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  1. CZR

    DQ381 swap

    Of course it's possible. There's an increasing number of DQ500 swaps lately and that one is more complicated to achieve than DQ381 (which should be *almost* plug&play)
  2. CZR

    Ohlins R&T v. Bilstein b16

    This gave me the courage to order a kit too. One question tough, did you have any sort of white plastic rings mounted under the rear springs ? Or did they fit the OEM rubber mounts ? The manuals and package list mention 2 pieces of plastic rings (same as the old version for Mk6 I suppose) but I didn't receive any. Mounting pictures don't show them either. Later edit: Just found out that there are two kits for Mk7 GTI (VWS MP20 and VWS MP21) ... with different contents. I have the MP20 version but that still doesn't explain the missing plastic rings This is everything I have. Going to install next Friday
  3. CZR

    The 6xxHP Beas7 - Guy's 6MT 7R

    S4/RS4 B8/B9 rear discs ? 330x22 ? Where did you get the caliper holders from ? You still on stock rear (electronic) calipers, right ? The disc height is quite different compared to stock (49.5 vs 36mm)
  4. I had the ttrs + Prets on 10mm and then went to 12mm. They cleared on 10mm but was too close for my taste Neuspeed RSe10 fits without spacers.
  5. That's only on the DSG version. The manual still gets 380Nm
  6. CZR

    2015 Golf R TTE450 MRC

    He's still working on it (had some issues) and, anyway, MRC is unavailable this month. I drove it with a temporary flash at an estimated 500PS and it's a beast! He will post an update once it's done
  7. Well the right one is already ratteling at the lower ball joint. Also they were hitting the windscreen washer fluid tank. Had to cut the lower screw to make it shorter.
  8. Hmmmm, I believe you were fitting the right side in a wrong way. They should be linked on the back of the top mount (on the strut) according to VWR installation instructions
  9. Just noticed your problem with the front droplinks. Is it superpro's fault or your VWR coils ? Or both ? Just ordered a set of superpro front links YESTERDAY I'm a little bit worried now.
  10. Great idea! Thanks for the info!
  11. Any NVH from the engine mounts and rear bushings ?
  12. Regarding the throttle: you can choose a tuner that modifies it (ex: MRC) or use a pedal box - flashing gives better results. P.S: you can try PS4 instead of PSS (pilot super sport)
  13. I believe that by ohlin you mean Ohlins, by millet you mean Milltek and ... K04 what ? K04 was on previous Golfs, not 7. Both GTI and R have new turbos now.
  14. CZR

    An Aussie-spec Golf R abroad

    Yes. I bought the S3 subframe (stiffer, lighter - aluminium) and it uses the same dogbone but with different bushing. Same applies to lower control arms from TTS 8S (stiffer and lighter with stiffer bushings). Bushings from TT/TTS 8S are also present on Clubsport S