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  1. Interested in the outcome on this as I have exactly the same symptoms as you describe. I’ve been perfectly happy with the air con until recently but now it seems the system is blowing either too hot or too cold. Feels like an interior temperature sensor is on the blink.
  2. Listers Banbury refused as not required (and few issues with haldex seen). Very happy with all other aspects of the servicing from them. I even sent a link to this thread. Disappointing. VW need to formally issue guidance on this matter if dealers are to offer filter cleaning as even an option.
  3. At 44k miles the yellow EPC light on my 16 plate estate came on, along with a faint judder from the engine. Light cleared after a restart and engine remained smooth. OBD Eleven showed a couple of codes. Took it to the dealer who said “diagnostics flowchart says replace the spark plugs, and they need doing at 40k”. To which I replied “handbook says replace at 60k miles, and you only recently had it in for the 40k service and you didn’t replace the plugs then?”. My suggestion that they should either cover the cost of the (evidently faulty 60k life) plugs or explain why they failed to service according to the (obviously revised) manufacturer’s schedule fell on deaf ears. I’m left unclear as to what the current guidance is, but I will be replacing mine again after another 40k. As an aside I did fill up at a dodgy looking non-mainstream filling station about 50 miles before the event so do wonder whether it might have been a bad drop of fuel instead of the plugs. But 2k miles further on the car has been faultless so can’t complain.
  4. Just had my rear discs & pads replaced via my local dealer (Listers Banbury) @ 44k miles and 80% worn. Cost £270. Surprised by the short life given my mostly motorway journeys - got 100k miles per rear set from two previous Octavias. Suspect ACC and/or Auto Hold and/or XDS to be the culprit.
  5. What I would really like/was hoping for, was that someone would pop up and say "hey I had exactly that and if you do X it will fix it (for £y)". Alternatively, I was hoping someone could recommend a good old fashioned mechanic who would be able to competently do some old fashioned troubleshooting. I am not averse to paying to fix but want to feel confident that I'm not going to be throwing £000s at someone who doesn't really know what they're doing. If anyone has some suggestions for suspension troubleshooters within 100 miles of Bicester I'd be interested.
  6. I don’t have any links to hand but I recall googling and/or searching on here for suspension jiggle/unsettle etc and found some posts that flagged this as a possibility. My perception is that these have been a weak point on this and previous Golf generations.
  7. Hmmm. Never experienced anything violent like that! Mine’s just a “doesn’t *quite* feel right and I’m pretty sure it didn’t used to be like this”... kinda feeling.
  8. Nope. Have just posted an update in that topic.
  9. Nope. Car is now on 42k miles, has had four new tyres and Hunter 4 wheel alignment performed. Possibly *slightly* better but that niggling feeling that it just aint as smooth as it originally was is still there 😒 From reading other posts, I wonder whether suspension top mounts might be worth replacing, as some people report similar symptoms that can be resolved after this. Doesn’t seem too expensive to do. But then again, it doesn’t seem guaranteed and some continue replacing most of the rest of the suspension in an effort to fix. It’s a real pain as the car was just *so* smooth, and still is some of the time!
  10. Sounds similar to a previous topic I posted... I’m in the Bicester/Banbury area if you wanted to compare.
  11. This. I also have an estate with the panroof. Love it. Rarely opened but adds a lot of light to an otherwise darker cabin.
  12. Search "petrol flap" and you'll find the stickiness is an FAQ - there's a tsb for this issue. Can't recall any reports of off-centredness though.
  13. Look forward to hearing the outcome.
  14. Hallo. Didn't find anything. But still have the same perception. Friend of mine who borrowed the car reports it being most apparent around 80-85mph (wouldn't be me as I never exceed 70) 😀 Cars now on 37k miles and due 4 new tyres very shortly, so am wondering/hoping that maybe balance may be out and problem goes away. Tyres haven't worn oddly so it shouldn't be tracking.
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