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  1. You need to contact an APR dealer that needs to connect the car to the APR server via OBD and PC. That's it... [emoji4]Don't worry. APR will help you. And you have one of the best tunes for you car. Don't loose faith . Just contact an APR dealer and you are set... [emoji4] [emoji106] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  2. You don't get a license. The license is tied to the cars VIN. If you bought the car used already tuned. You will have to transfer the "car/tune/VIN" in your name. That's it. Sw update, low/high output file and octan MAP is free and available as the license was activated before the new restriction. Isn't it Awesome GTI that is the APR HQ in UK? Talk to them first... [emoji4] [emoji106] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  3. APR supports all stages if bought before September 7th 2020 You have a valid license so can upgrade free (dealer fee is charged) Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  4. Congratulations [emoji16][emoji106] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  5. Is there any uprated rear top mounts? Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  6. Hi.  I'm interested in the rear LSD like you have.  How do you like it?  Did you get it from PowerZone?  I plan on tracking my car.  I also have a front WaveTrac and love it.  Its what really steered me into looking at an LSD for the rear.

    1. PocketRocket


      Hi. Thanks for the interest. Yes I have the rear LSD conversion. I was the first that commissioned this conversion in the world. And also made 2 units for the Haldex Gen. 5 diff... 😊 

      My was made before powerzone took over the handling and orders due to export and tax concerns. It was first started as a private entusiast project... 😊 Don't wait with this. Just do it. You want regret it. I also have the front LSD conversion. My car is heavily tracked and it's magical how the car is now. And don't forget now on snow. It's so much fun... 😊 Where in the world are you? 

  7. I have the Vagbremtechnic 356x22mm rear kit in combination with the 362x32mm front disc kit (using Audi RS3 8P 4pot caliper) With the rear kit the car is much more stable during hard braking on the track.. But 19" wheel is a must. Haven't found any 18" wheels that will fit without the use of big spacers... The 7R rear caliper is very big on the outside diameter... So it will hit the inside of the wheel barrel... [emoji4] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  8. Don't understand why you would own a premium Golf 7 R. And then use a unknown end low priced tune that you don't know anything about? I would go to someone like APR, Revo, MRC or Likes that do know these cars well. If everyone could MAP these cars I would have done it myself... But hey. Your car and if you are happy that's great... But now as APR has lowered their prices. I would go to them. Best R&D in the business... Then you can track your car without any conserns. And the car would go best out of all... [emoji4] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  9. Yes I track my car. That's one of the reasons for all my mods... [emoji4] I have a Haldex Controller. But it's not installed yet. So Haldex sw is stock as it was from factory besides the VCDS mods that I have activated... Only problems with tyres are the - 3 in negativ camber up front... [emoji4] Can't wait to test this on the ice [emoji16][emoji106] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  10. Hi guys. Sorry for the late update. The car is now up and running with LSD on front and rear diff [emoji41][emoji123]. The car is amazing now. Lots of grip and the tail gets out very easy now. No under steer at all... [emoji4] [emoji106] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  11. Did you look at these... [emoji4] https://www.eurosportacc.com/products/18700k?variant=14690988294193 Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  12. Mine are good. Have no sound! Read this too... [emoji4] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  13. I have the 034 motorsports top mounts with fixed offsett for additional negativ camber... Super happy... [emoji4] [emoji106] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  14. Do not know what to buy! Can you please help? [emoji4] [emoji106] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  15. Can I order from you now? [emoji4] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
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