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  1. How come there was a club stand last year? Do you have to register each year? Looks like a park up in visitors car park then! But annoying when walking round there will be loads of other clubs with TTs Skodas and all sorts of VW group cars as well as GTIs! But no bloody R stand! Can't see why VWROC can't have a stand just register it now Admin??
  2. Why does GTI get all the glory?

    Great replies thank you! Am of an age that loves the heritage hence GTI and 911 my lotto car! But the R is the most awesome car I have ever driven! Pootling along on the commute I forget what it is then I boot it and whoooa! Real world all weather all year round you can not beat it for real money! I would hate to be in a GTI then watch a R pull up at the lights on a damp day! I would regret spending more on less! So glad I got my R! I only just popped my launch cherry after 18k miles but did three on the bounce and one the next day! Like a fairground ride! That’s enough though my car is a keeper and don’t wanna wear her out! Lol! Like it has been said the 7/7.5 will be the last of the breed as mk8 will no doubt have some leccy in it! Cheers guys may catch you at Inters :-)
  3. I love Golf GTI! I had a MK2 big bumper back in the day when they were hot and a MK4 when they were not! I would have had a 40th Anniversary/Clubsport but not when the R was less to buy with more power and AWD!! But I find myself seeing the R as the lesser attention model with special editions of the GTI being made or rumoured such as CS and TCR! Why no fuss with the R? Oh yeah that ole R400 model! Not! IMO the GTI gets the better trim with tartan seats and more body kit but the R gets power and traction but left in the shadows! Thoughts please?
  4. Hi I am traveling some distance and unsure of arrival time so will just go straight to the venue on Saturday. I will be booking on line like last year and they email you tickets and club pass to get let in and directed to your stand. #You just need club password when online booking!? It may just be VWROC! #Any of you enthusiastic R owners know that!? (I am keen R man but simple stock man daily driver not a modder like you younger guys lol).
  5. Hi sorry but what's ASN and nope not me!
  6. To park up together we need to register as a club and a password from Admin when ordering tickets online plus save three quid! Anyone know that?
  7. Hi I will be going on the Saturday travelling down from North Yorkshire as I did last year. Think it's worth parking up as a club as less chance of parking dings on your door and other issues in general car park! Albeit last years club parking was about four cars! Think you just go on line with GTI Inters and register to park together or is there a code? See yous at Inters for club park up!
  8. Tyre life

    14 month old 7R with standard wheels and Bridgestones and 16.5k miles: fronts 4mm rears 5mm! Will see me passed 20k service! Yours Driving Miss Daisy! Lol!
  9. M2 Anyone?

    Coming from the 'm lite' 235i to the R I would say keep the R! M2 looks mean but as a daily they just spin in damp wet conditions. It's the UK and winter is coming you will miss the AWD and think of the extra cost for real world less go!
  10. Not good for the poor guy in house or three in car! Not good example of R driving either! Must be stolen?
  11. Hmm not sure you could live with tippy toeing about in the wet and winters ahead! I know I went from a M235 to the R! Traction is night and day in comparison! Tail out for TopGear not real world (imo). My R is a keeper like others have said where else do you go for price v performance!? The R is a mini GTR/RS6 and the like!
  12. Clunk!

    Was only teasing mate! My first DSG after years of manual cars and don't think I would go back! DSG and R makes the car imo! Hope you get sorted.
  13. Clunk!

    Clutch is quiet quick and effortless in my DSG😂
  14. Golf 7R Videos

    https://youtu.be/FfIROsbwuEM R v GTI v GTD
  15. Tiguan R five pot!?