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  1. looks awful in my opinion...Its far too much like a Seat Leon.....
  2. I think I was quite lucky but I recently sold my golf R for Ā£21,250 privately. The spec is still in the classified but similar to your spec, 3dr, black, DSG, totally stock etc etc... Like I said, personally I think I was very lucky.For a private selling to rock up with 21250 is quite rare (in my experiences).
  3. Honestly I cannot understand your logic here....You have just spent 35K ish on a car and you wont spend an extra 100 quid for way better quality paddles?? Why not buy a Dacia Sandero then? It kinda does exactly the same job...šŸ¤£
  4. For me, these look terrible and really tacky. You are better off buying S2t.
  5. Sorry to hear this...... But in a way, it really does not surprise me....Seriously how hard can it be?!
  6. DYJ150


    Just make sure you get GAP, unfortunately these cars are like magnets to thief's. If they want it, they will get it regardless of security. Personally I wouldn't bother, they also look shit. Its your choice though, if it makes you feel 1% better, its worth it.
  7. Really sorry to hear this but I had exactly the same thing (deep pearl).....People just do not listen/do not understand a clear customer request. VW UK basically told me to F off so I wish you the best of luck.....You will only be able to claim if: 1) You have an amazing dealer who actually wants to help you and isnt bothered about there end of month figures(as such) 2) You have clear evidence to suggest that your car was immaculate before it went into the dealership. The dealership usually take photos but if it was dirty, you might have trouble showing it. The salesmen at my local dealership are like robots, binary almost....... Good luck
  8. Your talking utter rubbish there mate.... It cant be a matter of course as my other 2 services at two different VW dealers had the dash cam connected. What makes you think its a 'matter of course'? Explain yourself! Cameras monitor the world 24 hours a day...Its a fact of life unless you live in a cave.
  9. OK - I was pointing out in some poor joke that most VW dealers are frankly useless and really care about your care....My car came back with the following: Scratched pred wheel tons of swirl marks after a shit wash oil on the steering wheel dash cam had been disconnected Dealership took no responsibility whatsover.. Basically ive very bitter about the whole thing.....
  10. I was kinda jokingšŸ¤£
  11. Well I know the first service on an M4 (running in service can range from 300-425 quid). My boss has one, then you most probably will be servicing it again in the same year (depending on mileage). His bill was 500 for his first(I suppose second) service so...... In total on an M4, you are looking at approx. 900 quid for service(s) in the first year. 149 is a total bargain and to be honest im surprised its that cheap especially for a main dealer. Bite his hand off and get it done... PS VW dealers literally dont know their ass from their elbows so make sure they torque the sump plug ! šŸ˜€
  12. I am quite astonished you think 149 quid is a lot for a high performance engine? Compare this against an M4 or M2 and trust me, its a bargain.
  13. Yeah i have seen that one too! I seem to remember it was orange? Ive driven a few S2000's and I can honestly say, that engine is like no other I have ever driven...OK its not the fastest car but by hell does it make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!
  14. S2000 dirt cheap? Have a look and you might change your mind at that comment! Prices have rocketted in recent years.
  15. Thanks for the feedback, I have updated the ad a little bit.
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