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  1. I thought the BCS res delete was supposed to be completely drone free?
  2. Can you add a link then please as I could only find the 'sport' or 'WRC' turbo back systems
  3. Is this the 'sport' or 'WRC' model listed on your web site?
  4. 6 months that's weird. If you’re caught by a speed camera Within 14 days of your car being caught speeding you’ll be sent a: · Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) · Section 172 notice You must return the Section 172 notice within 28 days, telling the police who was driving the car. You may have to go to court if you ignore the notice. One of the only times you may not find out after 14 days is if its a rental or company car but even then I'd be surprised if either of them took 6 months to tell you you've received a NIP.
  5. I got a new tyre and 2 new wheels after hitting a pothole. if you do your homework and put the work in its entirely possible
  6. Are these 'just' EBC discs and EBC red stuff pads?
  7. Do you need a PC to be able to do this or are us Mac owners too?
  8. Me too .... but as they don't yet sell it on their website I think that the video is a bit misleading and makes you think that the brakes that stop the car so well is just their disc and pad set up
  9. I emailed Mountune after watching this video as the braking looked to be impressive. After looking at photos of the same car being tested on various other websites it clearly had standard OE front callipers. I therefore assumed that because of this and the fact that Mountune only sell (upgraded) discs and pads for standard OE callipers on their website this was what was used on the car in this video. I decided to send them an email however for conformation and this is their response. (basically the brakes used in the video aren't the ones on their website!) You need to read from the bottom up.
  10. I use an Ad Blocker and I'm still getting adverts between almost every post. ITS REALLY ANNOYING!
  11. I still rekon he got banned because he kept posting more than Booth every day. 😂
  12. The 999 operators won't be interested as its not classed as an emergency and as its not been reported as stolen, no offence has taken place with regards to your report. HOWEVER ... the fact that the index number has been reported to Police in relation to antisocial riding, a local officer to the keepers address may make enquires and asa result it may then (or not) be reported as stolen. Reporting it online will place it onto a 'system' and eventually either way, If it gets reported as stolen it will be recovered and the owner notified? There's no way any government body (or anyone else) would give you personal info such as the keepers address in this world of GDPR, I'm afraid ... or even before it. I know you may think that this occasion has been a waste of time but well done for being a 'concerned citizen' ... you are a rare breed in todays society.
  13. I agree. There seems to be an Ad between almost every post now. Its really annoying.
  14. So you've got 40% (just under half) and 60% (just over half) of your pads remaining ... soundalike you have plenty of life left in the to me. The only things that I'm wondering about is why the waring flight would come on with so much material left on them ...
  15. I have to disagree with the majority here with regards to an uprated intercooler. I'm stock and even with modest English summer temperatures I can really tell the difference in performance at the later part of a spirited drive compared with the beginning when ambient temperatures rise. It's one of the mods that people forget unless they go Stage 2 or above when it's a necessity. Most people seem to want power, power and more power, but that's one of the last things I ever do to a motorbike or car. Decent Tyres first, then brakes and suspension although unless tracking the car I think an R with DCC is good enough not to need suspension work on the road. Once your car can grip and stop better you'll already be travelling faster into bends than most people will be going with an engine upgrade. Unless it's all about traffic light Grand Prixs that is. 🤔
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