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  1. I love the digital display. When using the Nav the central unit shows an overview of the map whilst the digital dash zooms in for all the little details and clues as to which lane to be in. Its a really clever system thats been useful many times in new towns and cities.
  2. I dont have a link sorry and its against the forum rules I think. On Facebook search for 'UK mk7 golf r owners club'.
  3. If you're on the Facebook R group, I have one on there
  4. Yes but nothing silly then it settles back down. Keep it in D and its OEM+. Put it is S add some boost and it goes nuts!
  5. I mean if you just reply a few times to each other you will soon reach your 25 posts. Is it silver. Very Is it metal Yes Is it loud? Sometimes ...etc
  6. Stage 3 here with BCS downpipe and full exhaust. Unbelievable build quality and service with an exhaust that's sensible when needed and a beast when you want. No drone at all and motorway driving becomes civilised again.
  7. Or just keep replying to each other on here? 🤣
  8. Good choice! I have BCS downpipe and full exhaust on my Stage 3. It's just incredible! Sounds amazing and the quality is second to none.
  9. I had a res delete and yes they drone, they're going to. It's just how much you can tolerate which is the deciding factor. My 7.5 wouldn't drone at under 3k revs so if doing 70 mph then it's fine but 85 would start to drone. The BCS has another chamber on the pipe to help reduce the unwanted drone. Get in touch with them at BCS if you're interested, they're fab guys and really knowledgeable! I got my full exhaust system from them and it's just incredible.
  10. I'm Stage 3 with MRC and I still use my pedal box. I wouldn't be without it!
  11. I went Wagner because it's the one the tuners recommend and I wanted to go Stage 3 so was a no brainer. I fit it myself even though I've never done anything like that before. Took me 4/5 hours so a garage should do it in 3/4.
  12. Don't VRS use the maps from MRC? So you get a custom map any way? My Stage 3 is MRC and I'd really recommend them - nothing against the other two though.
  13. I had the MST hose and elbow. Both fine and really great quality.
  14. Any one around Manchester want to meet up and hear my BCS decat and powervalve (on my Stage 3) in the flesh just give me a shout.
  15. I have a low jack, a regular jack and x4 3 ton axel stands (from my old series land rover days). Even now, there are certain jobs where I just whip out some wooden ramps I put together myself. (Similar to the one in the pic.) Easy to make and store and are a literal 2 min job. Proven very useful when putting on / taking off things like JB4 on my friends cars or fixing on my rear diffuser. Even have some smaller ones for the back when doing an oil change so the car is level.
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