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  1. If you choose to go for TVS TCU for the DQ381 7-speed you need to choose tje stage 2+ file... It works perfectly with APR stage 1 sw. My friend had it installed on is Golf 7.5R before APR and others released their own sw for the DQ381. TVS delivered a perfect solution...
  2. Octavia mk3 is the MQB platform correct? If so. The 8p bearing would not fit hence the 4 bolt pattern! The RS3 8v "MQB" has a 3 bolt pattern.... 😊
  3. Only way to know is by testing! It's not only offset that plays in. Also barrel and spoke designe dictates the space or spacers needed! [emoji4] [emoji106] What you can do is to use RS3 8P brake disc's an then change front bearings from the RS3 8V. This way you will get 10mm deeper offset without the need of external spacers! [emoji4] I am checking and testing all this out in 3 weeks...[emoji4] [emoji106] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for tje pictures anr feedback. Looking forward to install mine and track test it [emoji41]. Can you show on the picture where this iABED plate goes? Remember! The oil temp is also electrically controlled by engine sw i think. So the high Temps we see during cruise and idle is programmed high. Our engine is designed to run hot due to friction and emissions I think... But on track the cooling system get overwhelmed and can't reduce the Temps without help. I have the biggie side mount Radiators from CSF Radiators. This helped at least 15 degrees C on the track for lower engine and DSG oil Temps... [emoji4] [emoji106] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  5. I have the same iABED plate to go... [emoji4] [emoji106] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  6. I have been in contact with a German company that do these builds to convert the 7R with the RS3 8v drivetrain. This costs €28.000,- for a stock motor and gearbox + all other RS3 parts that's needed for the conversion. If you want high output power. They will build you a forged engine an us the TTE700 turbo... This setup will cost €40.000,- +++ depending on what you want! And om top of that they will provide you with a TÜV certificate on the car and conversing... Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  7. Why be the same as other if you can do something at your own... [emoji4] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  8. Wow! Are you saying that the rear seats just bolts inn without any modifications? The front seats might need new wiring installed from the 7R... Have read some where audi uses different wiring and controll models to signal occupants? Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  9. This is going to be epic [emoji4]Keep up the spirit and keep us updated for this absolute dream build... [emoji4] [emoji106] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  10. Sub'd [emoji897][emoji41] Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
  11. Sub'd. Have a sett of APR coil packs in my garage waiting to be installed with a fresh set of RS7 spark plugs... Haven't had any misfire problem on my APR stage 2 HO sw v2.7... Please report back...
  12. Congratulations on this. That's the same setup I have... 😊 👍 I have a problem with the right exhaust valve (seen from the back in the driving direction) It's always closed. So I haven't really experienced the full potensielle of it yet... 🙈
  13. Thanks. Yes did a quick goog search and found out. Basically the Same as 0007 but with changed arm design to work with alloy Audi subframe... 😊 👍
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