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  1. Morning all (maybe this should be in general chat) Left a deposit on my next car yesterday (RS3 8V) it's keyless which I haven't had before. Can anyone send me a link/give me some advice on these bags/boxes to store your keys in that block the signal for theft prevention? Many thanks 👍
  2. Hopefully trade up to a fully specced new 7.5 or 2 year old RS3 towards the middle/end of next year 👍
  3. Enough is never enough!! I need a GTR (tuned of course 😂)
  4. Mine has done 25K and made 457ps and 583nm. It does seem the higher mileage cars produce a bit more power from what i've seen.
  5. Interesting post. What are your first impressions having switched from manual to DSG?
  6. £450 front and back? I know Tarox aren't the cheapest but are supposed to be good. Did you go for the tarox strada pads?
  7. Can somebody show me what you get in the car or on the MIB unit to show that you have the climate screen? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the mini review. I enjoyed reading and the 7.5 sounds like a good improvement over the 7. The design of the 7.5 is really nice and imo a better "looker" than the 7. The red and black works really well together as has been said time and time again. Good choice on the pan roof (I would like one). I agree about the exhaust tips, they would suit black for your colour combination. I take it you could have the tips coated black without warranty issues??? 😀
  9. Yeah, it does look nicer in those pics 👍
  10. Ah, I think it may have been £380 because you had it fitted at the time of your car being built (new car)? To retro fit, it is more expensive, as opposed to a factory option.
  11. Hi, so that was £380 supplied, fitted, coded etc with the main dealer? Which VW main dealer was this and how long ago was this? The helix sub is supposed to improve the sound of all the speakers in the car or so it has been said by people on here. Not a fan of using main dealers but at that price it's possibly worth the risk! Shurcomb - when you reply, if you use the quote feature I will know you've replied as I get a notification 👍
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