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  1. I’d like to chime in and say check out COBB and the pro tune option. I’m at 392 hp and 430 tq at the wheels. 451 hp at the crank and 491 tq at the crank. Stock turbo and externals.
  2. Here in the US it’s been gone from the App Store for awhile. It seems the creators have given up on the app. Hope this helps
  3. Hi there, why are single piece discs bad? Is it a design flaw or a cheaper way of making these discs?
  4. VWR makes some great parts for our R’s. This looks to be no different. This might just be my next big brake kit. I like that it’s different than what’s out there. They are lighter than our stock ones. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Try aFe drop in filters. Top notch quality Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. What product are you using? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi everyone I'm new here. Sort of a middle aged dude who got his first VW bite was a 13 jsw tdi. Last august I placed an order for a 17 R fully loaded. My dealership informed me in November that my car has been built and in transit. Very excited with heart palpitations I was at ease. My buy back date is Jan 11- the day I pick up my R.
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