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  1. I've often found mine to be a little 'skittish', when running on imperfect roads (i.e. anything other than a newly-laid main road). That said, I've always just put that down to the fact that I'm running not far off of twice the stock power + torque figures. So no, you're not alone on this one - it's something I've encountered from time to time also. Tim
  2. https://superpro.com.au/whats-new/162-vag-mqb-offset-strut-mounts-with-extra-camber-trc5000
  3. I have the 034motorsport camber mounts - they are a bit crashy over bumps, but in all fairness my car is a noisy affair anyway. Superpro have just released a set of (fixed) negative camber mounts; I haven't researched them but they may be superior.
  4. As I recall you're looking at about £9-10k, assuming a new DQ500.
  5. Good luck; hope the results are what you're looking for. My own experience with aftermarket TCU remaps has been interesting (though I haven't tried TVS, yet). Overall, my take is that they tend to make for a fantastic shift under full (and in my case, fairly significant) loads, but at the expense of seamless shifting under anything less than that. In other words, it's a bit clunky when pootling about town.
  6. Looks like a bad deal, to me. 1999 maximum ticket allocation, with no confirmed minimum target; this, read along with the terms and conditions on the competition website, means that the person running the competition can continue deferring the draw until they've made the £50,000 they want for the car. The skeptic in me also wonders how 'random' the winner selection process will be...
  7. Ah yes, you're right. Left-hand y-axis, then!
  8. Isn't that shown on the chart? x-axis is kW (*1.341 = bhp) and y-axis is torque (nm). Wild figures.
  9. No dispute there - I can't vouch for the solution; haven't used it myself. Just mentioned it for the purposes of assisting research/selection.
  10. Give @VRSNorthampton a call - I heard about both through them, so no doubt they'll be able to explain. Assume they can get their hands on them, too! Tim
  11. http://www.csfrace.eu/CSF-7084-MQB-triple-pass-radiator.html http://www.csfrace.eu/CSF-8132-MQB-DSG-Cooler.html
  12. Worth looking into CSF as well - I believe they've now released engine and DSG radiators for the MQB platform, also.
  13. Awesome. Looking forward to what comes next, matey.
  14. In order of importance, choose - 1. Someone you trust (or in the absence of experience, someone trusted by others who you trust) 2. Someone who you can get your car to relatively easily (and at low cost), should you run into issues. I am in Essex, and VRS built (and maintain) my Stage 3 Mk7R Estate. They have always done right be me, and I am a big fan of theirs. Tim
  15. Been there; it was an awful time, and no doubt everyone that goes through it, finds their own different ways to cope. In our case, we got a dog. He's a vicious, miserable bastard who passionately hates everyone other than his family (who he adores with equal passion!) - but, on the plus side, he has singlehandedly prevented at least three burglary attempts on our house, over the years (that I know of - via CCTV). My sincere condolences for your loss, and congratulations on your new acquisition. Stay strong. Tim
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