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  1. Hi Katie and welcome to VWROC Excellent choice of R, did you know there are only about 500 R20s in the UK? Yours looks really good in black with the Akra and black wheels Enjoy!
  2. Less than 500 in the uk in 2022/23 from how many left website so I'd guess that must be a worldwide number.
  3. i have a set of the spinny centre caps on my 20 yrs R. I've had them for 10 months now with no issues at all. They still spin well and look awesome imho They are not cheap, though at around £100 a set
  4. Fabulous motor, great colour and black wheels. Perfect Enjoy
  5. Agree with all the above, go for the newer car. I had a 21 8r and it had some of the well known issues which were largely resolved with software updates and a new steering wheel BUT some cars seem to have persistent problems which are more difficult to live with. My 23 plate R20 has so far been ok. Good luck either way!
  6. Thanks for the feedack Sean I have been using gp1 at romford for a while and this will be my 1st time with the SoS branch.
  7. The radar units are just a firm push fit into a bracket behind the bumper at each rear corner. When I picked up my white 8R I had lots of flashing from the drivers side blindspot indicator after driving across some terribly potholed roads back to where I was staying and when I arrived I noticed something hanging down from the rear drivers side. It was the radar unit that had been dislodged by the crashing about over the poor road surface. I just popped the unit back in place and never had any issues all the time I had it.
  8. Idiots! How was the service? when I saw you there I was booking mine in for August so if it was poor I've got time to rebook elsewhere!
  9. Well Done Sean! Looks great, Im sure you will find it an upgrade from your 7.5 Dealer lowball offer looses a sale again! Enjoy!
  10. Sounds like you gave the R20 a good workout Sean! Shame the gap was so large for the upgrade but you can console yourself that your well spec'd 7.5 is still a great car and continue to enjoy it. As I said, my jump from a mk7 to mk8 was quite significant but the mk7.5 was a really great car so the gap would probably be less. Maybe the 8.5 will be the way forward for you?
  11. Hi Sean, Hope the test drive went well today, any questions about the R20, just let me know and I can show you! Tony
  12. OK so I was driving the car and it started to rattle/ buzz as usual, I cracked the roof open a tiny amount and it stopped! I'll keep an ear on it and if not gone when I have the car serviced in August I'll get them to take a look. Thanks AHG
  13. I don't know, I'll give it a go and report back!
  14. Let us know how you get on, I'm getting mine done with the 1st service in August. It would be good if I could tell them how to fix it!
  15. Mine rattles when closed but not when open!
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