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  1. I've got a set of Cades Tora 18" with Michelin Crossclimate tyres which will be in the classifieds as soon as I can take some pictures (they are stored at my mums garage)
  2. Hi Mark,

    A mate of mine had to have his ghost removed when PEX his golf recently. It was fitted in 2017 I believe.

    He has offered it to me but it will need to be refitted to my car which is a Mercedes AMG CLA 35.

    Is this possible and if so what sort of money are we talking?

    Whats the current cost of a new ghost fit the Merc and has it changed at all since 2017?






  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    NIGHT BLUE Metallic - 5 DOOR AUTO DSG - 306BHP 36k MILES ONE OWNER (Not lease / PCP ) DCC / ADAPTIVE SUSPENSION SYSTEM PANORAMIC ROOF 2017 SPEC. ( Frameless Rear view mirror etc ) 18” CADIZ WHEELS ( GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 ASYMETRIC 3 TYRES ) TECH. PACK ( MIB 2, Discover Pro Nav, 8” Screen, Dynaudio, App Connect ) WINTER PACK ( Heated CLOTH seats etc ) 2 ORIGINAL KEYS AUTOWATCH GHOST IMMOBILISER (since new, unsealed master card) GENUINE VOLKSWAGEN ( Fitted from new ) :- BOOT LINER REAR BUMPER PROTECTOR VOLKSWAGEN LOWER ENGINE COVER LOCKWOOD CHROME SILLS ( X 4 ) LONG LIFE OIL / SERVICE INTERVALS ( Additional oil / filter changes at 10k & 30k ) ALWAYS GARAGED ONLY EVER USED VPower / Momentum 99 fuel MOT Exp. 1/12/21 – No Advisories COOLANT UNIT - WATER PUMP / THERMOSTAT ( Replaced under warranty Dec. 2019 / 28,000 MILES ) BOSCH S5 A08 AGM 5 YEAR WARRANTY (Fitted Nov. 2020) WINDSCREEN ( Replaced Nov. 2020 ) DRIVERS SEAT, DOOR SIDE, HIP BOLSTER ( Rebuilt Nov. 2020)


    , Kent - GB

  4. Ah, I thought it might be to do with increasing fuel consumption figures somehow. As you say, doesn't add anything itrw. Annoying 😠
  5. Any idea why they do that? Is it to limit the draw on power by the alternator and thus greater fuel consumption??
  6. Shame it doesn't take longer to fix. Most people will be unable to live without their vwroc fix and will work out how to use the website and solve the Tapatalk problem! Simples!
  7. Correct, you need a VW card to run the nav on the Discover media system but can update the Nav Pro off an ordinary sd card following transfer of files.
  8. Yes and no in that order! U less you have a gte in which case its yes and maybe
  9. Agreed! But that the case with any high performance car nowadays esp if not new.
  10. +1 for the Alfa Romeo Giulia V6 Bi turbo... a thing of beauty and rare and rapid!!!
  11. Sunroof noise not bad in my experience, unless you have it open. 🤣 Tilted noisier than fully open. I found 19" pret reps with PS4s tyres quieter than my 18" Cadiz with Bridgestone tyres.
  12. Interesting read on delivery lead times, as some of you may be aware I have now left the Golf world and am in Mercedes Land! Folks on the Merc forums are getting 10 to 12 month lead times for factory orders!!! So all in all I don't think you are doing too bad. Enjoy your new R's whenever they arrive and when it all seems a long wait remember some potential owners will be waiting a lot longer than you.
  13. I like a Pano roof. In the estate it's much larger than the hatch so is even better! I had one on my Mk7 and it was faultless in the 4.5 years I had it. Now have one on my AMG CLA 35 Shooting brake and on my wife's A250 hatch so you can see I'm a fan!
  14. As above, the process for applying a ceramic coating is clean, decontaminate, clean again, panel wipe then coat. Afaik
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