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  1. Depeche66

    Slight skit

    I also been a fan since the eighties.bought speak and spell was hooked.fav album violator
  2. Depeche66

    Slight skit

    Just been outside to look at my r she really is the sweetest perfection.just waiting for the night to fall.fin work then out for a blast.then clean😁😁
  3. Depeche66

    Slight skit

    Sometimes you just can't get enough of this forum😭😭
  4. Depeche66

    Slight skit

    Thanks to everybody for there imput
  5. Depeche66

    Slight skit

    No clutch slip.my take in for a health check
  6. Depeche66

    Slight skit

    Sorry no it's a manual
  7. Depeche66

    Slight skit

    Thanks.its not a spin just a little skit when setting off hard to explain.like I said no traction lights flickering just very annoying
  8. Depeche66

    Slight skit

    Thanks for reply.yes filter cleaned like I said it's ever so slight.when car is moving it's ok just setting off when putting the power on
  9. Depeche66

    Slight skit

    Just had new Goodyear all round.had my heldix serviced about 6mths ago.to be fair I think it's been doing it since I bought it 2yr ago never paid it to much attention
  10. Depeche66

    Slight skit

    Hi all.i have noticed when setting off there is a slight sounds like wheel spin for a second that's all before it grips.no traction lights on.then it's fine.is this normal
  11. Depeche66

    Number scuff

    Evening all.my front bumper as been scuffed at the bottom.as anybody in the north west near Manchester had a repair.what the cost was and by who.thanks
  12. Depeche66

    Bumper scuff

    Evening all.my front bumper as had scuff on the bottom.just need to no if anybody as had a smart repair and the cost.im in the north west near manchester
  13. Depeche66

    Cambelt change

    Thanks bud😳😳
  14. Depeche66

    Cambelt change

    Evening all.just a quick question.when do you have to change the cambelt on the r.on my old gtd they said 3yr no matter what mileage
  15. Depeche66

    Car security

    Cheers for the feedback everybody.i think baseball bat under the bed is the forward as well as other measures.there is no way I'm going to let some scroat take my r I have worked to hard for the car of my dreams.just to leave my keys on show to be taken so easily