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  1. Will be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of weeks at Wolfsburg - there is supposedly a limited start up of Tiguan production again next week, and perhaps Golf and others the week after - if they can sustain even a limited amount of production, that might help with their undoubted backlog of orders The Wolfsburg plant is set to to produce the lowest number of cars in 2021 since 1958... https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/volkswagens-main-plant-producing-fewest-cars-since-1958-source-says-2021-10-20/
  2. hahahahahahahahaha....$200 for nitrogen.....hahahahahahah I'll stick with free 78% nitrogen mix
  3. Tiguan, Passat & Arteon use an older style of HUD that projects onto a flip out piece of transparent plastic, and not directly onto the windshield itself I'm not sure if the screen in the Touraeg, which is different system again, can combined HUD and heating. https://www.volkswagen-newsroom.com/en/head-up-display-3957
  4. The info in the middle (on the Tiguan anyway) was dynamic - it showed both sections of the road where it thought was safe to overtake, and also sections where it thought it was unsafe/prevented it incorrectly On this particular occasion, it picked up a whole 30 mile section of dual carriageway as KMH speed limits and prevented overtaking for the whole journey home! I'm kinda glad it did that day whilst I was in the car with wife, as it gave me ample evidence to be able to show to VW dealer I'm following a couple of German websites as well to see if there is
  5. Would be interesting to know if any Republic of Ireland owners are having the overtaking issue AFAIK, Eire cars are delivered in kmh specification and right hand drive, with UK/NI cars being delivered in MPH specification and right hand drive - it seems clear that there is a correlation at least between UK cars flipping to KMH for unknown reason and "thinking" they are in a LHD environment
  6. I think many buyers interested in the Akrapovic will not think of it as £3100, but instead as £75 extra a month on a typical PCP
  7. Strictly speaking, not just for the R on order, but also for the imminent arrival of my 22 year old Boxster, a few Auto Finesse spruce up items including the feather tip brushes favoured by this forum 🤣 To add to box of detailing kit, I bought AF One Step polishing compound, some rotary pads, glass cleaner & Avalanche snow foam - should keep me busy next weekend
  8. What I was able to give the VW dealer was a video and photo that I took from the passenger seat whilst wife was driving - I could give them the time/date and location of the event happening so they could cross reference with any faults logged in the ECU There was no doubt/debate/argument from them as I could show them exactly what happened - there had been other times that I wasn't in the car with her that clearly we couldn't show what was happening. On that occasion, she was sitting on a average speed camera monitored stretch that is set at 70mph, and she began to over
  9. The ACC/overtaking issue happened from time to time on my wife's Tiguan - it hasn't happened since getting the fix for her model, fingers crossed. It only ever seemed to occur when the car was displaying speed signs in kilometres per hour.
  10. Same control unit as on my MY2021 Tiguan - works well enough by either tapping on the temp controls to go up and down, or slide fingers back and forth Press and hold finger for 1+ secs in the slider to jump straight to 22 degrees.
  11. Located in the dash, I believe - number 7
  12. No, you're correct The situation at Wolfsburg's headquarters is getting worse and worse. The semiconductor crisis has further and more fueled discussions about utilization, efficiency and profitability of the parent plant than ever. VW boss Herbert Diess is now even said to have brought job cuts into play on a large scale. Meanwhile, improvement is not in sight: Even in the next three weeks, the lines on the Mittelland Canal will only run occasionally. The company informed the employees about the upcoming driving style on Wednesday afternoon. According to this, production will be s
  13. All I can say is that the fix for my wife's car (which displayed speed limit signs incorrectly from time to time, sped up and slowed down erratically and also had the overtaking issue on occasion appears to be working as you'd expect If I'm aware of the software and technical instructions being released to workshops to permit them to update customer cars, I'll post it up here.
  14. Volkswagen are working on a fix, as earlier software versions have not sorted the various issues which include incorrectly converting UK speed signs into KMH equivalents, the overtaking issue when using cruise, amongst others I can tell you that the fix has been applied to my wife's MY2021 Tiguan last week when in for service (for MQB platform cars), and supposedly the release for Golf 8 and linked models (MQB Evo platform cars) is imminent.
  15. Here's an example of one of the UK's largest publicly traded dealer groups, Vertu (the one that the CEO recently did the undercover boss TV programme) - however, all the big dealer groups are reporting a similar pattern at present. Results for the first half of 2021 announced to the stock market https://www.am-online.com/news/dealer-news/2021/10/13/vertu-motors-delivers-record-518m-profit-in-h1-2021?utm_campaign=13_10_2021_AM_daily_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=AM - Newsletter - Daily&utm_source=adestra&utm_term=Vertu Motors delivers record £51
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