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  1. I bought Bosch to replace the OE ones and they're a nightmare. They judder so badly i won't even use them unless i absolutely had too. Don't know why they're so bad as I've used Bosch before without any issues.
  2. Ive just made my way thought this website which looks like there has been some exhausting testing. I'm unable to figure out wha the conclusion was however regarding the best air intake set up.
  3. Thanks. She is a cutie for sure.
  4. Took over three years since loosing our last little girl but we took the plunge on a new family member around 11 weeks ago.
  5. Send a PM to Samx300, He has an imported R from the same region as you. He's done loads of mods and i'm sure he can send you in the right direction.
  6. I ended up going to a local independent VW / Audi specialist. They suppled & fitted an OE battery (not suppled by VW but another supplier) that as a result also came with a 4 year guarantee instead of the VW 1 year guarantee. Only cost £15 more than Halfords quoted too! 😀
  7. What sort of battery did they fit? Looks like i'll be paying them a visit to buy one tomorrow. 🙈
  8. So my battery is also knackered. Started having issues in mid May and as my warranty ran out 9th June took the car to Halfords to have it tested and they said it was fine and the car just needed driving more. Last week the battery was flat after not driving for a week and this morning the battery was flat just 3 days since driving it last. TBH I'm a little annoyed with Halfords for not diagnosing it properly and me for not taking it to VW for testing. I've taken out an extra years warranty since mine ran out but i have a nasty feeling that it doesn't cover batteries. 🙈
  9. This is really common on engines of all types. Cold, dense air can give an engine a little more oomph. Warm / hot air will do the opposite. Also the warmer an engine gets (over optimum) the less power it will put out. Check out guys that do back to back 1/4 miles or launch times. The times they out down get progressively slower. This is one of the reasons that a decent intercooler is so important. Most owners just go for power but if you want consistent power you have to go that little bit extra. If i were to ever tune my car (which is highly unlikely) I'd fit a decent intercooler first. Before that however i'd get a BBK and possibly a coil-over kit. There's no point having extra power if you can't lay it down on the road to the best of its ability. 😀
  10. The 6 piston ones are much prettier but they're not a direct fit, will require hangers and won't fit standard 340mm discs either. 🙈 The 4 pots just seem like a great way to go in regards to cost and stopping power.. 😜
  11. Nope not these ones. Yep these are the ones. They don't look that great in the grey but look good once painted / powder coated.
  12. Check out the links i supplied earlier. From what i can gather at least 3 people have gone down this route
  13. There's another member on FB who looks like he's trying to sell this conversion now too. Not a bad price bearing in ind the callipers will be brand new with a 2 year Porsche warranty. You can tell they are the Macan callipers as they look different to the standard RS3 / TTRS / TTS offerings. https://www.facebook.com/groups/3004...70445990098262
  14. The callipers are 4 pot callipers from the 2 litre and 3 litre base Mecan models very similar to Brembo TTS / RS3 callipers. The part numbers are within the FB thread but from memory the callipers are around £500, new brake lines around £70 (needed as the callipers require different fittings) and then pads which will vary depending on what you buy. Read the threads they're quite interesting.
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