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  1. Quite a lot truth be known Common sense would dictate that if an amalgamation of letters and numbers are easier to read without confusion or mistake then they are easier to identify.
  2. Check the DVLA specs for number plates. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vehicle-registration-numbers-and-number-plates Those officers that said it was fine were saying its fine in their mind and not something that they were worried about but they weren't saying it was legal. To a certain extent, every officer has discretion in what they feel is worth their time and the majority of non traffic officers really don't seem to mind about incorrect registration plates but there will always be some that do at the end of the day. If your number plate was spaced the way you're typed it will be deemed as illegal however and would not be overturned if you contested the fine.
  3. I've been fined for an incorrect number plate size three times in 25 years on the motorbike and my current number plate is still officially too small and requires changing even year for the MOT. At the end of the day we all know what constitutes as a legal number plate and what constitutes an illegal number plate an if we choose to fit an illegal plate then we must accept a fine when we get one. It's always going to be wrong place, wrong time and for everyone that gets a fine there is likely to be 10 people that don't. The only time I get really annoyed with illegal plates is when the keeper is deliberately trying to alter any of the characters to make a name or something similar that looks nothing like the characters they are supposed to be. What you need to remember is that we don't actually own our registration details, we simply 'rent' them from the DVLA and If a registration is flagged by Police in the certain way and on multiple occasions, recommendations can be made to the DVLA to withdraw that registration form the keeper. At the end of the day treat it like speeding ... sometimes you get away with it and other times you don't. πŸ˜ƒ
  4. 375mm brakes!!!!! Looks like there will be a manual version too. Just a shame is only a 5 and not a 3 door. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/volkswagen/golfr/43322?fbclid=IwAR3o8crw4AyFReci9LTnnvveLMitq1zbJjaJDBbycvvg1ss588tjQGkykxY
  5. The monthlies might be all it about to some people and many be especially true about the younger generation who can't look past short term attractive figures to get what they want but I think that there are still plenty of switched on people who can see beyond monthly figures especially those who keep their cars for more than a year or so. PCPs etc are great for the 'I want it now generation' who aren't prepared to save for anything. I remember my 1st car though was around 20 years old and cost Β£300 where a lot of todays generation seem to be driving around in brand new cars for their 1st car. In some ways that's great (the short term) but while paying for a new PCP car they probably won't be saving to buy a property. When buying my last 2 cars I got really annoyed with sales reps who asked me what monthlies I could afford. I would always reply 'let me worry about what the monthlies are, what I'm interested in is how much the bottom line is it is an I'll work out my monthly payments from there. On both occasions, I negotiated the best deal I could, took out VW finance to get an even better deal (kickbacks to the sales rep and added bonuses for the buyer) and then got a low interest rate loan which I used to pay off the VW finance within a week. If a sales rep only wanted to talk about a PCP and I really wanted to deal with that dealership I'd just go to another sales rep or the manager to arrange something if it were me.
  6. Anyone else notice that there has been an influx of new forum members over the past few days? Is there a sale on R's going on or could there be another reason? πŸ™‚
  7. Wait for Msportman to reply. He has a car with DCC and from 1st hand experience I can tell you its set up is great on track without compromising the car for road use.
  8. Just wanted to say a public thanks to Booth (and the rest of the Moderators) for the way that she's handled recent occurrences on the Forum. Despite recent personal digs by some members and general moaning by others (including myself) she has acted professionally throughout and her passion for both the forum and VW cars always shines through. The forum truly would not be the same without your contributions. πŸ‘
  9. I'm not clever enough to know one way or the other tbh. πŸ˜€ I'm also not unconvinced that the blue-ing of the rear discs isn't partially because of their quality as I fitted cheap Mtec rears and really know better. πŸ™ƒ Yes even regular moderate track driving will put more stress on brakes than on the road but I really didn't think I was pushing hard enough to cause an issue.
  10. I'm using standard sized tyres so I don't think thats the issue for me. I did do a reasonably gentle 10-15 minute track session the week before and noticed that my rear discs were discoloured blue after. I only had the ESC on sport rather than off so I'm assuming that they got over heated because of that. Whats weird is that there are no rear heat sensors so I can't figure out why or how I got a brake temperature warning.
  11. The tips just slide off .... with a little help of a rubber mallet! I used the only high temperature gloss black paint I could find but its started to flake off already. Next time I'm going to get them coated professionally.
  12. A bit big and brash for me also tbh. I also have a DPB car and recently painted my tips black
  13. Rebecca, the first post in this thread personally insulted me and nothing was mentioned by any of the Mods here. Despite being baited, you then only felt the need to lay down the law after I responded in kind which anyone in my position was bound to do. Fair enough, I took your warning / advice and a line was drawn as far as I was concerned. So why are you highlighting me again after I am yet again the target of abuse from another member on here when I haven't posted anything since? I have no issues being reprimanded for doing something wrong but take umbrage for being 'told off' when I haven't posted anything.
  14. Totally agree about the current need to supply cars with so much power is not warranted. There's only so much power you can put down on a road without comprising grip and handling. Unless you're in ΒΌ mile times I would say that stage 1 or stage 2 up to a max of around 400hp in an R is the perfect balance between power, grip and handling
  15. Just seen these advertised on FB if they are of any interest?
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