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  1. Do you have to take the grill off to do remove the R Badge or can it be got at in situ ?
  2. I can live without it, it was just a cool feature, I suppose its gone for safety reasons ???
  3. Well I thought as much !!!!! thats another thing VW have changed.....!!!! The Text Message icon appearing in the the top of the screen and having the car read it to you is missing / been changed !!! 😪
  4. Just got my 7.5 R with 7 speed DSG which replaced my mk 7 6 speed. In my mk7 when I started the car in eco mode the box / display would say E1 and be in eco box / mode until I selected sport or another mode (race etc.) In my 7.5 when I start in Eco mode the box / display is D1 and stays in D until i press the mode button and select eco before the display shows E1 etc. Am I missing something or is this the norm ? I know I'm gonna get slated for the Eco mode usage.....😉 any thought or comments or even slatings would be much appreciated .
  5. not much different from my Mk7 but not really revved it much yet, will be waiting for a 1000 miles before any of that 😎
  6. I always use Tesco Momentum, R runs like a dream
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