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  1. Hi may change my mind Has any one taken out the VW extend warranty its abot £30 a month for my car (Main parts ) not the full cover thanks
  2. Hi Thanks for the all the advise and confirm what i really did think so will leave well alone cheers
  3. Hi have done some minor modifications to air box , filter and intake hose and some OBD Eleven software changes. I am think of going for a engine tune upto 380 ish with either tuning box or software. The car has done 55k and i am undecided wether its too many miles / age to now do this it is a DSG Is it worth the risk Cheers
  4. I have done this mod and much better, the delay i used to have was annoying for a car like this
  5. Hi One of my xenom bulbs is playing up so needs changing Has ane change them / taking out the head light Thanks
  6. Beast


    Hi These are on mime Michelin Pilot Sports 4 No regrets
  7. Just fitted mine yesterday very little difference, seem slightly smoother but my original filter had done 39k so did need changing
  8. See photos attached The lower picture shows the intake at the front and i have cut out the vents on the left hand side so the air can go straight in I notice your ExSkoda so am i had a VRS Diesel with DTUK box on it
  9. Hi i have just ordered the VWRacing one which was £58 but did look at the Pipercross one as well. I have already removed the snow grate and opened up the vents to the passenger side
  10. Hi did some coding for DRL dimming with turn signals but now my cornering lights do not work any ideas Just realized that these do not work in eco mode which i have been messing around in for last couple of days
  11. Hi i have a TT intake hose and well worth it. Also modified standard air box by cutting out the right hand side intake vent . removed the snow flake thing. Thinking about panel filter , then pedal box, tuning box etc
  12. Hi just about to do 40k service so will be change the spark plugs. its not mapped so which are the best plugs to use which make are the OEM ones thanks
  13. Hi thanks to Microbe and veneeringman for their help All sorted it was the C7 which i got wrong and should have been C6 Thankks
  14. Hi also note you have pedal box. Is it worth it cheers
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