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  1. Looking to buy a second Gen ODB11 pro, anyone recently purchased one and if so where from. Assume if I order direct from the ODB11 website I'll get hit for import duty based on the overall cost of device + VAT + Shipping cost? Cheers
  2. Hi, I have 2 pristine 19" pretorias taken of my golf R after about 7000 miles. They have no marks/skuffs, have been stored in my garage since removal and have Pirellei P Zero tyres with just over 4mm tread left all round. Any idea on current market rate as I'm looking to advertise them soon (on here first of course!)? Thanks Craig
  3. Personally I think they are unfit for purpose on UK roads. 3 out of 4 of mine are buckled after 1 year and less than 10,000 miles. The last car I had for over 10 years and did 120,000 miles with no sign of wheels buckling. In addition the price of replacement OEM pretorias ridiculous. In hindsight I'd go for 18" wheels with a bit more tyre sidewall to reduce the risk. In all cases my tyres were fine so prets were weaker than the tyre sidewall. Migh tbe interesting to run a pole to see just how many people have had issues with Pertorias buckling.
  4. Has anyone gone for one of these http://www.rearguards.co.uk/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=prodshow&ref=RBP617&sid=c76ripg292z0i917cdrd9l3tao9la678 Looking at getting one in silver or brushed alloy finish for my Lapiz blue R estate. Wonder whether the brush alloy or silver finish would be a better match for the roof rails and wing mirrors. If you have fitted one pics would be appreciated. Thanks Craig
  5. Will probably be picking up my new Golf r estate tomorrow. It's a car that has been in the showroom for a few weeks so not option of telling them to not prep it! If I find swirls or any problems with the finish what should be my course of action. I understand it's important to get any remedy proposed by the dealer down in writing but what would you accept. I assume you would want a professional detailer to work on it rather than the dealer themselves, would you insist on this? Also the dealer is 2 hours away so I don't want to have to go back to them on numerous occasions. What about
  6. Looking at an ex-demo golf r estate, early 2016 car with 4500 miles on it. Car has the 19" upgraded wheels but no sat nav or winter pack. What sort of price do you think I should be looking to get this for. Dealer sticker price is £26,995. In addition, any of you had the kenwood sat nav fitted? rrp for this from VW is £599. Cheers
  7. Values on used Diesels will be hit hard in the longer term by the about turn on government policy and planned introduction of no diesel zones in citites. Really depends how long you plan to keep it. I was looking at the 330D but have ended up on the hunt for a golf r estate for this reason as I plan to keep long term.
  8. simmy, do you mean you have used it today or in the past to get that discount?
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