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  1. Must be due soon, bring your results to the next meet!
  2. 40 years as an NHS Microbiologist = Microbe plus my bacteria picture
  3. whats the coding for the Driving mode displayed in cluster when ignition turned on? That sounds good
  4. Football related, I used to live there (Northampton) and went to watch the Cobblers for 10 years
  5. I think you mean Vidman not me! I've yet to have mine done, 66 plate Nov 2016 wagon with 13,000 miles on
  6. That looks bad for the mileage. How much was it at VRS as I'm going up there soon and was thinking about getting mine done. Cheers!
  7. Hi Simon, welcome to the forum. If it's oem parts your after then your local TPS will be your best bet. If you so a search for TPS then you will be able to find your local one. In my experience the on line store is hopeless I've never been able to find an item on their search but if you visit they are really helpful. Good luck!
  8. Ive got 18s but have read that the 19 are either really crashy and hard or not a problem at all so I think the choice is a matter of looks and opinion. Good luck!
  9. +1 for halfords dash cam fitting. I've had the gw312 fitted to.my wife's car and the gw512 front and rear cameras fitted to my R wagon and they did a great job on both occasions.
  10. Or get an obd11 and change it yourself!
  11. Let's hope I don't get to find out😂
  12. But what if, as I did, you purchase the car second hand and don't have the full build specification? I've got the climate screen but did not mention it when getting insurance. Did give reg no though and then the system confirmed the car model etc so Hopi g I'm ok, esp as The Bear says it's so expensive to replace.
  13. No problem, and welcome to the forum! How long have you had your R?
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