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  1. Sadly, as I'm mostly carting the dog in the boot of the r estate, the r barely gets a sprint outside of normal acceleration in comfort mode. It's a joy to hit the fast roads in sports mode without entourage, windows down, pops and gurgles 😁
  2. Soche


    Fantastic news. Nice to hear you are making a good recovery!
  3. Welcome, good luck with your hunt. As a 7 estate owner, dcc, prets, rear cam, pano roof, leather seats, dynaudio, upgraded infotainment (forget the name of it lol) ... My 1 recommendation is skip the pano roof or any sunroof. We have had a bit of bother with ours last year, 16 plate. Clogged drains, got the vw recall and fix but it still isn't perfect and leaks a little to the interior. Also read of 1 case on here of the glass shattering on an estate and difficulty getting any warranty on it. They may not have been in the UK tho. Not so bad if you drive solo but if you have a kid or pet it wouldn't be great.
  4. When I went mrc stage 1 the pops and gurgles arrived but quite subtle (car is too sound proofed, it's noisy out the rear!) Bcs res delete added and its as it should be sound wise, ie pretty loud inside the car but my parents in law don't understand the noise it makes lol. They just laugh when I boot it in tunnels etc. You adjust motorway driving slightly as you can get a bit of a drone but avoid it by staying below or above certain rpm. It's not major.
  5. Soche


    My guess is no one will be fined. We are not a fining nation unless it is linked to speeding. Fines go to council (I assume). We have a dog. There are tons of poos everytime we go for a walk anywhere. Every lamp post has a sign of a 1k fine for not picking up poo. Never seen or heard of someone getting done. That is easy moneys. Enforcer salary, 30k, 60k? If a single person could fine 1 person per day and only half pay up, that is 125k income per year. No one bothers... Police are tied in red tape. They can fine 30 quid (up to 1k) for this new law. Imagine the paperwork they have to go through for it. It should be easy on the spot fines but I bet they need to document it all. Fines should be higher, but rules should be clearer (and we need a few warnings probably before fines are applied)
  6. I'm in the same boat mate. Would be devastated if some runts did this. Problem is nobody is outside their house to help with such an offence should it happen and it happens so fast anyway. You just got to remember to be aware of your surroundings when parking. Keeping house keys separate is a good idea but I reckon I'd end up forgetting them and getting locked out. We keep our disklok key separate but the other day we were in and out a bit and I almost locked the disklok when at the shops and didn't have the key on me. That could have been an awkward one...
  7. Properly curbed an alloy today parking up with a low curb 😢. On the plus side, it was already curbed by me from my 1st week of ownership and the paint has a few bubbles so this now justifies a full refurb. I need to work out logistics of refurb without leaving my car in a workshop for a week.
  8. I'm in Merton, next door, guess it changes a lot from council
  9. You can probably log a suspect car online via your local police or council website.
  10. Sounds like you just need a remap? Cheapish fix that you can remove before selling
  11. Welcome! Still on topic, do we still get a discount in buying the pedalboxes? I'm about to get one, there's a snapped one on ebay but it's 160 quid and they are 200 new from progressive parts. Ta!
  12. Thanks mate, good to know
  13. Quite a busy late afternoon! Gave him a nice bath after a weekend in the New Forest. Wash and dry inside outside done. Removed the A Pillars to investigate the sunroof drains. Removing the pillar was a little hairy but managed to do it without breaking anything. Annoying it uses 2 of those difficult clips. Sadly the drain is fine from room to base of pillar so my leak in heavy rain must be causes by the end of the drains which are hidden behind the arch. Job for another day. Finally switched off the headlamp washers. Mot was done recently so it's all good for a year before I switch it back on again.
  14. Collected my R after a correction detail and gtechniq coating from clean and shiny Aldershot. VW paying for this after they damaged it a couple months ago. Nice and shiny now, shame the weather is so bad
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