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  1. Yeah, about an £11k upgrade I reckon. The RS3 will have some other clever mechanical upgrades (e.g. torque vectoring, better brakes) but it's still mainly about that engine... Just get a mint 2-year-old RS3 rather than a new S3? That's what I am weighing up for next year..
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    Inspirational stuff 👍
  3. Sorry to hear that Bec, you have my sympathies. I broke my left arm badly after falling off a ladder about 10 years ago, and I couldn't drive (couldn't change gear) for 6 months. Only time I wished I had an automatic! I did start to write a book, typing with my good arm: "101 things you won't be able to do if you break your arm"...
  4. Nail on head. To me this is the "secret": have something to look forward to every day. It doesn't matter what is it and it will be different for all of us. All the better (at the moment) if it is something simple that doesn't rely on other people. And I agree with Shug. For goodness sake, don't watch the TV news! I haven't watched any for nearly 3 years now and feel a lot better for it. Its not even news anymore; more the 'newsreader' trying to get one-up on the government spokesperson. Just gets you wound up, and they are things you can't change anyway. If its important, you will find out about it soon enough from family, friends or social media. I did watch the tea-time government broadcasts during the early part of the COVID crisis, but these soon turned into a media pantomime, so I quickly resumed my media blackout!
  5. It was reported in AutoExpress last week that the DfT is belatedly launching an investigation into the safety of touchscreens in cars, with the usual 'Call for Evidence' etc. Typical DfT: about 5 years too late. And they could just have had someone monitor the car forums over that period to get a wealth of evidence on why these gimmicky systems simply don't work, especially when taken to extremes (as in the new Golf). I think the balance in the new Audi A3 is about right too. Not perfect, but acceptable. There is still an ipod-style 'twirl control' for the audio volume, but this works ok apparently. The iDrive system in the BMW is still generally regarded as the best compromise, but some are clearly set on removing buttons altogether. There is a notable exception though. In the AE article above, it was mentioned than Mazda has abandoned touchscreen technology over safety concerns. Obviously, they don't need a government report to tell them that its stupid...
  6. The Mk 8 Golf is evidently nowhere near as good as the Mk 7 at avoiding moose, which is a crucial requirement in Sweden.. That clinches it. It definitely won't be getting one.. https://www.motor1.com/news/435142/volkswagen-golf-moose-test-results/
  7. Never noticed it before, but she is a dead ringer for the scary kid out of the Adams Family. Now it all makes sense...
  8. I think that bloke is saying "Ok VW, very funny, can you show us the real mk 8 Golf now please?"
  9. You beat me to it 😄. My thoughts exactly. However, it fits with the latest silly TV advert, which makes it seem like VW are aiming the new Golf at 19 year old's who like to dance around in the car and playfully 'swipe' the controls whilst driving. A million miles away from those sophisticated ads of the 80's and 90's.
  10. Yeah, it seems like all those 'nice touches' have gone. In an AE review of the 1.5 mk 8 (£23,900) this week, there are few telling comments about the new Golf in comparison with the (more handsome) Seat Leon and the Ford Focus. The fwd focus has probably always been more fun to drive than the fwd Golf, but the VW was always miles ahead in terms of image, general build quality and interior finish. But that has changed. "While the cabin is slickly designed, it no longer has such a margin when it comes to quality of materials. There are more scratchy plastic inside". The Ford is still more fun to drive, but now matches the Golf on interior quality. Who would have ever thought that? The Focus was therefore the clear winner overall, with the Golf only just edging out the cheaper 1.5 Leon. Everyone has caught up, and VW appears not to have noticed. Yes, the GTI and R models will look a lot better than the 1.5 TSI externally, but (apart from the seats) VW are not going to redo the interior. Definitely an opportunity missed.
  11. You might point out to your brother that when 'the fat bloke from Donny' said that the "Stelvio was fantastic", he was talking about the pass, not the car 🤭
  12. I'm pretty sure that means that it is "just" a coding issue, so you will need a VCDS cable (or OBD11 device?). Videos on YouTube. And you won't have to cannibalise your other half's car!
  13. Glad to hear that it has been more-or-less sorted out by that Mr Vomit chap. 😊 Just wondering what method you used to clean off the bird sh1t? Lots of useful threads on here about how to deal with the evil stuff, especially when it has been baked on hard by hot sun (as has been the case over the last week or so).
  14. There goes your £100 (ish) budget then! 😂. You have obviously got the bug... I can't comment about your other AutoGlym products, but I can say that the Fast Glass is excellent. Defo one of the best glass cleaners around. As Bec implied, I would tend to avoid the Rain-X. Its a bugger to get off if things goes wrong. Just google it. Reading through this thread a couple of things are worth reiterating: 1. Most swirls are inflicted at the drying stage, so be very careful how you use your drying towels. 2. Keep a 'kit' in the car to deal with bird poo while you are 'out and about'. The main thing is to get it off as soon as possible (rather than wait an hour or two till you get home). As a bare minimum, a spray bottle filled with water (filtered preferably) and a roll of kitchen roll. One last thing. Since I started with this detailing business 3 years ago (when I bought my R) I have compared quite a few products that purport to do the same thing (polishes, shampoos, waterless wash products, waxes, etc) and some are undoubtedly better than others. However, the last item on your "extras list" reminded me about the one product I have found that is absolutely miles better than any other (at least that I have tried). And that is Carplan's Tyre Slik. You don't really even need an applicator. Just get the tyre walls clean (I have a soft hand brush that I just use on the tyres) and spray it on liberally. Most tyre dressings (including the AutoGlym one) start fairly glossy but go dull within 15 mins. This stuff doesn't, and the finish lasts for days. I think it is the only product Auto Express have ever tested that has won one of their numerous product tests 5 years on the trot. And it only costs about 6 quid from Halfords.
  15. You may be aware, but the red represents Texaco (so the story goes), based on its association with the Motorsport Division at the time of its creation in 1972. Not sure why red though. Blue is, err, BMW, and what is officially purple is the combination of the two. That's basically why the colour combination is so attractive to the eye. A bit like blue, yellow and green... anyone remember the fantastic Brazil football strip from the 1960's?
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