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  1. The S2000's seem to have a reputation for swapping ends. Did an airfield track day a few years ago where a S2000 driver spun several times, the track day organiser's instructor took him to a remote area for some 'one on one' private tuition before allowing him back on track!! I also found significant pad wear necessitating new rear pads on the R. (big brake upgrade up front coped ok) I would definitely do Bedford again but would concentrate on moderating my breaking in order to carry more corner speed.
  2. Yes that's correct but I will be doing a trackday using my own R on the full GT circuit.
  3. Yes, thanks for that. Just been checking out past post on here which confirms what you say. Seems that the standard brakes can be wanting so I'm glad I've got Stoptechs, but it's bound to be cold/wet so this might not be relevant! Are there any facilities at the venue for a non driving guests?
  4. First trackday there next week. What can I expect? Any tips? Anyone on here going?
  5. Likewise. Got completely confused trying to update on laptop, so sent CD card to Satnav Systems. Updated to V11 by return of post. About £30. Excellent service.
  6. No logical reason for premature failure. Car rarely used for short runs, stop start usually turned off (when I remember to press the switch), no ancillaries switched on. I guess it's just luck of the draw! After 45 years of vehicle ownership, this is only the second time I can remember a battery letting me down. My Yamaha motorcycle battery gave up after 15 years.
  7. SS100

    Battery dead

    See my post under 'What warranty claims have you made?'
  8. Just had battery replaced under warranty, (Sebang Korean one failed at 19600 miles and just over two years. Dealer - Ipswich VW - fitted new Varta. No ploblems to them they just did it at my request. Waiting on under bonnet insulation to arrive so they can replace that also under warranty.
  9. SS100

    Battery dead

    Mine did exactly that last night. Just arrived home from a reasonably long journey (had no need to turn on heated seats, screen, heater blower or headlights etc.) two hours later starter would not turn engine over. Various warning lights on dash briefly flashed on including ACC symbol. Fortunately on driveway at home so put battery on charge. Quite intrigued to see that the battery was a Korean made SEBANG! I expected to see Bosch or other well known make. Car is just over 2 years old and 19600 miles . Booked in to dealer Friday so I am expecting a new battery but we'll see. Also under bonnet insulation falling away from driver's side, seems to have shrunk! Think that's been mentioned on here before.
  10. Just to skew the poll slightly I am 65. Had the R for 8 months, done two track days and a circuit sprint (9th out of 64 entrants). Previously 18 years of Lotus Elises. and numerous bikes! Loving the R, very accomplished car but doesn't have the involvement of an Elise.
  11. Sounds like my experience on track (not exactly a small car for throwing around). Don't have adjustable traction control, as far as i'm aware, on mine but obviously had it in race mode and I let the auto box change up but I did the down changes on the 'flappy' paddle. Good luck at Oulton (one of the best tracks in the UK). I've got a circuit sprint next in a couple of weeks time, to hone my skills!
  12. Thanks for that. Not quite in a position to do all the mods yet (having just bought the car) but your general advise makes good sense to me.
  13. Nothing been done. Straight out of the showroom. After consideration I think driver training would be money well spent before hardware.
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