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  1. Great writeup and really interesting for me personally as I am about to make the same transition but with estate versions! My wife has an A250 premium plus and i love the look, interior and ride of the car so know the car a bit. For me, I think the CLA shooting brake is a beautiful car and in AMG35 form its as fast as my R estate but imho a big upgrade especially when looking at the mk8. Biggest problem at the moment is getting one, they are scarce, another plus for me.
  2. Agreed, the only figure that matters is the cost to change, everything else is just smoke and mirrors
  3. Merc AMG CLA35 Shooting brake for me next, as quick as an R and really nice interior plus buttons for the heating!! Oh and it looks fabulous 😍 🤩😘
  4. Time Left: 20 days and 12 hours

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    My late November 2016 registered metallic limestone grey estate with just 22,300 miles on the clock is up for sale. Factory fitted options are DSG Panoramic roof DCC Dynaudio sound system Climate windscreen Advanced telephone prep Rear passenger airbags Heated grey cloth seats Rear camera Car had haldex oil change and filter clean november 2019 Full VW service history - major service and MOT on19th November 2020, 1 minor service prepaid on a transferable plan. Having covered only 22,300 miles I have fitted MIB2.5 Nav Pro with HDD, Voice, speed cameras 9.2" all glass screen (VW OEM) CM wheels 19" Gunmetal grey Pretoria reps with Michelin 235x35x19 tyres with 6mm tread Nitrac black phosphor coated drilled and grooved discs all round with Brembo pads Lockwood chrome sill plates Chrome/ black footrest Blue front footwell lights Carbon fibre mirror caps Progressive indicators. The car was bought at 3 months old and with 1974 miles on the clock. Previous owner was a private individual. It was professionally polished and ceramic coated and is carefully detailed regularly by myself. Its garaged overnight and was recoated in spring 2020 with Gtechnic EXO. The bodywork is in excellent condition with only a few small stone chips on the front of the car as you would expect. Interior is in excellent condition, no marks stains or tears on upholstery. The car is only ever run on V power or Momentum 99 Very reluctant sale but I've just put a deposit down on an AMG35 CLA shooting brake and haven't got room for them both! Thanks for looking


    Rayleigh, Essex - GB

  5. Thats true! Never go far without a microfiber cloth to polish my glass screen 🤣
  6. Resolution is the same but screen much brighter and looks much better imho
  7. No, its just a display screen, no coding or unlock required.
  8. The screen part no is 5G6919605A they are often available on ebay from breakers or upgrades for £120 to £150 dependant on condition. Not sure about the surround, sorry
  9. Ok, you will need the 8" glass screen, the correct surround for your car and a couple of removal keys widely available on ebay for a couple of quid. Then you need to summon all your courage and pull the old surround off! I started at the bottom under the screen. I also found it easier if you can find a metal hook to pull the vents away from the dash, not essential but makes it easier. Its all 1 large piece. The round connector MAY need a little trim to fit but don't go mad. If you disconnect the hazard light switch to remove the trim you will need to clear the airbag warning light. The first couple of times I managed it without disconnecting but its fiddly. OBD11 or VCDS will easily clear the erroneous light. No other coding is required as its just a display screen change. And that's about it as far as I can remember. Good luck!
  10. No functional difference, its just a display unit. The only difference is how it looks. I think you need to get a gti specific surround that will match the rest of your trim, if they do one that is
  11. Go to source for audio and you should see radio/usb/BT and if you've got pro you should have a jukebox option. Its where you can store digital music for playback in the car and also where the sat nav maps are stored.
  12. Yeah due to resolution incompatibility. The 8" glass screen will work with your existing mib2 but as far as am aware not the 9.2" Is your mib2 a pro version? With the onboard jukebox drive?
  13. Pics attached, not sure they show the full brightness and resolution but give an idea
  14. Yeah, your head unit is a mib2 version You will need an upgrade to mib2.5 to run the high res 9.2" screen I'll go down the garage and send a picture of the 9.2" screen in my mk7 R estate
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