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  1. Hi there, might be a bit of a trek but there's Statllers in Sheffield, arguably the best independent VAG garage in South Yorkshire, potentially all of Yorkshire! That said, if you're just having a basic service or the like, might not be worth you travelling outside the York area!? Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  2. gigolo456

    Pan roof

    could always get an extended warranty i guess, for what 'might' happen, lol!! I could of course go for the lesser trim, minus pan roof, but i'm a bloke, lol!!
  3. gigolo456

    Pan roof

    Hmmm, that would be my fear, ie. it would go after my warranty had expired!! Even when you did have problems, ie. when you did have a few problems, did it still work in any way, or HAD it to be totally replaced?
  4. gigolo456

    Pan roof

    Certainly seems a bit of a lottery then.. 😬
  5. gigolo456

    Pan roof

    ahh ok, and may i ask how long it took the dealer to refit a whole new unit plse (just out of interest)?
  6. gigolo456

    Pan roof

    Afternoon All, further to my life-story the other day on pros and cons of pcp, i've decided (i think) to muster up the cash and pay the balance that way, ie. the car will be 100%mine! Anyway, the Karoq i'm after is the Edition and comes with pan roof as standard, but i often hear scare-stories of rattles, leaks, etc, so am i potentially opening up myself to constant headaches over maintenance, and, perhaps, even yet further expense? 🤔 Pan roof owner's comments most welcome plse.. Many thanks Andrew
  7. Comes down i think to IF I can afford it, do I just take the temporary hit and pay the balance in cash at point of purchase!? Be it pcp or loan, I'll end up paying more, so just doing sums as we speak!! Yes, I'm fortunate enough to pay balance in cash, but the incentive in changing for new every 3 years is appealing, being a pcp virgin and all that lol!! It's just the maintenance costs 3 years + that's edging me towards pcp..[emoji15] Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  8. Metallic colour is free on the Edition, but the VC is an additional £470, but not sure i really 'need' that if i'm simply exchanging after 3/4 years lol!!
  9. Apparently i should be looking at the 'final rental' figures, so they are:- (in bold at the end) SE L - Total CarWow price of £25,124 = 36 months x £259.50 / 48 months x £217.62 (36 = £12,122 / 48 = £11,678) Edition - Total CarWow price of £26,878 = 36 months x £243.00 / 48 months x £228.35 (36 = £14,153 / 48 = £12,600) Now, what that means in the real-world to me is anyone's guess, but am i right in thinking therefore (as an example) that based on all the figures above, the best scenario all-round would be the Edition, both in terms of monthly outgoings AND the GFV? In other words, cheapest over 36 months, and highest GFV at the end...
  10. The only option i'm thinking of having on the Edition (if i go for that) would be the virtual cockpit! However, and has been said, because i'm probably just going to change after 3 years, is the VC a must!!?? Looks good, lol, but probably not!!
  11. hmm, that would be big scary figure for me i'm afraid, lol! My mental budget is c.£250 tops, so i may have to keep deposit as is, but yes, your figures are pretty much spot, if not totally accurate!? 🤑
  12. well that's what i was thinking of doing initially. In fact i was actually planning to pay the balance with cash, as Skoda highlighted that the cash sale deal was the same as PCP deal! I've always owned my cars fully, but contemplating going over to the dark pcp side now, lol! I've got first 2 services free also, and only ever do about 5k miles a year (possibly a bit more in the future), so every chance i hope of having no maintenance costs at all throughout my 3 years (he hopes); this part attracts me! I know only too well that after 3 years the maintenance costs can rise rapidly/sharply, so hoping pcp will work in my favour so-to-speak...
  13. Haven't thought of that tbh, do dealers usually take p/x with that side of things also do you know? Is leasing generally cheaper than pcp then?
  14. It's 4.9%, so certainly a lot more than i'm seeing in any savings i have lol!
  15. Hmmm, yes, just wondering if i should reduce MY contribution within the deposit, and if it will affect the monthly premiums much!? At least, i'd have more in the bank i guess right from the off-set, as they'd be giving me the balance (from p/x) in cash..
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