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  1. The ones that the Halfords' fitters use (presumably for sale individually in store) work fine. What camera have you got? Their £30 fitting fee (takes a tech about 30 mins) includes the cost of the hard wiring kit, so its just not worth fiddling with at that price. I have had 3 fitted over the last few years and the service has always been very good.
  2. I will check out the video later, but "midnight ceremony at the VW Dealer" sounds just plain weird. My imagination is running riot 😂
  3. Its the new VW conspiracy: engineer a high background noise to cover up all the little rattles and squeaks 😂. Seriously though, I'm glad to hear you have improved it significantly, even if it is still "not right". I guess you could get some of your money back by selling the 19 inch wheels and tyres..
  4. As you are changing the wheel size and (I think) the tyre type in one go you won't really know which one has led to the improvement, assuming there is any. However, as long as you get to a point where you are happy / happier with the car, then you probably won't be too bothered, but my money would be on the tyres. It will be interesting to hear what you find. In response the Sheabo's comment, when motoring journalists suggest speccing 18 inch wheels on non-DCC car, they are always talking about the ride quality, not the level of background noise inside the cabin. In summary, there is either something wrong with your car that you haven't yet discovered (i.e. it should have been OK on 19's) or there really is a design and/or manufacturing issue with all WLTP cars...
  5. There is a sense that this is all getting a bit out of hand, especially at a time when we are all being encouraged to go hybrid or full EV. 420 bhp and pushing £60k for a well specced hot hatch, ‘hyper-hatch’ whatever? They have lost the plot. And rumour has it that the new RS3 will have even more power, so the “arms race” continues. They are becoming monsters and the true spirit of the hot hatch is being lost.
  6. Probably right decision. Sometimes you just have to take the hit and move on, however painful. Although the stories of two owners is far from conclusive, something seems to have changed with the post WLTP cars and is it not for the better. I doubt anyone on here is going to want to buy yours, given all in this thread, so trade in may be your best bet if you are in 'get-rid mode'. The BMW dealer isn't even going to test drive it. To him, it is just a 2019 Golf R with 4 k miles. What will you be getting instead? According to recent reviews, BMW seem to have sorted most of the problems with the 1 series, but I am guessing that you may not want to take another big depreciation hit on another new car?
  7. Don't know for sure, but I would guess around 1.5L. The owner's manual probably talks about adding oil in 0.5L amounts and waiting 2 mins after each add before re-checking with the dipstick. The key thing is not to overfill beyond the 'max' point, so best to take your time. And yes, the rise in level should be linear.
  8. They key question, as others have intimated, is what tyres are you running? Personally, I think this is much more likely to be the (main) cause, rather than 19 inch wheels or lack of DCC. Also, I think we are all assuming that you have a hatchback, but your original post didn't say.
  9. Feel for you. Very disappointing (to say the least) in such an expensive car. To take your possible causes one by one.. 1. No "might" about it. Never heard anyone complain like this about a hatch. Definitely an estate issue. Rear end mechanicals? 2. Maybe (I can't recall seeing such complaints previously), but what have VW changed of any significance? 3. I doubt it. No evidence in this thread (or anywhere else to my knowledge) that lack of DCC (in itself) contributes to continuous road/cabin noise*. 4. Marginal imo*. Certainly wouldn't account for your serious noise issue on its own. 5. Probably, but again not sufficient in itself. 6. Again marginal. * I had a 2017 manual hatch with no DCC, 19 inch prets and p-zero tyres. Ok, the ride was a little firm (fine for me though) but I had absolutely no problem with intrusive cabin noise. Btw, I had the soundaktor on default setting as I am one of the few who doesn't mind the fake noises. Before buying the car I had an extended test drive in a hatch with 18 inch Cadiz wheels and pretty terrible (but new) Bridgestone Potenza tyres and even then the cabin noise was perfectly acceptable. And the roads in my neck of the woods are pretty terrible, by the way.. In summary, the only thing you can be sure of is that this is an estate issue. Everything else is an educated guess. You may just be unlucky and have a particular combination of these various factors ("perfect storm") that are somehow acting together to produce a resonance (obviously starting with the wheels/tyres) that is being transmitted (by unknown mechanism) into the cabin. I would take it back to the dealer and arrange for a senior tech to come out with you so you can demonstrate (and record) the problem. If you can't hold a normal conversation over slightly bumpy road surfaces then they will have to accept that something is badly wrong. It is a bit worrying that other estate owners have chipped in with similar experiences (albeit mostly on non-UK cars) as this suggests that it may be a design issue rather than a one-off fault with your car. Anyway, good luck in getting it sorted out.
  10. Not good news, obviously, but at least you now know what you are dealing with. And you most definitely have the right attitude. Good luck and best wishes.
  11. Just seen this thread too. Sorry to hear of your problem, but glad to hear that you are keeping your chin up. Not surprising as you seem to be a very positive sort of guy. The blood transfusion should certainly help with your symptoms but, as you have said, the effect is temporary so the sooner they can start treating the root cause the better. Do keep us updated. And good luck 🤞
  12. Now seems to be confirmed, so the new R will presumably follow the same basic setup + extra tweak of the engine + 4WD? https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-volkswagen-golf-gti-2020-hot-hatch-seen-first-time
  13. A quick Google answers nearly every question.. 😉 This bloke managed it with a focus hatchback, so an R estate shouldn't be a big problem. He put the passenger seat fully back and used the headrest as a support. Personally I wouldn't want to transport that more than a couple of miles or so, as you won't be able see much out of the passenger side window. And you'd need plenty of padding around the boxes to make sure that they can't slide forward if you have to brake suddenly.
  14. PhilC22


    Agree. Philip Glenister was very good (with Ant Antstead) in ‘For the love of cars’, which was shown on Ch4 in 2014-15. As for the new TG, it is certainly much better than Evans/Matt/Rory (could it be any worse?) but Chris Harris is still very ‘wooden’. He may be a good driver, but he is no TV presenter. At the moment his main purpose seems to be to provide someone for Paddy and Freddie to take the p*ss out of. If he had been available (?), Jason Plato would have been a much better choice as the ‘professional car guy’. He is a better driver than Harris and has a wealth of ‘car TV’ presenting experience. And he would have been able to hold his own with Freddie and Paddy in the lad humour stakes… P.S. That Tesla leaving the M3 and the C63 for dead off the line was a bit of an eye opener...
  15. Yeah Grant, you've obviously got WifeAssist 1, which is known to be problematic occasionally, a quite unpredictable. As mentioned above, I would skip WifeAssist 2 if I were you. It looks very tempting visually, but is memory hungry and will consume your basic resources at a rapid rate of knots. The good news is that WifeAssist 3 has just been launched. For obvious reasons it is not backward compatible with previous versions of WifeAssist and requires all trace of them to be completely removed from your system before it will install. It will also stop working completely if you ever mention WifeAsist 1 (or 2) ever again. The good news is that the new version is meant to be able to correctly interpret hand gestures and facial expressions, although this is really only in beta testing at the moment. I have to say that I am not overly optimistic about this new feature as the developers have had serious problems with simple voice control to date. Will keep you posted.
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