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  1. So, buy a car for driveability or for interior and looks...who wins? Thoughts?
  2. Just recently been told by VW after my major service that I may have a leak in my thermostat as coolant level very low. They asked me to keep an eye on it. I was quoted £842 including parts and labour. I complained to VW as I've done 25k miles, held a full VW service history and been a loyal customer of theirs, and they offered me 70% discount off parts. (so now around £599 including parts and labour to fix). Is this now worth getting them to fix it? Wait and see? Get an indy to quote?
  3. Thanks. I rang them and asked how much a service was and their answer "well depends really.... cant really say over the phone....£350-£400"... wasn't that impressed with the answer to be honest - he didn't sound too sure of himself, either that, or probably thought I was a timewaster....
  4. I've always liked my local VW dealership, however it's come to the point where I feel that a service is a service, as long as it's in the book, especially for my car which is nearly 5 years old...but, at the same time, i would like getting it serviced somewhere reliable who also uses decent parts (if need be) and won't cut corners. My oil/filter service light came on recently, which would be at the 4 year mark, however when i was in my dealer last year, they said the next service was the major one...and my last service was a minor one.
  5. My Golf R ('16 plate) is due a major service, and only a measly 25k miles on the clock !! I think VW are quoting around £350. So questions: - Are there any indys out there that do it cheaper but to the same standards? - Is it worth getting VW to do the service based on a car that is now 4.5 years old? - What do VW do/check in their major service that perhaps indys dont? - I've always been hesitant to take it to some high street service stations however I've heard only good things about Halfords service station near where I live. (Please don't flame me) but would it be worth taking here? I know they use OEM parts and there is an upgrade to the premium oil at £30 although not sure. Any horror stories? - Any indys recommended for the south West Hertfordshire region? eg. around St. Albans/Watford/Borehamwood/Radlett/Edgware. Thanks guys!
  6. wolverine


    Anyone use these guys before? How was your experience?
  7. Hi guys, Damaged my wheel really badly over the weekend beyond repair unfortunately going over a massive pothole on a country lane - checked and there was marking around it but it was at night so I couldn't see it till the last minute and unable to swerve as fairly narrow road. Fortunately I have a spare car to use in the interim...but...A few questions. 1) Costco mentioned that if I get an aftermarket (Pretoria) wheel a) the tyre may not fit very well and b) I have to get the tyre sensor fitted properly by VW? Is this true? 2) Do the wheels have an electronic sensor fitted inside? I haven't had the tyre taken off so I'm not sure 3) Are aftermarket wheels going to be any good? Yes, they're around 1kg heavier, will this really make a difference to performance as the car should adjust automatically over time 4) Buying a 'genuine' wheel second-hand online..dodgy or not? How can I tell if its buckled or doesn't roll true? 5) What's the likelihood the suspension is damaged too? I've put on the spare to check, car seems to drive fine, just has the tyre pressure light come on. Any suggestions please? Don't really fancy paying £850+ for a new wheel plus I will need new front tyres too. Thanks, Wv.
  8. Thanks for all the great comments guys. As someone mentioned earlier also, its a major design flaw. Simply because if you leave your keys in main cabin, the car doesn't lock, yet leave them in the boot and it does. Rather than just the rear lights flashing to warn you you've left keys in boot, there should probably be an audible sign as not everyone hangs round waiting to see if they've left keys in boot. Rebecca > Unfortunately I didn't learn my lesson. 2nd time this has happened although admittedly the first was a while back and I vowed it wouldn't happen again but seeing that the weather was so nice and I couldn't keep the keys (attached to bulky fob) in my 'tight work trousers' (LOL) I had to learn the hard way...again! I've always been sceptical about signing a damage waiver form - its like saying if you damage my car you're not liable even though VW are to blame for stupid design flaw. And breaking my windows won't work as I've got the secure film on them too. Fortunately spare set of keys at home a few miles away so no biggie, just a bit of hassle...lets just hope it doesn't happen again but I do like the sound of keeping a spare blade inside wallet! p.s. I'll never regret keyless, nor rear camera. For one its so much better just touching the handle and locking/unlocking the car rather than fumbling around scratching the door handle each time. And rear view cam is a joy parking in garage backwards and various tight spaces.
  9. Grrrr. Had my keys in my jacket, popped it in the boot, walked away, came back an hour later to find I'm locked out!! Really VW can you not sort this stupid design flaw out?! My wife's car is half the price of mine yet she does t have this problem with her keyless keys!! And to top it off one needs to sign a disclaimer to The AA as they "can't guaranty causing damage trying to get into your car". So angry right now!!
  10. Agree ! If he's genuine he should t mind giving you these details. After all he's gonna have your bank account and address details soon!
  11. It does sound a bit sceptical but as others have said there are laid back people with a ton of capital that are happy to just have any car from an enthusiast. Only small worry for me would be giving away my address (before I go away), that way the buyer knows you are away on holiday and also knows where you live. You could allay your fears and perhaps cut to the chase and say you don't want to offend but just out of interest why is he so keen to buy a car that he's never seen or driven before especially as it costs a lot of money and then gauge the response. Another thing to be careful of is ID fraud. Yes, he can't take money out of your account once he knows your details however these are just a few extra details he will know which could add the extra pieces to the "id clone" puzzle. If the guy is genuine (which is highly likely but you gotta look at the risks) he wouldn't mind or be offended if you were a bit dubious, so long as you give a reason for your paranoia eg. expensive high performance car, problem with a previous car you sold. Etcetc. Good luck!
  12. Agree with what the majority of people say on here. I probably wouldn't worry too much until such a time as something potentially happens to your car (and hopefully it won't), you've also got a better case once you've brought it to their attention. Perhaps find out who the cards were distributed too. Chances are it's just around your local area in which case the majority of people will have seen your car umpteen times anyway. You're more likely to be followed home by someone up to no good. Lucky you don't have a Ferrari or GTR! Ps. I probably wouldn't be pleased myself but as said earlier there's not a lot you can do at the mo - although I spose you could speak to the legal team of your insurers as they may be able to offer some (free) advice.
  13. Hi All .. If you don't have the radio on (quietness in the cabin) and you're using ACC (for example when you press the "RES" button, do you get a slight ticking/clicking noise? Difficult to explain it but definitely happens when the ACC is on and detecting cars in front. Also had my first experience of the auto brakes the other day. Car in front of me decided to stop suddenly and turn without indicating. I wasn't that close to him but my car decided to force the brakes. They suddenly hardened and I could feel what can only be described as a sharp heavy braking feeling (like when ABS kicks in), along with the big red warning on the dash. I've also noticed that its only when I happen to avert my eyes from the car in front that I get the dash warning. Is there a sensor that monitors where one is looking ? Fantastic system otherwise!
  14. Yeah, thats what i thought. Car is only 4 months old or so. Fuel - I use SUPER mainly, although i have put standard in a couple of times since owning it.
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