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  1. Worzel

    Super unleaded vs Regular ??

    I always use Tesco Momentum, R runs like a dream
  2. Worzel

    New owner

    to the R'ness
  3. Worzel

    Just bought yesterday

    to the R'ness
  4. Worzel

    Another newbie

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  5. Worzel

    New 7.5R 1st impressions......love the noise!!!!

    to the R'ness Best Colour imho
  6. Worzel

    Would you get another R?

    Absoulutley 👍
  7. Worzel

    New to site.

    to the R'ness
  8. Worzel

    Time for a change of VW

    to the R'ness
  9. Worzel

    Evening all

    Sorry Wilma, not that guy?
  10. Worzel

    Evening all

    to the R'ness
  11. Worzel

    Finally joined the R club :)

    to the R'ness fantastic colour and number of doors.
  12. Worzel

    20 Year Old - 7.5R On its way!

    to the R'ness
  13. Worzel

    Hello everyone

    to the R'ness
  14. Worzel


    to ther R'ness
  15. Worzel

    Another day another R owner

    to the R'ness