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  1. It might not do too much but won't do any harm and for £6 won't break the bank so why not?
  2. When I had my MPS4S tyres fitted at Costco they filled them with pure nitrogen as standard but can't say I've noticed any difference. Only issue is if you need to add air/nitrogen to your tyres to maintain pressure or for carrying a load. Since ordinary air is 78% nitrogen I'm not sure its that important to be fair.
  3. Sorry for the confusion, its a Michelin offer not a Costco one. Check your local tyre supplier to see if they are doing the offer before you buy.
  4. For those that don't have access to a Costco card, at "selected" tyre outlets Michelin are doing a £100 Card when you buy 4 19" Michelin tyres. That's a great deal imho
  5. Costco have their £100 off 4 x 19" Michelin tyres from Monday for 3 weeks if you need or want new rubber for your R.
  6. They dont seem to list them on the website but if you ring your local store they will tell you if they have them in stock. In my experience stock levels drop quite quickly when this offer is on so it pays to be quick! When I wanted 4 mps4s recently I could only get 2 at my local store but they had 10 + at another store a bit further away so I was able to get sorted. Hope this helps
  7. Costco have their £100 off 4 19" Michelin tyres offer running for 3 weeks from Monday if anyone is in need of new rubber. Its £50 off a pair.
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