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  1. I love his comment about the plastic surround to the AID/digital dash on the 7.5... "..nothing special, but it does not make you puke....now lets go and have a look at the mark 8.". This is the first video I have seen of internal shots filmed on a bright sunny day and, Jeez, you can barely see the display for all the reflections from that horrible shiny piano black plastic! Same from the other central (touchscreen) display too. Why do they do that? I like the dash of my mate's new A35 (ultra high res displays) but Merc have gone a bit mad with the shiny black plastic too! I don't think the R is going to be any different btw...
  2. I don't think you'll find any pitfalls Neil. I have one piece of advice for your online searching. Whatever else you do, try LV. I have been with Aviva for about 5 years (2 car multicar cover) and thought/assumed that the price was reasonable. It has crept up over those 5 years (about £20-30 per yr iirc), but last week the annual renewal came through at £96 more than last year! I had heard lots of good things about LV (on here and elsewhere) so decided to give them a try. I spent about 20 mins on their web site (which is very good btw) and couldn't quite believe my eyes when the quote popped up at the end: £312 less than Aviva for exactly the same cover! (£434 vs £746). Definitely the most productive 20 mins I have spent during lock-down! Just shows what a lottery car insurance can be. I think you get 'taken for granted' after a few years with one company (the same happened to me with Direct Line prior to Aviva), so shopping around at renewal time is worth doing whatever type of policy you have...
  3. +1 for Midland VW. A mate has his GTI serviced there and is very happy with them. I know they do a complete range of tuning services, as well as general servicing. Have you already discounted AP Automotive in Telford? I don't know anything about them, but they seem to do what you want doing.
  4. I do sympathise, as this "DCC business" confused the hell out of me when I was speccing my R back in 2017. I created a thread "DCC clarity" which you might want to have a look back at. As explained by Bec, DCC adds a comfort mode (viewed as essential by some [but not all] who drive on bumpy roads) but the main point about it (for me) was that it is "always on". In other words, really just VW's implementation of adaptive dampers. To quote Mat Watson (from Carwow) when recently reviewing the 2019 Audi TTRS, "the [optional] adaptive dampers tend to make the soft setting softer and the hard setting harder". A good summing up I think. I think most people take a bit of time deciding how the configure the Individual driving mode setting and then forget about it...
  5. You are right Greg, I think we all do that to some extent. My excuse is that I know a lot more about the 718 Cayman than the 911, as it is a car I could potentially afford. One day! 😏. Fair play to Porsche for bucking the trend (with the new Cayman/Boxster at least) but I agree that it is only a matter of time for the manual. The manual gearbox you find in VWs and Audis is "OK" but it is not the best by a long way. No better really than a mid-priced Ford Focus, so I can understand the preference for the DSG / s-tronic. In contrast, the short-throw manual gearbox in the Cayman is an absolute thing of beauty and I would defy any driving enthusiast not to enjoy using it. Best since the one in the Honda S2000 imo, and that's saying something. Incidentally, Porsche's PDK is also meant to be one of the best dual-clutch gearboxes around (better than the DSG?) but that is another discussion!
  6. Do they? The very track focused Cayman 718 GT4 has always been a 6 speed manual (PDK never offered) and the brand new Cayman 718 GTS 4.0 is also a 6 speed manual at launch (same gearbox I think). Maybe the PDK auto box will be offered as an option on the new GTS (as it was on the previous 2.5L GTS) at some point in the future, but for now it is very much a manual. All the other German manufacturers may have given up on the manual box, but not Porsche.
  7. Yep, really-difficult-to-impossible, depending what your "other requirements" are. The absence of an optional extra is never a "deal-breaker" imo, and dcc is no different. You just have to try a car with it (when restrictions ease), although that will almost certainly be in a DSG car, which will feel strange if you have never driven one. You are presumably aware of the "clutch issue" with the manual car? It is another quite contentious issue, but some owners (very difficult to get an accurate figure for %) have experienced slip at ridiculously low mileages (less than 15k), so definitely something to test out properly on any test driven if you get close to buying a manual. And even if it feels Ok, check with the dealer to see if replacement clutch would be covered under the manufacturers warranty (if car less than 3 years old) or their own 12 month dealer warranty. That's assuming you buy from a dealer, of course. I have heard of some trying to call it normal wear and tear. Just something to be aware of. Overall they are great cars and fairly bullet proof. Good luck with your search.
  8. Did Reflex Silver get discontinued completely, or was that just for the R? I see that it is available (as a £625 option) on the new mk 8 Golf R-line (and probably the lesser trims too?), so I wonder if it will also be available for the GTI and/or the R? As has been said, the R in particular will need 'something' to lift it. I think they can keep the Lime Yellow metallic...😏 https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/new/golf-8/which-model-compare/details/30300-r-line#wheels-paint
  9. Suggest waiting to see what colours are offered on the mk8 R. Maybe VW will spring a surprise or two?
  10. PhilC22

    speed camera

    I see that there is a detailed installation guide on the SCDB website. Which part of the procedure didn't work exactly?
  11. Don't hold your breath Jake. More than likely it will increase at renewal time, just a question of by how much. Pressures in the big wide world will more than likely outweigh any small benefit of your one additional year NCD. Twenty four years old (main driver) and driving a Golf R living in Essex, you are going to get clobbered I'm afraid.
  12. In Auto Express this week too: VW man as driver, journo as passenger. I do like AE, but some of their stuff is a bit puzzling. Last week they did a "Top 10 hot hatches" and neither the Golf GTI nor the Golf R was anywhere to be seen! (The Civic Type R was rated #1 by the way). The UP! GTI made an appearance at number 9 and the Polo GTI got an 'honourable mention'. This week, the Golf GTI is on the from page with the tag line "On track with 2020's must-have hot hatch". Go figure.. The big "new thing" with the GTI seem to be this "integrated electronics" feature that will obviously also be present in the R. It sounds like the handling is significantly improved ("under-steer seems to have been all but eliminated") but we'll have to see. There is also a GTI Clubsport to come later apparently.
  13. I bet! Nice work. Its a good job you maintained your concentration whilst getting tired as claying the car with a bacon butty doesn't seem to work quite as well 😕. Impressive work on those awful exhaust tips. About as good as anyone could do probably. Can never understand people letting them into that state as 10 mins per week avoids all that damage and discolouration. Another warm sunny day today, so hope you've got a bit of shade!
  14. Not sure it is irrational. I can think of plenty of perfectly rational reasons for hating them, especially the huge ones. No, the performance estate is the smart choice for anyone (with a love of cars) wishing to lug around wife, kids, dogs, camping kit etc. And have loads of fun when you just have the dog..
  15. I think it's a bit simpler than that. The dealer either offers a warranty or he doesn't. I assume that this guy doesn't. I know from a mate who works at a local merc dealerships that "adding a warranty" to a car they have received as a p/x (i.e. if they are keeping it to sell) involves a lot of time and money, which puts pressure on the selling margin. Sure, they add that cost on to the price of the car, but there will be a ceiling price. This is how reputable dealers work, because they are offering a written assurance that (a) the risk of something expensive going bang within 12 months is very low (due to all their checks and fixes) and (b) that if something major does go bang then they will repair it at their own expense. If you buy a second-hand car without a warranty (whether privately or from a chap like in the video) then it is simply a case of 'buyer beware', and you have no legal come-back whatsoever. As a car dealer / businessman, you simply can't be entering into "discussions" and "coming to [unofficial] amicable arrangements" with every disgruntled customer who rings demanding a contribution to the cost of getting his/her car repaired (which could be £thousands) when they have absolutely no right to expect it. As I said, he is either running a business or a charity. He is presumably trying to keep his costs down by not offering a warranty, then blowing all the savings made on 10 or more cars when someone rings to say that their engine has seized. And from the buyers point of view, who buys a car without a warranty and thinks "oh well, if the engine blows up on my way home, I'll just give that nice guy a ring and see how it goes".
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