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  1. How refreshing to hear that someone wants to upgrade their brakes and handling before wanting more power, definitely the right thing to do. I personally run the Stoptech ST 60 brake kit on track, which I picked up second hand (very expensive brand new!) and a stiffer rear ARB. I only do about 5 or 6 track days a year as I find the R, being a heavy car, is quite heavy on consumables (tyres & brake pads, discs). Being of pension age I can't justify the expence! I used to run a Lotus Elise which could be driven all day on track by me and my wife, and driven back home with very little wear on anything. So in conclusion enjoy your R on track, it is a very capable car, even in standard form, but if you get bitten by the track day bug get a lighter car.
  2. Seriously worth considering jumping ship for, if there are any still available! Leave the soft as plasticine Prets, leaking thermostat housings and two year batteries for someone else eh?
  3. Just had a call back from VW dealership, predictably said not covered by warranty. They said wheel is buckled which caused the crack! This seems fairly unlikely as the wheel is, other than the obvious crack, in perfect condition. I have had from new, less than four years old and 32K miles. As you said VW are happy to supply a new one at £1000 + . Have managed to source an original replacement from an on-line supplier for a fraction of that as I need to use the car every day. Will look to replace whole set in future as I don't trust Prets' (especially doing the odd track day). Did look at CM Pret' replicas which people on here seem to like but the offset seems to be 5mm different to the genuine Prets'. I will check the,apparently buckled, wheel run-out with a DTI when I get back to work.
  4. Yes I appreciate what you are saying but there is no sign of impact damage. I expect, to agree with you, to get nothing from with the dealer. The wheel is in as-new condition with no sign of impact at all. The crack is on the inner rim as you can see from the photo. I would say that this is a manufacturing defect but how can I prove that? My most likely course of action is to buy two replicas and use them on the same axle (so to speak) ie. both on front.
  5. Another cracked pret' here. Just got tyre pressure warning yesterday. Now on spacesaver. Co-incidentally car is booked in for warranty work (leaking thermostat) tomorrow. What is the probability of getting a new pret' under the same extended five year warranty? If not what are my options? New 19" VW pret' via dealer, used one from on line source or new replica?
  6. The car is three years and nine months old. This was service 5, a major service (oil, plugs, air filter ect), it was the final service under a service plan I paid for when I bought the car new so there was no itemized cost for the brake fluid service but it has been marked as done in the service history book. Actually I change the brake fluid frequently myself, before each track day with Motul 600 RBF so the fluid didn't really need changing, it is just the principle of knowing that a full service has been paid for which has not been carried out.
  7. Does anyone know what exactly a "brake fluid service" as performed by a VW main dealer is? I assumed as part of a major service it was draining the old fluid and replenishing with new. I've just got my car back but there is absolutely no sign that any of the bleed nipples have been touched! Maybe the dealership just test fluid in the reservoir and decide it doesn't need doing or I've been shafted. Any thoughts?
  8. I personally believe that the standard (OEM) front brake set up is extremely good for every day road use, in fact I change my Stop Tech back to the OEM ones through the winter months to preserve the life of the expensive big brake kit. I have found that the standard brakes do fade with repeated heavy braking from high speed which you would only encounter (hopefully!) on race tracks.
  9. Stop Tech ST60 big brake kit, Stop Tech 309 pads, HEL braded hoses, Motul 600 fluid and Audi RS3 8V brake ducts is the set up I use for track days, sprints and 'spirited' road driving, gives me epic stopping power with no noticeable fade.
  10. Are you sure this is brake fluid? Looks like engine oil to me!!
  11. Thought a long press was a prerequisite for launch control but I stand to be corrected. (Can't see why or where launch control would ever be used anyway!)
  12. Yup, that's exactly the way I see it, so a one second press of the ESC button it is then.
  13. Yes, I understand what effect ESC has and have experienced how the car reacts with it both engaged and disengaged whilst doing a high performance course at Millbrook Proving Ground but what I could not establish is whether the ESC intervention is reduced by default when in 'race' mode. I would definitely NOT turn ESC off at any time on the public highway (except in ice and snow possibly) and I'm coming round to thinking that it is a good idea not to disable it on a track either.
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