I think the Mk 8 R is already well equipped. A lot of options I would want are already there - DSG, IQ lights, Adaptive cruise. I would not want a car without those options and DCC. Heated seats, reversing camera, HUD etc. are a luxury. Even if they do add to the experience - the car will go fine without them.
  10. It's not just me thinking about this. Someone was asking this question for the Mk7.5 R - before the Mk8 price rise. What’s included in a car’s list price? | What Car? "It doesn't include the first registration fee or the cost of first vehicle licence (VED)" Why pay a tax if there is no real need to. I can think of other things I would rather spend £325 a year on.
  11. lol, good option 👍 I've had white before. Nowt wrong with white. Just too many mucky tractors on my bumpy county roads. So my choices are due more to circumstance than preference.
  12. I didn't think I would have to consider the higher rate road tax for a while. Then VW released the new Mk8 Golf R! I know that less than £1 a day extra to tax a car, is not worth worrying about. Though, it did get me thinking - if you wanted to keep the price under £40k what options would you pick and why? I believe that the total price has to be less than £40,870. So you can only have up to £1600 of extras. So for me it would be Lapiz £755 and DCC £785 = £1540. Total car price £40,810. Not sure I could live with a white car or standard suspension. I would m
  13. shhhhh… don't tell you insurance company that because they won't cover you!!! I told my insurance company that I was fitting winter tyres. They asked me if I was fitting 4. I said of course, but asked them why. They said they would not provided cover if only 2 winter tyres were fitted. I already knew that fitting 2 different types of tyre is potentially dangerous. The insurance companies know this too.
  14. We have been fitting winter tyres to our cars from 2011. I agree that the safest option is 2 sets of tyres. I don't worry about snow. I worry about ice on untreated roads around where I live. So what's the safest option for ice? (I have already read a lot of reviews and watched a lot of videos so I could work out the answer for myself and not have to rely on other peoples' opinions.) I would not take any chances with my wife's safety. So she has Continental TS850 tyres on her A3 for winter. The grip on ice, snow and cold wet roads is excellent and they are predictable i
  15. The main thing is that your wife is ok. Cars are much easier to fix than people. Your poor wife. A long time ago the same thing happened to me. The car would not stop and slid onto a main road. Luckily it was late at night and there was no one on the road. On the subject of rear wheel drive. The Germans have no problems driving RWD cars in Germany. Though the law requires them to fit winter tyres.
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