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  1. DYJ150

    Mk7 price

    Thanks for the feedback, I have updated the ad a little bit.
  2. DYJ150

    Mk7 price

    All, Unfortunately the time has come to sell my pride and joy (black golf r 3dr for sale in the classified section). Im just wondering if you think its priced too high? What are your thoughts? Cheers - Would welcome feedback.
  3. DYJ150

    2016 Golf R DSG 21500 Miles

    Time Left: 24 days and 4 hours

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    Unfortunately the time has come to put the car up for sale. I need extra funds for a bigger house for my family. I bought the car in December 2016 (16 plate) after searching high and low for the perfect black, Golf R 3DR. I came across this one and ever since I bought it, I have cherished this car, using the 2 stage cleaning process and always making sure salt is removed and tail pipes are clear of any carbon build up. Details: · 21,500 miles – this will increase as still being used as my daily. · FVWSH, MOT due July 2019 · 19” Pretoria alloy wheels – No kerb marks at all, completely clean. Still on the standard set of tyres with 4mm ish left all round · Sat Nav · Panoramic room · Front and rear HD dash cam (Blackview HD with cloud technology 2 Channel system, parking mode etc etc, wired directly into the fusebox) · Unmarked paintwork · Special one off matte black aluminium paddle shifters · Completely standard car, no modifications whatsoever. · 2 keys · Showroom interior The car looks and drives amazing, with no faults and has not been driven hard (hence the original set of tyres and brakes). Please note that the car is currently on a private registration plate and is in the process of being removed. The private plate is NOT included in the sale. The pictures were taken directly after a wash during a very cold period so its just surface rust on the brake discs. Any questions or queries, please ask. Dave ([email protected])



  4. DYJ150

    Engine oil temp

    Summer 108/110, maximum ive seen is 114 and that was in start/stop traffic (this summer). Usually though its 105/108 for me. I have never really understood why there isnt a water temp gauge....Does the 7.5 have one?
  5. DYJ150

    Aftermarket wing mirror covers

    I've had three sets (all aftermarket 100 quid ones from ebay so no real part number, model etc), they have all delaminated/faded or the clips just snapped on installation. I cant recommend any to be honest, although ive always wanted the OEM ones from ECS tuning but everytime I have tried to buy, they have always been out of stock. As with most things, you get what you pay for. Of course I could be wrong about the OEM ones but I havent heard of any problems.
  6. DYJ150

    Whats surprised you most about the R

    The design of the rear bumper is extremely poor. I am considering connecting a water butt to it..😡 For those that dont have an R, the rear bumper collects water like no other car and leaves horrific water marks ....
  7. DYJ150

    Help heater control panel

    Why will VW not cover it under warranty?
  8. DYJ150


    For information and not to cause another 'whats the point in an R when you are talking MPG', the second leg of my journey I yielded 43MPG over 269 miles (the A/C was off this time). Again mainly very boring motorways and A roads with a shite load of speed cameras and cops. I dont know if this makes any difference (I would like to see actual facts from the OEMs) but I only ever use Tesco Momentum or Shell V Power. I have never used normal fuel and never will under my ownership. I know people are probably just trying to pull my leg but I would never in a million years buy a GTD, equally I cant think of anything worse than getting penalty points on a motorway, so god only knows why people wouldn't try and save some dollars on fuel (providing they were in no rush)?!
  9. DYJ150


    I know you were! I was just in a serious type of mood!!! I just appreciate good engineering !
  10. DYJ150


    !!!..I do use the performance and really enjoy it when I can but when you are on a long motorway journey with a shite load of speed cameras (M1, M25), race mode is pretty useless. The 40 plus MPG over 240 miles is dam impressive, I even had the A/C on 80% of the journey. Apart from the obvious rivals what other car looks this good, has this sort of performance and can achieve this level of fuel economy for the cost? I challenge anyone!!
  11. DYJ150


    This engine does amaze me, 300BHP, 40 plus to the gallon, over 400 miles to the tank...
  12. Please can you inform the group which dealer this was? I have a service next week and im absolutely shitting myself. I too request a FULL inspection of the car and also asked them NOT to clean it! This makes my blood boil seeing shite like this.... Sorry to hear my friend
  13. DYJ150

    Fuel consumption

    I average 38MPG. I do 24 miles a day and its 80% motorway. For this, I do drive it in Eco mode. Whilst it kinda defeats the object of the R, Eco mode is surprisingly good if you aren’t in the mode for booting it (when you lift off the go pedal, the engine basically reverts to neutral). As soon I select race mode and start changing manually, this drops to 34MPG. As soon as you give it the beans and stay in race mode, expect mid to high 20's. The spec, 3dr DSG Mk7, preds.
  14. So sorry to hear your news... What sort of a world do we live in?
  15. the problem is getting the quantity breaks.......you need to order at least 50 sets to get a half decent price (at a manu. cost of 100 thats 5K). and they you need to shift them all!!! The model doesnt work, trust me ive tried!