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  1. Mine is doing exactly the same, only under cruise control and as it stops from low speed.
  2. Personally I found the drive the deal dealer better than my local. Don't think I'd bother to get a local price if/when I do it again. Makes zero difference once you have the car anyhow
  3. Yeah mine doesn't show my service, but the book is stamped. 7.5
  4. Mine wakes up when the car in front moved, but maybe only more recent models?
  5. I had mine fixed by the dealer. Wasn't slightly ajar as you describe, but required opening manually, normaly with a credit card. WD40 was only temporary
  6. I imagine most people wait for the oil to warm up before flooring it. Otherwise I switch to race mode whilst moving and can't imagine it does any harm.
  7. It saved me from a prang once. Also had the crisp packet false alarm and a few from sharp corners. Think I'd keep it given the choice
  8. The 7.5 exhaust has not got fake tips, all are used and there are no valves.
  9. I've had the car for a year now and for the first time tried to get good mpg. Over 150 miles, a few towns but mostly 60mph I managed to get to 45. I reckon 46 is possible but I was falling asleep with boredom. I had air con off, but have and music on.
  10. I did wonder how auto hold will behave if you manage a quick lock up..
  11. Exactly, I didn't realise how well trained my right foot had become, thought I was breaking gently and it was more like an emergency stop..
  12. After never using my left foot to brake a car before I found stopping the car with my left foot to be an experience... Best to stop first with right foot
  13. I have to say in my 7.5 I have put it in manual twice just to try and ended up thinking it doesn't really add anything I need. Literally the only gain from manual is the ability to drop down gears in advance, but the car is so fast it would never be the difference between an overtake or not.
  14. Although I hear it will launch with TC one short press, I believe the instructions are a long press till it's completely off. Also surely you would launch in auto, never tried in manual. Foot on brake and other on accelerator, it should hold good revs.
  15. Are they too high when dipped? Saying that I had to adjust mine up as factory settings angled them so low I couldn't see very far in front at all. Never been flashed.
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