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  1. Crashed into the Back of me

    My Insurance has told me to go though hers so i have rang them and they offered me £260 to fix the scratchs and that on my own. Took it to get a estimate and they come back with £752 to fix it. So i think ill pass on the £260 as i will also need a courtesy car to get to work and back. Her insurance has already said they would pay for the courtesy car and that i can take it where i want if i didnt want to use there repair people. So lets see what they come back with once they see the quote.
  2. Crashed into the Back of me

    So ive been to the police station and got my incident ref as they didnt ring me, Ive also had the car to a arnold clark accident repair centre, they have lifted the car and had a look. They said there is no damage and the only thing they can see is cosmetic damage to the bumper in 3 places. They wouldnt give me a price how much to fix and said if i wanted a quote then my insurance would have to send me there and not go on my own. I want it fixed as i know its there now and what if the paints starts to flake off next year. Ive also informed my insurance of this so will see what comes back.
  3. Crashed into the Back of me

    I couldnt remember what they said it would be, and that was the first thing that came to mind, and said they would ring me with the ref number. this is my first crash or anything like this. Do i tell my insurance? how do i go ahead and get the car checked?(does it have to go to VW, didnt buy it from VW) also who pays for it? I dont know anyone who has been hit before just when they have hit someone else. so they had to tell there insurance and am 27 and only driving for 3 years so dont want my insurance to go up as its massive as it is To me the inner bits have been pushed in
  4. So last night i was at traffic lights, car in front of me and 2 more cars behinde me, along comes a silver peugeot. I heard the first bang and thought what was that, next thing i knew, i was hit and moved about a foot. I didnt hit the car in front luckly. The peugeot forced 2 parked cars waiting for the lights to change into me. I think ive been luckly. I cant see any damage or scratchs to my car. but the peugeot is a right off i would say. No one was hurt When speaking to the police i was asking do i have to tell my insurance if theres no damage etc. and if there is damage or get the car checked how to do i claim. They told me that all i needed was the crime number and when at the garage give them that and they will charge the peugeot. Am in 2minds if i should get it checked or not. I dont have time as i work nights and doing 7 nights for the next 2 weeks. The only thing i can see if the rear bottom reflectors may have been pushed in but not sure so could someone post a picture of theres please?
  5. Brakes or Wheel Bearing?

    My 64plate R has started to make a intermittent scraping sound from the front left. It has had new pads and discs (all round) around 500-700 miles ago. I cant tell if its a pad scraping or a wheel bearing. It sounds like the pad is scrapping along the disc. Sometimes its there sometimes its not. I can just tap the brake ever so lightly and the sound goes away. Then it might come back 10mins later or 20mins later. doesnt matter about speed. it pops up from 5mph to 60mph. Sometimes it quite and sometimes its loud. I dont get any brake squeal when braking. Ive bent the sheild back a little incase it was scrapping agasint the disc. There is no groves on the discs to say something is scrapping the disc. Ive stripped the fronts down and cleaned them and appiled copper grease but its still the same. Any ideas? maybe change the pads to different ones? If it was still in warranty i would have put it in but it ran out 2-3months ago
  6. Washer fluid warning - standard?

    I dont have heated seats which i belive is the winter pack, but could be wrong. whats included in the winter pacl for a 64 plate
  7. Washer fluid warning - standard?

    Mine is a 64 plate and i got the warning when mine was low. As far as am aware i dont have the winter pack, just a base spec R.
  8. Brake Pad Warning Light

    So changing the pads didnt go to plan and took a day longer than planned. Went to take the wheel off and found out the garage that put my new tyres (and bought the car from) a few months ago stripped my locking key. So it was useless and unable to get any of the wheels off i took it back to them and told them. They didnt put a fight up as it was in their system that i bought the car from them and they did the tyres. They took it there and then to try and get all 4 off without the locking key. I tried the normal nuts as well but couldnt even get them to move so they well over tightened everything. The service manger wasnt in store today so didnt see him but got told he was going to be ringing me tomorrow. The Service advisor said they might pay for a new set of locking nuts but the manager has to say yes to it. Got them to take me home and they delivered the car to my home a few hours later. To my shock they had washed it 😒 They didnt ask or tell me they were going to wash it. A black car now has micro scratches all over. I shall bring this up with the service manger tomorrow if he rings me or ill be ringing him. Am wondering where i stand on this, As they took the car and got the locking nuts off for free without asking so is that them admitting they where at fault? Also them leaving micro scratches by washing the car without asking me if i wanted it washed or not, can i get them to polish them out?
  9. Brake Pad Warning Light

    I have just bought some new pads from europarts which have a 35% discount going so only costed me £52 for brembo pads and some copper grease. I was going to ask about the sensor as i looked at them and only one had a sensor on, was going to take them back but thought i would ask here and Veneeringman already answered. Ill be fitting them tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
  10. Brake Pad Warning Light

    how can you tell if its the front or rears? would it not be best to replace front and rears at the same time? I know my money is tight atm, but get paid in 2 weeks so if they will last till then, then ill just do front and rears at the same time
  11. Brake Pad Warning Light

    i dont know if the pads have been changed before as i bought the car in jan used. so ill have to find out how thick they are
  12. Brake Pad Warning Light

    My Brake pad warning light just came on, How long till they are useless? They look like they still have around 5-8mm left I dont get paid for 2 more weeks and a bit short on funds, to book it in to get them replaced. Am guessing i can still drive but taking it easy to work and back, its not even a 5mile drive there and back. If the worst comes then i guess ill be walking to work. Also will it be worth changing the discs at the same time?
  13. Black 64 plate. A69

    i have a black 64 plate that i drive along the a69 sometimes it ends with TNF
  14. In 1 week i will be traveling to Felixstowe from Newcastle. I am trying to work out if ill need to stop on the way for fuel and if needs be, where abouts. Ive never done motoway driving in the R, so just looking at what type of range i should roughly get. Its a family trip but will just be me in the car with some luggage as there will be 2 baby sits in parents car. Is it more fuel efficient to use the cruise control or the limiter or just down to my foot?