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  1. Yes and no in that order! U less you have a gte in which case its yes and maybe
  2. Agreed! But that the case with any high performance car nowadays esp if not new.
  3. +1 for the Alfa Romeo Giulia V6 Bi turbo... a thing of beauty and rare and rapid!!!
  4. Sunroof noise not bad in my experience, unless you have it open. 🤣 Tilted noisier than fully open. I found 19" pret reps with PS4s tyres quieter than my 18" Cadiz with Bridgestone tyres.
  5. Interesting read on delivery lead times, as some of you may be aware I have now left the Golf world and am in Mercedes Land! Folks on the Merc forums are getting 10 to 12 month lead times for factory orders!!! So all in all I don't think you are doing too bad. Enjoy your new R's whenever they arrive and when it all seems a long wait remember some potential owners will be waiting a lot longer than you.
  6. I like a Pano roof. In the estate it's much larger than the hatch so is even better! I had one on my Mk7 and it was faultless in the 4.5 years I had it. Now have one on my AMG CLA 35 Shooting brake and on my wife's A250 hatch so you can see I'm a fan!
  7. As above, the process for applying a ceramic coating is clean, decontaminate, clean again, panel wipe then coat. Afaik
  8. I also had CarPro uk on my R estate and it was very good for 3 of the 4 years I had the car, I recoated it with Exo after 3 years and it was very beady up to the day I traded it. Now got Pyramid Pro coating on my CLA Shooting brake its supposed to last up to 5 years! My detailer recommended Bouncers Done and Dusted Si Edition as a top coat to keep it topped off.
  9. Microbe

    Audi Rs3

    With the price of a reasonably specified mk8 being as it is even the road tax won't be a difference!
  10. You could always send the elite back to Amazon or put it up in the classifieds on here.
  11. Agreed, the dynamic indicators are great, just forgot to remove them from my R before trading it last week, don't suppose anyone wants a set of oem indicators 🤣
  12. No need to wait till spring to fit them Badger, unless you're in hibernation! It only takes 5 to 10 mins a side. I think volkswizzard has a yt video showing how to do it.
  13. Hey mate is the obdeleven still available or is it sold cheers Phil


    1. Microbe


      Its gone I'm afraid 


  14. Gesture control is, imho, a nightmare! The number of times the radio station changed due to the over sensitive gesture control and was really annoying. Not something I would be looking for.
  15. Its an AMG CLA35 Premium Plus in digital white metallic. Its got 19" wheels, panoramic roof, 4 wheel drive, burmeister stereo, adaptive dampers, leather sports seats and the wonderful MBUX system. 0-62 in 4.9 seconds to name a few highlights. Also got real buttons for the A/C controls!! Deal was good, a bit more than the broker but my golf depreciation, waiting fora factory order, cancelled that out so the deal was done.
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