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  1. No dispute there - I can't vouch for the solution; haven't used it myself. Just mentioned it for the purposes of assisting research/selection.
  2. Give @VRSNorthampton a call - I heard about both through them, so no doubt they'll be able to explain. Assume they can get their hands on them, too! Tim
  3. http://www.csfrace.eu/CSF-7084-MQB-triple-pass-radiator.html http://www.csfrace.eu/CSF-8132-MQB-DSG-Cooler.html
  4. Worth looking into CSF as well - I believe they've now released engine and DSG radiators for the MQB platform, also.
  5. Awesome. Looking forward to what comes next, matey.
  6. In order of importance, choose - 1. Someone you trust (or in the absence of experience, someone trusted by others who you trust) 2. Someone who you can get your car to relatively easily (and at low cost), should you run into issues. I am in Essex, and VRS built (and maintain) my Stage 3 Mk7R Estate. They have always done right be me, and I am a big fan of theirs. Tim
  7. Been there; it was an awful time, and no doubt everyone that goes through it, finds their own different ways to cope. In our case, we got a dog. He's a vicious, miserable bastard who passionately hates everyone other than his family (who he adores with equal passion!) - but, on the plus side, he has singlehandedly prevented at least three burglary attempts on our house, over the years (that I know of - via CCTV). My sincere condolences for your loss, and congratulations on your new acquisition. Stay strong. Tim
  8. Je-sus, mate - that is commitment to the cause. I can't even be bothered to drive mine to and from Northampton these days; I just stick it on a flatbed. [emoji23]
  9. @VRSNorthampton So far as I'm aware, Will is running one on his own Mk7 GTI Clubsport. I'm not certain, but I suspect he's probably converted it to 4WD - so should be a good comparator. Tim
  10. I didn't think a HPFP was required at stage 2?
  11. That does things to me which are usually reserved for the bedroom.
  12. Depends on what you consider expensive - the trouble is that the instrument cluster repair specialists don't do drop-ins; you need to have someone else remove it and send it to them. I'm planning to get mine looked at, next time my car is in for major work - because then I'll have already planned for the time, and the cost will likely only be incremental. You might find someone willing to dismantle it on-site; personally I wouldn't do that, but no doubt others have done so without trouble.
  13. Interested in the answer to this. Mine has a similar, though related, problem - fingerprints on the dials. The product of a dodgy conversion from metric to imperial, at some point in my car's unusual history. Advice I've been given - don't **** about with instrument clusters; if you're going to get it looked at, get it done by a professional.
  14. Give [mention=23422]VRSNorthampton[/mention] a call; they'll tell you what you need to know. I think they, often in partnership with MRC, are at the forefront of testing the TurboTechnics range of hybrids.
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