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  1. Have you got a link for this as I can't find the lower lip vinyl strip on the EZ mods website.
  2. So I'm looking to revive the South East Meet & Drive that was popular in a world before COVID changed everything. The plan is to meet at The Chalet, Henfield Rd, Horsham RH13 8DU on Sunday 25th July at around 09:00. http://chaletcafe11.blogspot.com https://www.facebook.com/thechaletcafe/ For those that have not been before, they serve a good breakfast and on Sunday mornings are popular with various car clubs and groups of motorcycles. I plan on taking my usual progressive drive to The Chalet using mainly county lanes and B roads leaving a locat
  3. Before I bought my car with Dynaudio I jumped from a car that had it to a car that didn't playing the same track from the same source. In my option the difference was markable. One of the major benefits was being able to have a decent amount of base at low volume levels. In a moving with all of the other ambient noise its been a we'll worth option for me and I wouldn't be without it but if you are a true audiophile you may find it lacking in certain areas. Value for money though, I don't think you can do much better.
  4. A couple of us on here are also booked to go to the Nurburgring in August ...
  5. Hey Kris Good to meet with you earlier and talk about your pride and joy. I have to say your car looked great in the sunshine with some nice subtle mods. Glad you joined the group, you'll find lots of friendly and knowledgeable people on here unlike a lot of the people on the FB groups. I'm looking to resurrect a Southeast drive and meet soon now that the lockdown is coming to an end if you're interested.
  6. Thats exactly what I was thinking; if the Exterior of the Mk8R is marmite then the cloth interior is just plain horrible. I read an article recently that prices for the 7 / 7.5 R have risen by 35% which is more than any other used car atm. The 7 / 7.5 R were both universally accepted as being very very good with almost no criticisms other than they were boring because they were too good. The 8R on then other hand despite getting great reviews regarding the performance and handling is still getting mixed reviews regarding its tech and interior.
  7. I've always hankered after a convertible M4 or Boxter but recently I really fancy a convertible TT RS in Nardo. 😶
  8. Probably the best view of a Mk8 golf I've seen. It actually looks good form this angle. 😂
  9. Does Car Play and everything else work though? VW We Connect isn't exactly worth having anyway is it?
  10. Definitely don't want to get into a 7 Vs 8 debate. I can't imagine why the 8's engine and chassis would not be an improvement over the 7 though. It's just such a shame that it now looks worse that a Hyundai. 😂 and did I mention just how bad those cloth seats look? 😜 With regards to the 8R being 19 seconds quicker around the Nordschleife than the 7R. if you put a BBK and a decent set of tyres on a standard 7R you'd be likely to at least match or even beat that time.
  11. Well they they've truly managed to get them worse in the Mk8. IMO they make the Mk7 seats look like a million dollars and pure class ....
  12. I'm sorry but those seat covers just look terrible and so much worse than either the 7 or 7.5
  13. A three door 7.5 DSG in grey with DCC, Dynaudio, reverse camera (any other bits would be a bonus) would be my ultimate R. You're a lucky, lucky man. 🤗
  14. The last time I looked the cheapest place for new TTS callipers is e-acca.com and the cheapest place to get new Macan callipers was from the US. Otherwise its looking for a 2n hand set.
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