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  1. as far as im aware most remaps from the bigger companies do not require RR, APR , REVO most of there installers do give your a before and after RR report but it isnt part of the mapping,
  2. id go with a bright silver will make the black pop more. i have come to realise you cant beat silver alloys
  3. Has any one with an estate wrapped there roof? unlike the hatch we have a gap at the front, i was thinking about wrapping mine...
  4. It's easy money.. were all in the wrong business and should quit our jobs immediately.
  5. On here's a good start a member getting a new pre spec'd car may want to sell there's to recoup some money
  6. 2300 is not a good price, I sold mine with 600 miles on with a set of conti's for 1850. There have been a few sets for new sets for sale between 1800-2000 off new cars. I seen a brand new set In the dealers for 1500 no tyres
  7. i could probably do it, i have a few tools etc.. just finding the time
  8. can anyone fit mine ... im based in east midlands?
  9. Just seen Milltek are taking pre-orders on WLTP GPF Delete / GPF Back downpipe no details of costing or timescales but good news if you're in a new car and wanted to tune (eventually)
  10. From your research why eibachs pro? Are any of the above springs progressive?
  11. One thing China is good at is copying... I've got some AliExpress not fitted yet tho, st2 designs do look great tho. Will report back on fitment
  12. its worth doing as you can ask it questions and say commands like.. "play Micheal Jackson" it'll play.... its the only way to play random music as there isnt a keyboard so you cant type to search!!! also, you can say navigate to " x" and it'll search or "find nearest pizzahut" or random questions like " how tall is big ben" for the record google assistant is hands down superior to siri.. i have switched to an iphone but miss google assistant
  13. Dip it in to S a few times once heated up won't hurt the car but will give you a understanding of the performance,
  14. VW retrofit Redditch supply and fit for £350
  15. mine a 2019 estate i also didn't get any of these options, im getting rear camera retrofitted the other options i can live without. im just happy i have pan roof and DCC as i was looking are near new 310's cars but non came up any this combination
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