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    This is my beautiful ‘65 registered wagon, I’ve owned her for over 3 years and sadly the time has come to sell. I need a car to tow my daughter’s trailered 4x4 and sadly the Golf R is not homologated in the UK for towing 🤬. Anyway, I’ll be detailing her (the car, not my Daughter 😂) this Saturday and then trying to keep her clean in this crappy weather so you lucky people can view if you’re interested. If you’re on the lookout for a beautiful low mileage wagon, in the best colour 😆 with a tonne of options including Dynamic Chassis Control, 19” Pretoria’s, almost new Michelin MP4S tyres all round, lane departure, winter pack and parking sensors, then contact me. More photos will be added this Saturday. I’m so so sad to be having to let this beauty go, it took me an age to find her and she’s been the best car I’ve ever owned and driven. 😢😢😢


    Billericay, Essex - GB

  2. 🤟 made me smile seeing a near identical wagon. What exhaust have you fitted btw?
  3. She doesn’t have her own car yet, but wants to own one and drive it somewhere, she wants the same as a lot of teenagers....to drive. She’s wanted it for as long as I can remember, but unfortunately was diagnosed with a visual inpairment which has progressively got worse, so she can’t enjoy driving on the road.
  4. Thanks @Shug, we were look for something where she could take her own car somewhere to drive it. Craig.
  5. Strange question but my 18yo Daughter is visually impaired and will never be able to hold a license to drive, but loves Karting and wants to drive ‘somewhere’. I’ve thought about getting her an off-roader and joining a club, but I think she’s enjoy tarmac more than mud. Does anyone know what options there are for her take her own car and enjoy it on - a track, airfield, other venue etc? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. We live in Essex, but would be willing to travel 100 miles or more to give her the opportunity to enjoy what most of us take for granted (driving). Craig.
  6. Frickin OBDElevn app keep crashing just as I try to select what I think is the correct option in the Leuchte39RFL RA64 sub menu. The field/parameter I’m clicking on in here is Dimmert AB 29, which is currently set to 100. This is not mentioned in your instructions @Booth11, so I’m assuming this is what I need to do. Can you or someone help here?
  7. I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere on here that it’s possible to increase the brightness of your reversing lights with OBDeleven. However I’ve scanned and searched but I cannot find the detail on how to do this. Can anyone help/advise? Thanks.
  8. I’ve made this change and much prefer the improved throttle response. I won’t be switching back.
  9. Hi mate. I'd be interested in the map (Stage 2) with 20% discount. I can't access the group buy section though to see the discussion. If you could put my name down, I could just give Unicorn a ring next week.

  10. Okay everyone, we have the possibility of getting a 20% group buy discount on a Unicorn remap. Check out my post in the Group Buy section here —-> https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/30299-20-unicorn-tuning-discount/
  11. I am still awaiting a response from Unicorn on this before moving forward. You haven’t missed the boat. I’ll make sure I post details here as well as the group buy section as soon as I have something to share with you all. 👍
  12. My kids aren’t the issue, funds are being spent on the house this year, along with several trips we already planned. However, if this is an annual type of event, I’d be more than up for it next year or the year after (as long as I can face hanging out with a Spurs fan that is!) 😂👍
  13. Booked mine in with an extremely talented, multi award winning and highly recommended independent for my 3 year service and MOT. £442.72 If you’re near to Boreham in Essex (just east of Chelmsford City Centre). Look up http://www.johntinham.co.uk/ I’ve known John and his wife (who runs the office/business) since the early 90’s and can’t fault his work or work ethic.
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