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  1. Tiguan has a type of pyrotechnic actuator for the bonnet in the event of a collision - it fires to push the bonnet up for pedestrian protection and create a bigger cushion/buffer zone to absorb impact Allegedly, the Golf (amongst others), doesn't have this type of feature due to design constraints and needed the removal of the bonnet strut and a squidgy/soft engine cover to meet EU standards for pedestrian impact clearances Some markets for Golf 8 apparently still get the bonnet strut, hence the locating pin is still there on the bodyshell.
  2. Just in case of damage, it would defintely worth sourcing a spare Jerez from eBay or the like, I would have thought, particularly if your local dealers would be unable to to source https://oemalloywheels.com/shop-now/ don't have any at the moment, but they ship worldwide - perhaps enquire with them to see?
  3. Just seen my local dealer post this up on Facebook - starts from £47,590
  4. Who knows, but perhaps possibly hope to see a separate R Performance model in the configurator soon, just like Volkswagen.de has, just like you have GTI and GTI Clubsport, rather than adding a Clubsport pack to the GTI, if that makes sense https://www.volkswagen.de/de/konfigurator.html/__app/der-neue-golf.app
  5. "Poverty spec" GAP insurance is perhaps a harsh way to describe it - in normal times, cars go down in value rapidly, and lead times are small, so when the OP and others consider GAP, it's usually from the point of view of getting a good cover policy at (not necessarily) the lowest price, knowing that they are not going to lose what they have actually paid out to buy the car originally. Clearly, we are not in normal times, and used cars are costing more than new ones with long lead times, so it is probably a good idea for anyone considering GAP to price up both options for back to i
  6. Sadly all GAP is not equal an any return to invoice GAP cover (which is good cover in itself) will just bring any payout back to the original invoice price of your car, ie what you actually paid for it, inclusive of any discounts, etc You would need a GAP policy that covers something like "Vehicle Replacement" in full to get back the full current list price -, such as https://www.ala.co.uk/gap-insurance/vehicle-replacement-insurance
  7. Any last known location of the car showing on your We Connect phone app, or has the thief deactivated that from within the car also?
  8. Your VIN does not have power folding mirrors, as shown in the yellow highlighted code 6XR Another comparable Mk8 R, with folding mirrors in addition to the other stuff, has a code 6XQ
  9. I know, but if it "buys" a few hours of potential tracking before someone starts dismantling my car to locate the item where I buried it, then for £30 or less, it's a good thing The other good thing is that as long as any iPhone is close enough to the located AirTag, even just by someone walking past it, the AirTag will broadcast it's location to me - like just now, I'm sat at home and my wife took the car away at 8am....the tag is still broadcasting a very recent location, probably because the car is sitting on a public street outside her shop.
  10. After hearing that a couple of cars were stolen overnight in my district after breaking & entering specifically for car keys for relatively mundane non-performance models, I have modified a couple of Apple AirTags for use with my cars Removed the internal speaker, as per the instructions here https://mashtips.com/remove-airtag-speaker/ and have placed them securely in a relatively unusual place inside each car interior - I tried them first in the location with the speaker enabled, and the beep was still quite audible, so made sense to mute them physically. Result i
  11. Thanks so much for checking, and this will be good news for someone I know - clearly in Scotland, we need the maximum output of the air conditioning unit available at all times 🥶😄😄
  12. Can any of you kind people with OBDEleven or similar do a coding check please on a Golf 8? I'm looking to confirm whether the Air Conditioning control unit number 08 as installed in Mk8 Golf has the option under long coding to change "temperature tuning" as shown below from "normal tuning" to "colder tuning, cooler operation" The idea of this coding change is apparently for hot/humid climates, and for the air con pump to be working harder to cool the interior at a quicker rate, possibly with the trade off of fuel efficiency/consumption It works on my Skoda
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