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  1. All three for me. Took me a while to find a used car with that spec but it was worth the wait. If you enjoy progressive road driving then DCC, if you track the car a lot then a good aftermarket passive system might be better. The Dynaudio & Pro Nav cam as a package on the later 7's so there a good chance if you get one you might get the other as well.
  2. Ferris Bueller had a great idea for rolling back mileage. 😂
  3. They'll probably fill the tank and then thrash the nuts off it before they give it to you with ¾ tank. 😂
  4. Either way its a stunning garage. 👍
  5. OMG ..... your garage is freaking amaaaaaaaazing! I dream of having a garage like that. If I could afford a garage of that size and prestige as good as the R is I think I'd be driving a more expensive car though. 😁
  6. Lost the will to watch it after about 3 minutes. 😂 Whats the upshot? 🤩
  7. I had 2 new drop links and a top mount replaced by VW under warranty. That got rid of the worst and major noise but I still had a rattle wouldn't go which turned out to be a loose brake pad.
  8. Thats all you need really. They are a direct bolt on replacement without the need for brackets and use the standard R disc. The only other bits you need would be; Brake pads; 8S0698151A and brake lines. I don't have the Audi part number for those as I bought them direct from HEL.
  9. ST2 paddles are expensive but with out a doubt have the best feel of any paddle out there. They also sell for a great price 2nd hand one you're bored with the R and want to move on.
  10. £170 for the wheel re- trim £20 extra for the AMG raised thumbs. + postage
  11. My wife thinks the thicker steering wheel is perfect but she's 5' 10". Stobise is only about 4' 3" and he thinks the steering wheel is great too. 🤣 🤪
  12. In my opinion the 8R just does not offer the same attraction that the 7 or 7.5 was when launched. Its looks are 'marmite' and the IT issues well documented. For looks alone the RS3 looks so much better especially the saloon. HOWEVER ... 40K - 60K will buy an amazing used car probably better than both of those choices and thats where my money would be going, unless I bought a new car every 3 or so years and was happy to swallow the depreciation involved with that.
  13. It's on. Turned out to be really easy and simple with no dramas at all. Start to finish it took maybe half an hour. Took the car out for a quick spin to get rid of all the warning lights and the R feels like a proper sports car now.😜
  14. Did everyone remove the plastic steering wheel trim before or after removing the steering wheel?
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