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  1. Sub'd... Please share shift point (rpms) in D and S under normal load/throttle position... Thanks
  2. PocketRocket

    Fitting VWR Oil Cooler MK7R.

    Thanks for the input... But would think that the oem radiator/cooler with plastic end tanks would break down before the uprated once with full aluminum weld style... We need to make an new thread for this option... 😊
  3. PocketRocket

    Fitting VWR Oil Cooler MK7R.

    I says "pre-order" does anyone know when this will be available to ship? I see it's one side "DSG" cooler and one main front cooler... What is the last side cooler? Isn't it for oil cooling? Why not have a second side cooler that is more efficient? Please share some thoughts... Sent fra min SM-G955F via Tapatalk
  4. PocketRocket

    Fitting VWR Oil Cooler MK7R.

    Wow! Thanks... Just what I need. Had plans to make my own kit... This is actually better than other kits out there if it works... [emoji4] Sent fra min SM-G955F via Tapatalk
  5. PocketRocket

    Fitting VWR Oil Cooler MK7R.

    I have the VWR cooler kit. But up on installing it the ACC radar is in the way! Anyone here had this conflict?
  6. PocketRocket

    Fitting VWR Oil Cooler MK7R.

    Any link?
  7. PocketRocket

    AMG A45

    Do you MAP the A45 AMG too? 😊
  8. PocketRocket

    Road to more pops and bangs!

    If you like more than it's OEM then a remap is the only way... But I know only about about stage 2 sw with this feature.... Maybe Rick @UnicornMotorDev can make a stage 1 sw tune with extra pops and bang... This would be the cheapest way. As no need fΓΈr new down pipe...
  9. PocketRocket

    DIY TTRS brake install

    It's dead easy... Sent fra min SM-G955F via Tapatalk
  10. PocketRocket

    Mk7 Apr stage 2

    I am APR stage 2 Hi Torque sw v2.6 and 98 octan MAP. Do dyno yet. But on APR stage 1 Hi torque sw and 98 octane MAP (don't remember the sw versjon) I got 327whp and 430wNm using Dynopack dyno on all 4 hubs (AWD mode) Will go back for a dyno soon, just out of interest. Car is rapid fast and is easily leaving other 7R's with other unbranded tuned cars... GOAPR [emoji41] The list of mods on engine and drivetrain as I can remeber: APR stage 2 v2.6 HT sw 98 octane MAP TVS Engineering stage 3 TCU sw (was APR TCU sw) APR DP APR cat-back APR IC APR DSG clutch pack (just installed after slip in 1-3-5 gear. (Too many LC's [emoji6]) VWR R600 intake VWR turbo pipe VWR turbo elbow VWR muffler delete VWR pendulum mounts (machined to fit audi alloy frame) DV+ Audi RS7 spark plugs Strub 10w-60 oil in summer and 5w-40 in winter VAGbremtechnic 362x32mm disc kit w/brackets Audi TTRS/RS3 4pot caliper VAGbremtechnic 356mm rear disc kit Ferodo DS2500 and DS UNO pads Ferodo brake fluid Superpro bushings all over Superpro LCA 0006K In Alloy Clubsport S swivels and bearing 034motorsport top struts bearing with added camber (to be installed these days) H&R ARB front and rear Audi OEM Alloy front subframe Pretoria 19" OEM wheel (need new rubber for the 2019 season) That's all folks [emoji41][emoji106] PS. Forgot to write that I am also installing Wavetrac LSD diff front and rear... [emoji4] Sent fra min SM-G955F via Tapatalk
  11. PocketRocket

    Stage 2+ I'd Call it

    Sub'd Sent fra min SM-G955F via Tapatalk
  12. PocketRocket

    Intercooler pipes

    I have this as well. Didn't install it yet. Probably not any gains on stage 1 but on stage 2 and above will help in flow... Maybe Rick @[email protected] share his thoughts on this? 😊 Interested in this too...
  13. PocketRocket

    Launch manual golf R

    Sub'ed... Who is mapping this for the 7R?
  14. Ash was the reason for me wanting the front LSD from Wavetrac in the beginning. But are you telling me that your car cornered the same way without the LSD? Sent fra min SM-G955F via Tapatalk
  15. Thanks. Do not know how many LC's the car has done. I bought the car used with APR Stage 1 sw high torque MAP [emoji4] Is there a counter I can check via VCDS? Personally I haven't launched that many times, but it has been tested. Can't deny that. Maybe 20 times The car is at APR stage 2 sw v2.6 high torque and APR TCU with LC to 4500rpms max. I am not blaming APR for this. The car has been used on the track well. I have installed TVS Engineering TCU sw stage 3 HPP to see if it would help reducing the slip. It did not. My problem is the clutch controlling 1-3-5 gear. So LC can be the reason for the problem... Changing clutch packs in 14 days. Will see then... What do you mean by clutch based LSD? Like a VAQ electronically controlled torque splitt left and right like on Audi with Sport diff? This would require more development and sw coding. Not possible from my side... The Wavetrac LSD is fully mechanically without any adjustments to it. Look up there website or YouTube for info... It's not a clutch plate diff... It's gear type with some extra trickory that I personally liked and chosed Wavetrac.... Will see how the car handles... For info. My R is used daily back and forth to the office. Max 30 km pr day. The rest is in track and car neet/shows. I can put up my specs In a different thread... Sent fra min SM-G955F via Tapatalk