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  1. No rattle from the sunroof or creak from seats on my 16 plate estate.
  2. Perfect thanks! Confirmation of part number was all I was after. Bonus link appreciated 👍
  3. Same here. Had the plastic shaving “fix” under VW warranty last year but the sticking flap is back and they want £145 to replace the actuator! Just to confirm the part number is the one in your original post - 5C6810773K - it comes up as a polo part in a couple of internet searches?
  4. Good to hear. I’m at 70k on my ex-demo 16 plate estate (mostly motorway miles) and plan to keep it for more than double that. Hoping that an Oil change every 10k miles, Haldex every 20k and DSG every 30k will keep the important bits happy. Would be really appreciated (not just by me I’m sure) if you could update this thread with any issues over time, just as a potential heads up for higher mileage owners.
  5. I fitted four of these on 18” for £346 from Blackcircles at the start of Dec. Can’t recall the exact discount sticker at the time (may have been “save £25 per tyre”, so should have been £100 discount) but the same tyres are now £396 so an effective actual discount of £50. Have long suspected that the base price increases a little when offers come out so the full discount isn’t realised. Some kind of Michelin offer pops up regularly on Blackcircles. If there’s a seasonal £100 off I’d like to know too 👍
  6. Sounds similar to my issue in this thread...
  7. My tyre of choice too. Really quiet (especially compared to the original Potenzas mine came with). I’m sure you’ll love it! 😀
  8. I’d be pleased that it had oil changes at 10k & 20k rather than just the one variable service which it could have had at about 18k. That’s a strong positive for me. If it’s dealer, see if they’ll throw in the Haldex oil change as part of the deal? Real cost to them is negligible. Or just get it done with the 30k service. I do mine every 20k. If it’s a DSG it’ll need a service at 40k (I do mine at 30k intervals). Cost is just under £200. I’m on 62k miles at just over 3 years with no issues, so wouldn’t be concerned with the miles if the condition, spec and price are right for you. You’ve also got another year left on the standard 3 year warranty cover.
  9. Hi Paul I’ve been frankly unimpressed with the My VW app. It also didn’t state the first service @10k for my vehicle and makes odd suggestions like an MOT was due well before three years! Zero value in the app for me! I insist that my dealer gives me full old fashioned paperwork at every service. If you have paper proof of servicing I’d be happy with that. My car was purchased through finance (which I immediately paid off) but that got me two free services. I did wonder whether that might be a reason for the first service not showing up in the app?
  10. Just an update to close this thread off, in case it’s of use to anyone else in future... The front suspension bushes were replaced last week and that seems to have restored the smoothness. At least I couldn’t tell a difference between my car afterwards and the loaner 999cc base spec Golf (with regard to smoothness of ride 😀).
  11. Have had an annoying rattle from the dashboard of my 16 plate R estate for several months. Started as intermittant and then became a permanent fixture. Exceptionally irritating and really spoiling the car. Couldn’t track it down. Booked it into the dealer for investigation which would have involved removal of dashboard and rummaging around. Came across this thread and a few others suggesting the driver’s knee airbag was the culprit. Had a feel around under the steering column and located the airbag (rectangular shaped block with a slightly squishy surface). Pressing firmly on it (or wedging my fingers in the gap between the airbag and the surround) blissfully stopped the rattle. A more workable temporary fix was to wedge a washing up sponge into the same gap - see pic. This made do for a 1,000 mile round trip before the airbag was replaced free of charge by VW (even though the car was by this time 3 months over 3 years old so technically outside warranty). Impressed with the customer service! Posting this in case it helps anyone else with diagnosis, the temp sponge fix, or encouraging VW to address it out of warranty.
  12. Interested in the outcome on this as I have exactly the same symptoms as you describe. I’ve been perfectly happy with the air con until recently but now it seems the system is blowing either too hot or too cold. Feels like an interior temperature sensor is on the blink.
  13. Listers Banbury refused as not required (and few issues with haldex seen). Very happy with all other aspects of the servicing from them. I even sent a link to this thread. Disappointing. VW need to formally issue guidance on this matter if dealers are to offer filter cleaning as even an option.
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