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  1. Microbe

    12v battery low warning

    Me too! The car wouldn't start after 25 mins listening to the radio whilst parked. Had to get a jump start. Nov 16 66 plate with 13,000 miles and garaged every night. Will be ringing VW Monday to investigate.
  2. Microbe

    Ceramic Coatings

    +1 For the Cquartz. Had mine done 18 months ago and regularly top up with reload and it still looks the business and is so easy to wash!
  3. Microbe

    Winter Tyres

    Maybe a case for crossclimates ?
  4. Microbe

    Year 3 service cost

    Does that include haldex service and clean? I'm in Rayleigh so not too far to go
  5. Hi Bob, Just looking into this and I see they do a 57mm out 76 version, do you think that this would work without the sleeving? Cheers
  6. Microbe

    CM Wheels.

    Ah yes....hmmm I found the picture in a whatsapp from ages ago. Yeah there're yours, guilty as charged. Well spotted!
  7. Microbe

    CM Wheels.

    As requested
  8. Microbe

    October 2018 Nav Update

    RGirl, I'm a bit confused as to which unit you have from your post. Nav Pro stores the maps on the internal ssd drive in the glove box unit. This means you can use any reasonable sd card (which can be larger than the VW supplied sd card and thus accommodate the Europe wide maps) to download the maps and on completion of the upload can remove the card and the system just works off of the stored maps. Discover nav uses the map info stored on the VW sd card and you have to use this card only (it has a hidden file that identifies it as a genuine VW card) as the system cannot store the info on the glove box unit. If you remove the sd card the unit will not function as a sat nav. Hope this helps
  9. Microbe

    Disk brake replacement guide

    Can do it with vag com maybe obd11
  10. Microbe

    What did you do to your R today?

    Looks in good nick Dave, worth the trip south.
  11. Microbe

    Radio retrofit

    Have a look around on this forum there are lots of posts 're infotainment units, from what i recall as you have the mute button on the left, Carplay update is not possible. Have a look on eBay they often come up but make sure you get 1 that has component protection removed. Good luck
  12. Microbe

    Radio retrofit

    Ah, sorry didn't know that. Retrofitting the glove box unit is simple, takes a few mins once you know how! The component protection needs to be removed and there may be some coding to do but all doable.
  13. Microbe

    Radio retrofit

    IF you only want/need the Carplay and not voice activation or the jukebox, then you can pay a vw dealer to activate carplay on your unit. This will be about £200, much less than a nav pro replacement unit. The screen upgrade is easy and does not need any coding but you will need a new surround which you can get from TPS for about £110.
  14. Microbe

    Does my 7.5 Have an internet connection

    Ive got a Huawei cigarette lighter powered wifi unit available that will do what you want, PM me if you are interested