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  1. PraggersK


    Don't VRS use the maps from MRC? So you get a custom map any way? My Stage 3 is MRC and I'd really recommend them - nothing against the other two though.
  2. PraggersK

    Anyone using MST Turbo pipe

    I had the MST hose and elbow. Both fine and really great quality.
  3. Any one around Manchester want to meet up and hear my BCS decat and powervalve (on my Stage 3) in the flesh just give me a shout.
  4. PraggersK

    Working under car.

    I have a low jack, a regular jack and x4 3 ton axel stands (from my old series land rover days). Even now, there are certain jobs where I just whip out some wooden ramps I put together myself. (Similar to the one in the pic.) Easy to make and store and are a literal 2 min job. Proven very useful when putting on / taking off things like JB4 on my friends cars or fixing on my rear diffuser. Even have some smaller ones for the back when doing an oil change so the car is level.
  5. PraggersK

    Turbo inlet & R600

    If you're on the facebook group I'm selling an elbow and intake pipe along with a muffler delete and DVX
  6. PraggersK

    Must have mods

    What you've listed there is the best bang for buck before going stage 2. Pedal box and a JB are excellent together but don't buy a JB4 and keep it on Map 1! Get it on a custom Map 6 - really worth it and no down side!
  7. PraggersK

    At what power?

    To go back to your original point and I'd say Stage 3 is totally fine for a daily. My Stage 3 7.5 is now on 20k miles. Over 5k in the last few months as a Stage 3 car. Brakes are possibly the weakest link due to fade from scrubbing the power but I've only upgraded to the Clubsport discs, yellow pads and braided lines. Whilst the car is very quick it does handle all the power without ever becoming unsettled. Smash the accelerator and traction control steps in - so it's usually off. With it off, it squirrels a bit as the power goes to the rear (if it's wet) and just goes... and goes... and goes.
  8. I fit my own using the fixing kit. Really easy to do - weighing it down accurately can be a bit harder - tape helps here! Do it some where nice and dry and leave it time to cure properly. I can grab the spoiler and shake the whole car. On good and strong.
  9. 22mm apr one here. Noticeable difference and probably worth doing. Car is flatter and rear is more lively to help rotate the car.
  10. PraggersK

    My 7.5 DSG

    I have some wooden ramps I drive the car onto. Bar the cable going through the firewall yeah it really is 10 mins. Drill and T20 bit make short work of the 8 undertray screws.
  11. PraggersK

    My 7.5 DSG

    I was JB4 on custom map 6 within a day - how the car should have come from the factory! I found the car terrible without. It felt broken! Map 6 was great but I always intended to go straight to stage 3. Bought bits cheap / on offer over my first year where I could and got it done. Unfortnately Man Maths is always the killer. If you go back and have a new map its another 600-900 quid so why not just go stage 3 now?! Ha ha. It only Stage 2 with a turbo and HPFP! Stage 3 now and really happy with the power. Not chasing numbers just after a really entertaining drive which for me is exactly what I've now got.
  12. PraggersK

    My 7.5 DSG

    For the money I wouldn't bother about the Akro, I'd save myself a pretty penny and get a BCS powervalve. Sounds better plus boost valved so you get the best of both worlds. Is there a reason you only want to go Stage 1 not 2? If it's just Stage 1 with no intention of going further I'd stick with a JB4. Near enough the same performance, keep your warranty as its on and off in 10 mins and can always sell it on.
  13. PraggersK

    Accident today...

    Get on 101. It's def police matter as it's a fail to stop. Should be dealing with it a damn sight quicker than 10 days! He could have his fixed by then and there goes your evidence!