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  1. Hi mate. I'd be interested in the map (Stage 2) with 20% discount. I can't access the group buy section though to see the discussion. If you could put my name down, I could just give Unicorn a ring next week.

  2. Okay everyone, we have the possibility of getting a 20% group buy discount on a Unicorn remap. Check out my post in the Group Buy section here —-> https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/30299-20-unicorn-tuning-discount/
  3. I am still awaiting a response from Unicorn on this before moving forward. You haven’t missed the boat. I’ll make sure I post details here as well as the group buy section as soon as I have something to share with you all. 👍
  4. Racinghero

    Euro Trip

    My kids aren’t the issue, funds are being spent on the house this year, along with several trips we already planned. However, if this is an annual type of event, I’d be more than up for it next year or the year after (as long as I can face hanging out with a Spurs fan that is!) 😂👍
  5. Racinghero

    Euro Trip

    Same here sadly.
  6. Racinghero

    Year 3 service cost

    Booked mine in with an extremely talented, multi award winning and highly recommended independent for my 3 year service and MOT. £442.72 If you’re near to Boreham in Essex (just east of Chelmsford City Centre). Look up http://www.johntinham.co.uk/ I’ve known John and his wife (who runs the office/business) since the early 90’s and can’t fault his work or work ethic.
  7. Just a quick update. I spoke to Chloe at Unicorn today. She’s going to get back to me sometime this week with regards to any deals/offers Unicorn may be willing to put together for us. At which point I’ll liaise with the forum admins with a view to hopefully putting an official group buy post up. Not promising anything yet, but watch this space guys and gals. 👍
  8. Looks like 6, maybe 7 of us interested so far. 👍
  9. I’m going to speak to him tomorrow sometime if he’s free.
  10. That what I said in my original post.
  11. So, 3 of us so far are interested in a Unicorn tuning upgrade. I’ll leave it until Monday and see how many more would be interested. I’ll then reach out to Rick and see if he can offer us some kind of group buy deal, then I’ll post it on the group buy section of the forum too. It it would be great to get 5 to 10 of us (closer to 10 preferably). Fingers crossed.
  12. After researching this over the past number of months, and having run a RaceChip Ulitimate for a while (which I’m happy with, as a first step into this tuning malarkey), I’m leaning heavily towards having Rick at Unicorn work his stage1 magic on my MK7R Wagon. The fella clearly knows his stuff! I was wondering if we could get a group of us together and see if he’d cut us a group buy type of deal (I will post this to the group buy section if I get some traction here and Rick is open to this - I must state, I have not approached Rick yet, this is all just in my head right now). Who would be up for this?
  13. VW ‘kindly’ washed and waxed my car whilst it was in for some warranty work recently. However the person went OTT with the wax and got it in every nook and cranny., including all around the headlamp washers. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that is it possible to raise these and leave them raised to allow for ‘proper’ cleaning and removal of all the dried on wax. But I can’t remember where I read that or how to do it. Help appreciated. thanks.