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  1. Hi guys, Having a debate with the brother who's saying that everyone who has a MK7 R are in their 40's plus, and I'm arguing the fact that there are a lot of younger R owners like myself. I am 22 myself, how old is everyone else?
  2. I had one on mine and when it was Stage 2 was hitting 410hp. No bad parts apart from bumper needs to be trimmed slightly inside after re-fitting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Well it was a creaky suspension but was only heard when moving the steering wheel left to right and slow manoeuvres Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I had a BCS res delete and decat fitted together. I wouldn't say it drones like some cheap deletes, but it is certainly loud and especially around 2500-4000rpm you get a tad bit of drone but thats because of the decat making it louder, not the bcs res delete itself
  5. My top mount on mine was creaking and getting louder and louder on the left hand side. Replaced that and all quiet again, but the right hand side is now going as I can hear the same noise going over bumps. So yours may be just as simple as a top mount.
  6. Smile: When I finally got it Stage 2 and was running 11.7s 1/4 mile down Santa Pod and just the sure power it had. And just by how well the car handles even when standard. Cry: When the turbo decided to give up and a mountain of white smoke out the back while doing 140mph, which means I needed a new engine but currently working my way back up to stage 2 with a new Littco L450 turbo
  7. Either V Power or Momentum, depends who's closer when I need to fill up. Wouldn't dream of putting anything lower in.
  8. Wanting to push past 500hp just so I'm in the club haha. Thinking of the Turbo Technic V5.
  9. Hi guys, Need a little more information. I'm getting prepared to go Stage 3 on the R. I am aiming to go 500+HP. What additionals will I need? Besides a big turbo of course. Parts I currently have are Forge Intake and Pipe, Airtec Intercooler and soon to have a BCS Turboback System. Thanks
  10. Turned 17 in 2013 1st Car - 2007 Toyota Aygo 1.0 (Great first car to get used to) 2nd Car - 2010 Citroen DS3 1.4 VTi 3rd Car - 2011 Citroen DS3 Racing 1.6 Turbo (207 bhp!) Was the best car I've ever owned, was close to the Golf I'd say as it was more involving with manual gears and front wheel drive. And the wacky colour scheme, Black and Orange, Loved it! 4th Car - 2014 Mercedes A Class A200 CDI (Thought I'd go with economy and save £££ on fuel costs which made me save enough for...) 5th Car - 2017 Volkswagen Golf R MK7 - Loving this car more and more everyday! Was also my first brand new car.
  11. Any one know if the 7.5R Upper Grill will fit on a MK7? I think the 7.5 one looks nicer.
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