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  1. Wow, this is an odd one. I agree with you. The guy didn't lie - not to his insurance company at least - he simply did something that was outside the conditions of his insurance. A bit like using your car for business use when you are only covered for social use. As I understand it, Article 75 picks up things that are not specifically mentioned in the RTA as reasons whereby an insurance company may avoid liability for their policyholder's costs. One of these "other things" is failure to disclose a relevant fact (e.g. a drink drive ban) - or a 'significant' modification. As stressed above by several people, even if they apply (to court) for "Article 75 status" they still cannot avoid the full third party costs if an innocent party was involved in the accident (i.e. you). I am pretty sure (someone will correct me if I'm wrong!) that this third party liability covers your personal injury and repair to your car (and any other damaged property), so your insurance company is right to pursue them. http://www.adduce-services.co.uk/tl_files/Adduce/Uninsured Driving Article.pdf
  2. PhilC22

    ceramic coating

    I had my R done professionally using Gtechniq CSL + water repellent top coat. 2 day job and about 12 man-hrs work iirc. He did a very good job, but it was tres expensive, so I decided on a DIY approach when I got my TT. I used Gtechniq C2V3 (about £35 a bottle iirc, and I only used about a third of the 500ml contents) and am very pleased with it 9 months on. You have to do quite a lot of prep (can provide details if you are interested) but I did the whole thing in one afternoon. It is very easy to apply. Just spray on to a mf cloth and wipe each panel in turn. Leave about 10 mins and buff off. You can apply a second coat if you want, but it is not essential. It may not technically be a ceramic coating (?), but it seems to work just as good. You just have to pick a nice calm cloudy day.
  3. The key question that has not so far been answered is .. What did your service plan state should happen at the first (10k) service? Unless you know that how can you check that what they have done is correct? Common sense dictates that it should include an oil change, but I'm not familiar with this '2 year pack' as I have generally opted for the flexible 4 year plan (or whatever its called) where the first service is at 2 years/20k miles. Your "invoice" doesn't seem to be worth much, given that there were only two items listed and they didn't actually perform one of them! As others have said, sometimes there is no substitute to just ringing them up.
  4. That would make sense as lacquer wouldn't/shouldn't peel off like that if it had been applied properly. I wonder if the OP has the previous owners details (doubtful these days I guess) as he might not get much useful information out of the selling dealer.. Regarding the manufacturer warranty, the paint warranty (covering "manufacturing defects in the paintwork") only runs for 3 years from registration. The 'body protection warranty' runs for 12 years, but refers specifically to corrosion damage.
  5. As a P.S, it is very annoying that VW and Audi only manage a 3 year warranty when companies like Kia can offer 7 years. Pathetic really.
  6. I don't think so. It only covers "electrical and mechanical factory fitted components", and bodywork is specifically excluded. https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/warranty/used-car "Good will" and all that is a separate issue. It may have been covered under the manufacturer's warranty but that has expired if its a 2015 car. Will be interesting to see if the OP can get some better pics. Protective film doesn't come off in that way, but it would also be a bit unusual for a sprayed-on lacquer to come off in quite that way too. The latter is definitely the most likely though. I had a small 'burn-through' mark caused by bird poo (which had been on the cars for days) but it looked quite different to the OP's description.
  7. Multistory car parks are to be avoided at all costs 😕. High kerbs everywhere and ridiculously tight exits - especially the ones built in the 70's. Better to park two miles away and walk to your destination than use a multistory! I learnt my lesson many years ago at the one in the centre of Lincoln and have never been in one since.
  8. Fair point, I should have been clearer. I am of course aware of the various RS models but they are all stylish high performance cars* ("hyper hatch", "hyper saloon, etc) and I can't by any stretch think of the T ROC R in the same way. As @Hertsman said, it is just a bad place to start with this "R-rollout strategy". It is, after all, just a Golf R on stilts (so handling is bound to be inferior) and - perhaps more importantly - it looks like any other boring compact SUV. A high velocity turd is still a turd. * With the exception of the RS Q3. I have to admit that I was unaware of that one - a 'contradiction in terms' in my book.
  9. This last comment is echoed by a line in the Car magazine review referred to above.. "Volkswagen has pledged to keep the GTI badge for its purist hot hatchbacks; however, it's quite happy to let go-faster SUVs wear the R moniker". In other words, "R" is now for Revenue. Sure, Audi milk the S range, but you don't see them messing too much with the flagship (RS) range.
  10. That Carwow pic is the best one I have seen of the front end, and I have to agree. As a 'face' its like a miserable cat that hasn't been fed for a week. And all in the name of pedestrian safety.. As for the 'continual size bloat', I suspect that this is now a real problem for the guys that do the GTI/R/RS/TypeR versions of family hatchbacks because the framework they have to work with is getting ever more inappropriate. The hot hatch should be "small and nippy" (that is the essence of the car) and that is no longer the case with the Golf/Focus/Civic type cars. As a hot hatch fan, I don't give a sh*t about being able to comfortably fit someone 6ft tall in the back, so wish that VW would allow the Polo GTI to emerge from the shadow of its (very) big brother. The new Polo is very good by most accounts (and certainly looks better than the new Golf), but all reviewers say that VW have "obviously held back" on several aspects of the handling and performance (inc. de-tuning the engine) so it doesn't 'tread on the toes' of the new Golf GTI. A pity because this will probably push potential customers into the arms of Audi - assuming that a new S1 becomes a reality. I'm sure that the new Golf will do well as a boring, fuel efficient, family car (as it will have all the usual Golf traits of reliability, practicality and build quality), but it will be interesting to see how the performance models sell as there is now some serious competition out there.
  11. I don't think they do any more. Just cost. Even if you pay someone just £10/hr, its going the cost the dealer around £30k per year. And you are paying somebody to do next to nothing for 99% of the time, and most dealerships could go years without having an incident like this - even in Sheffield, Birmingham, etc. They will presumably have cameras, but unlikely to do them much good. I was just wondering about the car alarm. Would the scumbags have somehow disabled that first, as it would have taken a while to remove all those parts. Or maybe they are so brazen that they just don't care, knowing that any police response would probably be at least 30 mins..? That first pic makes for a sad and pathetic sight, that's for sure. A terrible way for a lovely car to end up. Just hope it belonged to the dealership.
  12. My thoughts exactly. I think true hot hatch fans will be increasingly turning to the Polo GTI, S1, or even the good looking new Pug 208. The base model looks good, so the GTI will look even better - even if it probably won't quite have the build quality of the german cars. I am told that the new A3 / RS3 will have the same "stretched limo" look as the mk8 Golf and the new focus.. 😔 These cars will be bristling with gadgets, touch screen tech (and annoying 'driver aids') on the inside, but i think they are missing the point..
  13. Result! Sounds like they are going to play ball. Just as well given the amount of damage! Could be quite expensive to fix that lot. Be interesting to hear what you get quoted..
  14. As above. Unfortunately knowing that they damaged your car and proving it are two very different things. Proving that they washed your car despite being told not to is easy photographically (just before = dirty, just after = clean) but that is usually it. Proving 'swirl damage' like this is actually very difficult, which is why the small claims court is not recommended unless you have a cast iron case. To elaborate slightly on Dave's point '2', you need to be able to prove that the car was immaculate when you handed it over to them. Having high quality photos from a week earlier (or even the day before) is no good. Getting them to inspect and acknowledge (in writing) that there were no swirls/scratches on hand-over is the best option, but things start to get a bit formal at that point and they may not take too kindly to that approach. I think you will be relying on a 'goodwill gesture' from the dealer in terms of contribution to correction costs, so totally down to the local Dealer Principal. I would speak to them first to get an initial reaction (rather than go along presenting them with corrections quotes) as you will then get a good idea of how cooperative they are going to be. It's about trust at the end of the day. If you trust your local dealer and your instructions have always been followed, then great. If not, you have to vote with your feet and find a good indy (VAG specialist) to service your car. Many (including myself) would say that this is a good idea anyway, for a number of reasons.
  15. In view of the general negative reaction to these spyshot pics, it is amusing (sort of) to read some of the comments in the short AutoExpress article that accompanied the photos... First off, "Instead of focusing on the bodywork, engineers have completely overhauled the Golf under the skin, adding new hybrid technology and fresh engine options". Yeah, you're not joking, the exterior designers were obviously told to take the year off. Lol. And, in a blow to those of us who still like a few nice physical switches for things like A/C, heated windscreens, heated seats etc, the VW's design boss (Klaus BIschoff) was quoted as saying that "the only analogue aspect of the interior will be the steering wheel". Oh dear. I wonder if that means that they are going to try to control all those 'other' things from buttons on the steering wheel? If so, the steering wheel is going to have a lot of buttons on it!
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