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  1. Maybe there is I don't know, it is the only thing I don't like about the RS3. It is the worst DCT I have tried by far, sometimes it behaves like old SMG and F1 single cluth gearboxes from years ago.
  2. I traded my Golf R for a PFL RS3 and the Audi for me feels is in a totally different league, at least in a emotional level, the engine sound is so exciting and I feel in something trully special, the Golf just felt like a fast Golf, nothing else. The only thing better on the Golf for me was the gearbox, the RS3 DSG is not smooth at all, it is much worse. I also like the handling and steering on my RS3 better, mine has the RS fixed dumpers and the front feels sharper and more direct, and also with much less roll that the Golf. Feels much sportier and aggressive.
  3. mz21

    RS3 8P

    you won't feel the heavy front/understeer on the road... I've just changed from R to RS3 and the RS3 corners perfectly, it isn't a car for the track but perfectly set up for the road and it's limits are so high.
  4. I really really want to change my G7R for a PFL RS3, but the PFL RS3 are holding the values so well, even after the FL release that I cannot justify the price unfortunately.
  5. I'm pretty sure you are getting the new A45 AMG next year then, it will have everything that you mentioned. I drove the FL A45 several times and altough it is much more exciting than the Golf it didn't felt any faster to me, the RS3 that I drove in the other hand felt significantly stronger than my Golf R. A big friend of mine owns a FL A45 and drove a BMW M4 for sometime and didn't enjoyed the BMW as much as the Mercedes, I found it strange but I see you feel the same way about the M3.
  6. You sold the A45? How do you compare it with the RS3?
  7. Regarding the 8V is there a difference?
  8. How is the fuel economy on the RS3? I'm almost closing the deal with a RS3 but since the Golf R is my daily and I do 20k miles per year the mpg is definitely something to consider, in the Golf I average 25,5 mpg.
  9. I had the OEM Golf R resonator delete for 7 months and yesterday I installed the BCS Drone cancellation resonator delete, I didn't do a lot of klms, maybe not enough to test it but tbh I didn't feel much of a difference. Still sounds very good and agressive when going for it, but still a bit loud when cruising. Maybe I need to test it more in different scenarios.
  10. I'm installing the BCS tomorrow and can report back
  11. it only depends at what speed you usually cruise, if it is <130 kph there is no problem with drone. the res delete makes the car sound pretty agressive, so I personally prefer some drone with a good sound rather than no drone and no sound (stock exhaust), if I wanted no sound I would have bought a diesel instead and would save a lot of money in fuel. Don't think the res delete is a bad mod, for the price it is a great mod, just not perfect.
  12. at 100 kph for sure you are going to be ok, problem is in the 130-160 kph range.
  13. I will let you know, I don't believe it will remove the drone completely.
  14. I just ordered a BCS res delete too because of this, the drone currently is exactly on my cruising speed aswell, I hope it solves it!
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