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  1. The special deal on the Golf R at Select Car Leasing has now reappeared after disappearing for the few days. They have even got the correct pictures of the mk8 R this time. And the deal is similar to the original one that I posted on Sunday. It seems that VW is deliberately launching these 'special' deals for the R, so not a mistake. I think that there were so many orders on Monday/Tuesday that lease companies had to temporarily withdraw their offers until VW could accept any more. Now back on. Delivery is about 18-20 weeks apparently.
  2. Congrats on your decision; the long wait now begins! The 8R has certainly turned out much better than many of us expected (looks wise), based on the terribly boring base mk8 Golf. The eagerly awaited new RS3 will probably have a base price of around £50k (i.e. about £4k more than the current model) to allow it to compete directly with the A45S, so the usual approx £10k price difference over the Golf R / S3 will be maintained. It will be interesting to see what Audi throw in as standard (don't hold your breath RS3 fans), but I think the list price will be £55-56k with a couple of choice upgrades. A lot of pennies.
  3. Mmm. Interesting. I have never done leasing (only PCP), but I thought that the select car leasing deal that I posted on Sunday (9+23 [initial payment/deposit = £2732], 8k miles: £304/month) for a bog standard R sounded cheap. I have just checked and the deal on the R has indeed been pulled. It now just says "Ring us". Putting exactly the same conditions into their calculator for a Golf GTI DSG (a car £6k cheaper than the R), the monthly payments are coming out significantly higher (see below), so someone screwed up! Looks like anyone thinking about a lease should have grabbed their hand off on Monday!
  4. Don't forget the VW deposit contribution too, currently £1250 on the R. It all adds up. Many cash buyers do the 'PCP thing' to get the incentives then cancel (pay off the loan) after a month or so, but this is really a thread for people who don't have the cash to do that. As you say, if you have no intention of buying the car at the end of the period, leasing generally works out cheaper. Just do your research on the lease company. Like anything else, cheapest is not necessarily best.
  5. The last time I looked at Select Car Leasing, the R was "price on application" but they now have a 'special deal' on the R: Initial payment (9 months) = £2732 Lease period = 24 months Annual mileage = 8000 Monthly payments = £304 (inc. VAT) You can obviously vary the first three inputs, depending on your circumstances. That's for a 'no options' (white) car with no maintenance included. If you add Lapiz paint (which is a £755 option) that increases the initial payment to £2944 and the monthlies to £327. Extending the lease to 36 months (on the Lapiz blue) takes the initial payment to £2983 and the monthies to £332. In other words, no different to the 24 month deal; you just pay the monthlies for a year longer... Strangely, the photos on their web page are of a mk7, but the tech description (e.g. Car2X comms, IQ.light, Jerez 18 inch wheels etc) and the options list are certainly mk8 specific.. https://www.selectcarleasing.co.uk/car-leasing/volkswagen/golf/hatchback/20-tsi-320-r-4motion-5dr-dsg
  6. In case anyone else was getting confused....there are two winter packs on the mk 8 UK configurator: Winter pack 1 (that's not what VW call it): heated front seats, heated steering wheel, heated windscreen washer jets: £270 Winter pack 2: Winter pack 1 + 3-zone air con (with rear aircon control panel) + heated rear seats (separately controlled): £470 So you only get a heated steering wheel if you spec one of the winter packs.
  7. Yep, it's still there. Playlist = VWROC Ultimate Driving Tunes
  8. More of the same really. Great driving dynamics, question marks over some of the interior materials and touch screen, and very expensive. And he somehow forgot to mention that he was actually test driving a £46k car. Also, I don't think he was on 20 inch wheels as claimed, as they are not even an option. Pretty sure the pics are the 19 inch Estorils.
  9. Noticed on Select Car Leasing (usually one of the most competitive lease companies) that the terms for the mk8 R are P.O.A. That's never a good sign!
  10. Main dealer showrooms are closed (Tier 4) but service departments should be open. When you can get an appointment is another matter... Is there a fuse in the back of the head unit itself?
  11. No low profile tyre offers significant rim protection, whatever the manufacturer claims. I had P zeros on my R (came with the car when new) and didn't find them too bad to be honest. Scuffed one alloy quite badly after a fairly minor kerbing incident, so the tyre didn't help much imo. The tyre performance itself was actually very good in the dry, but there are obviously other factors at play here. They were definitely better than the Bridgestone Potenza's that came with my TTS, but that's not saying a lot I know! If you kerb the wheel with any of these performance tyres, you are going to do significant damage to your butter-like alloys. End of. Just choose the best tyre for your requirements, but forget about the mythical "rim protection".
  12. Given enough time, pretty much any car thread will eventually turn into a manual vs auto (sorry, DSG) debate.. 😂
  13. Lovely looking car, but one that has been as heavy modified as that throws up a lot of questions. I would want to explore the history pretty carefully. When were all the mods done? Are they all properly documented? Fitted by the owner or by an authorised APR dealer? If the last batch were done fairly recently, why was the previous owner wanting rid? There may be an ‘innocent’ reason, but certainly worth asking. It comes with a “comprehensive warranty” (presumably 12 months) so you have some measure of protection should something major go pop. Obviously, what remains of the manufacturer’s warranty won’t be any use to you with all those performance mods. Have you got an insurance quote? That would be the other concern. Go test drive it! Performance should be “off the scale”!
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