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  1. On the Mk7 hatch they just tap off from behind with a rubber mallet I think all other models are spot welded on.
  2. I did the same thing but the paint started to flake off within a month. 🙈 I've just sent mine off to be ceramic coated in stain black (at a cost of £140!!!!!!) .... just need to fit them now. On a 7 hatch they just 'tap' off with a rubber mallet.
  3. does the RevII res-delete produce less drone than the original version?
  4. Is the Tyrol kit deadset kit better than the Racingline subframe alignment kit? Its over 3 times as much!!!!
  5. Follow this link and it will take you right to them! 😀 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f99kqqmv66pryib/AAA5LM_C4H6x4l56StzU9YO9a?dl=0
  6. Turns out you can re-use the front callipers mounting bolts after all. It's just the rears that need changing.
  7. Is this a replacement for the res delete for a standard exhaust. If so, in what way is it improved from the first gen version?
  8. Looks even better with the larger TTS callipers in the same colour blue now as well.
  9. Thats the exact reason why i was thinking of the 22mm as well. The R handles really well stock and i'm worried about messing with it too much. Does everyone have the 22mm on the harder setting or does anyone have it one the softer setting? Interesting that know one has a Whittling ARB as they're about £20 cheaper. I'd really like an 034 ARB as they're black an would look stock but they're almost twice as much for some reason.
  10. Just wondering what peoples options are regarding a 22mm Whiteline or Superpro rear sway bar. Is one better than the other or are they both quite simlar They are both roughly the same price but the Whiteline one is coming in a little cheaper
  11. I specifically went to my local VW main dealer to purchase new front calliper mounting bolts when I swapped my callipers over. The parts guy asked why I was changing them. When I told him that VW recommends changing the bolts once removed he replied that the dealership never uses new bolts for VW cars despite what the recommendations are. He said the only callipers bolts that he orders and ever get changed are for Audi part of the dealership as they have a different operating protocol.🙃
  12. You call it a bruiser ... I call it the ugly sister. 😂
  13. Don't you mean my callipers haven't fallen off yet.😜
  14. There are few members on here in the Sutton & Epsom area. Probably 5 or 6 form memory .
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