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  1. Soche

    12v battery low warning

    And da-da I have just got this warning last night 🙄 Havent done many long drives and when we did it was often eco for motorway. Switching to S from now on! Car is just under 3yrs old
  2. Soche

    OBDEleven v VCDS??

    Where are you based? I just bought obd11pro. Never used it before. Sounds like you just need to use one once. Can try mine uf you are near. I'm South West London
  3. Soche

    Turbo technics intake

    Cheers matey! Can't believe I spent so much time looking for a nut that I had not lost ☺
  4. Soche

    Turbo technics intake

    Urgent question, probably a stupid one... When fitting the tt pipe we no longer use the t30 screw on the turbo inlet do we??? Just spent 90 minutes searching the engine bay and floor for a lost nut but think it was only to screw in the old inlet. The tt pipe doesn't have this connector. TIA!
  5. Soche

    Blackvue Camera Deal

    Is anyone else having issues over camera running out of power after a few days of not driving? I have the magic pro and estimate it lasts about 2 days and then it is drained. It didn't help that it was almost constantly recording so I am playing with my sensitivity settings now. Had a recent example where this happened. Mycar sits on the drive looking across the road. I woke early to find 2 police cars on the opposite side of the road, one with a dog out at 4am. I thought it was my taxi but it was the police. I was going away for 2 days on business without the car and hoped to check footage when I got back. When I checked it had stopped filming the day before. I can only assume the power was drained. My initial experience is it looks fine when driving if you download footage that day but for parking it has some major pitfalls unless I can make some tweaks to make it last longer. I was expecting to be able to have at least 2 weeks of footage but that seems massively ambitious unless I use he car every other day and get a much bigger memory card.
  6. Soche

    Options in hindsight

    At end of three day the R is well specced out the factory. Essential options are Dynaudio, Panoramic sunroof (nice to see the sky but it is best for rear passengers) Other options are nice but not essential.
  7. Soche

    Black prets

    Typical garage trying to offer a bodge job to fix it. They really are dim sometimes. Probably the paint job wasn't done by vw in the first place so they hope to just respray it and be done. Alloy refurbs and paint takes a few days normally. There should be no limit to how many times it is done. You would be looking at minimum 400 for all corners to get done and that should then come with 12 month warranty. Make sure vw give you some sort of warranty. Doesn't matter if the wheels get stone chips. If the paint flakes or comes away the job was done badly and needs redoing. If it were me I'd rather push for the cash and get them done at a proper refurb place. Garages don't like to give out cash though...
  8. I followed the guide and seemingly pushed it down too hard trying to get it to slot in...and the lower lug snapped off. I really wasn't putting much pressure on and I had slices some off the length and the slot but it wasn't going in. Has anyone fitted with just one lug? Very embarrassing. I can generally do a lot of car and did no problem. Stupid plastic lug...!
  9. Soche

    The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    QQ - how much memory comes on the navpro ssd? How much space for music? Was under the impression there was 64gb but when I went to import my 30gb music collection from a USB it says there is only 11gb available space. I realise the navigation software is installed but surely it doesn't take up 50gb? I only had a small fiddle in the rain and there is no music stored on it currently. Any help greatly appreciated, I couldn't find an answer from searching on this topic
  10. Soche

    R Estate bumper cover

    It is stuck on with the usual double sided foam sticky pad. Should not be harsh to paint work but would recommend using a hairdryer to warm it up first before removing as it will soften the sticky.
  11. Soche

    Lowered roof rack

    Makes sense on the estate (like mine).
  12. Soche

    Part worn tyres

    Interested to hear if there is an answer to this. I have had to get rid of them for free as it is hard to resell tyres without rims
  13. Soche

    Lowered roof rack

    That is sweet. But...why would you add it to that car? Just get a second family sized wagon to cart all the gear in.
  14. Soche

    Waving at fellow R owners

    Could be a lot of leasing drivers with mk7 who don't appreciate the affection from other owners
  15. Soche

    STICKY: Recommended professional detailers

    Any recommendations (from regular R owners who use them) in south West London / Hampshire areas?