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  1. When I bought my V5 from VRS last year we were talking about possibly going V6 but that would have required forged parts which was a step too far for me.
  2. I had one of these on my 17 plate 7.5 R, will fit both models, and it sounded brilliant! I really miss having one
  3. The TTV6 is already out and available to buy from what I understand. You want to speak to the guys at MRC or VRS in the UK.
  4. I'd really recommend the GFB DVX. It's adjustable for how much is recirculated or vented to atmosphere giving the psshhh sound. I had one full open and it sounded brilliant. Best of both worlds for me!
  5. 225 - no protection at all 235 - rim slightly exposed I'm going to go 245 next and see if that is at least inline.
  6. SpursMad... I went for the Dogbone and the subframe mount and after 9 months having them I can honestly say they were an excellent addition and I don't regret it. Cold start in neutral gives some vibration - no more than a diesel say and then after pulling away I'd say most would be hard pushed to feel a vibration difference unless you really looked for it. Ever gear change has a difference though and the engine feels 'part' of the car now instead of just balanced on it like it did previously. Driving an R stock now feels like the engine is lunging around the engine bay. Unnerving when you go back.
  7. Welcome! You ordered your JB4 and pedal box yet? 😅
  8. A JB4 is very close to a Stage 1 in terms of power and is removable and will always sell on easily for good money. To me it's a no-brainer to go the JB4 route and keep your warranty just in case. I put a JB4 on the day after I bought my 7.5 (and 800 miles) and it made a hell of a difference. Couple it with a pedal box and it just transforms the car. Can't recommend enough.
  9. I'm interested in this mod too but the DCC is so very capable and comfortable when you want it. It really adds a sense of class to the car and I'm very, very wary of altering it as I've been out in a number of dropped cars which now just feel terrible. Probably great on the track but not for me. I don't think the stock set up on the non-DCC cars is all that great tho tbh. Horses for courses I know. I did 4k mile roadtrip to Italy a year ago and am doing 3k mile roadtrip to Sweden this year. Whilst I want a drop in ride height I've not felt something yet that I could tolerate over that distance and those roads. I'm hoping someone has some excellent suggestions and can give some life experience of what they have.
  10. I have a Stage 3 R 7.5 and its brilliant. Boost comes on so low and just pulls hard all the way to the next gear change. Bangs that out of the way then just carries on going! I'd really, really recommend it to anyone. Find someone with one and see for yourself!
  11. The grills don't fit and remove in the same way from my experience. The mk7 tilts and lifts up and out but the mk7.5 pulls directly forward. Caused me a right nightmare when I changed my intercooler!
  12. I love the digital display. When using the Nav the central unit shows an overview of the map whilst the digital dash zooms in for all the little details and clues as to which lane to be in. Its a really clever system thats been useful many times in new towns and cities.
  13. I dont have a link sorry and its against the forum rules I think. On Facebook search for 'UK mk7 golf r owners club'.
  14. If you're on the Facebook R group, I have one on there
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