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  1. Have lease cost details been released yet for the new S3? I checked my usual sources (a couple of popular lease companies) and the deals all seem to relate to the existing ("old") S3. For example, Carwow offer the basic S3 saloon (2017-2020 model) from "as little as £453 per month" (they obviously have a sense of humour) over 4 years with a £4k initial payment. Way too rich for my blood, which is why I am thinking about a top-of-the-range A3.
  2. They'll probably all be dead or badly injured quite soon. Lets just hope they don't take any innocents with them.
  3. Exactly. Is 330 bhp (if true) enough to save it? I fear not.
  4. I hear that the guy who runs VolksWorld (Darren) is very good, so I don't think you'll have any problems. They are also a revo tuning centre, if you decide to go that way in the future. Good luck with the car. Look forward to the pics..
  5. Mmm. Good luck with that one! Finance companies are generally very hard nosed, so aren't inclined to give you a balloon payment discount for simply complying with the terms of your agreement. There are just penalties if you 'go over', etc, but they relate to handing the car back. I assume that the balloon payment is less than the current market value, so you have a decent amount of remaining equity in the car? As for extended warranties, they can be purchased from VW (online) or companies like Warrantywise, but check what is and isn't covered very carefully. If one appears much cheaper, there is probably a good reason! There are probably posts on here on this tricky subject.
  6. I think you can do both. It is good to make some sort of initial personal contact, as you then get some idea of what their official response will be - and you get chance to explain the circumstances in some detail. However, as soon as you get off the phone, write an email to the person you have just spoken to, confirming the content of the discussion, especially any further actions that were promised. As others have said, I don't rate your chances (pothole damage is extremely variable, with lots of contributing factors) but worth a try.
  7. Likewise, but a particular type of "raw" cider. I was at University in Bath and if someone was having a party on campus some 'bright spark' would pop down into town and get a couple of barrels of (cheap as chips) "scrumpy". Basically, locally brewed stuff that used to have all sorts floating in it. After getting merry on normal alcohol, students will drink pretty much anything. Enter scrumpy stage left. It was evil stuff. Once tried never forgotten. Apart from the general hangover, I think I had terrible stomach pains for about 3 days. As you say, never again..
  8. Existing thread above, but in answer to your question, I think Toyota's new 4WD system is a fair bit cleverer (and lighter) than the now somewhat old fashioned Haldex-type system, and its been designed very much as a WRC car. Its permanent and automatic (power is shuffled around to each wheel individually), but you can apparently select the front/rear split. Should be a hoot to drive. From recent AutoCar review: The engine is coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox – there’s no automatic, both to save weight and because a manual makes it more fun to drive – with power sent to all four wheels. Unusually, the car’s GR-4 AWD system doesn’t feature a centre differential (too heavy), instead using a high-performance coupling in front of the rear axle to control power to the rear wheels. Drivers can choose from three settings: Normal (60:40 front to rear), Sport (30:70) and Track (50:50).
  9. You got some good responses to your question, but there are numerous reasons why the sales rep has not yet got back to you. Many of them are incredibly dozy/inefficient, so that is just as likely as anything to do with lack of full main dealer SH.
  10. Quite a few on here were saying that about a year ago and I have seen nothing since to change my mind. Going on previous experience, new cars are never quite as bad in the flesh as they appear in spy shots etc, but I don't think it will do VW any favours to ramp up anticipation amongst the Twitteratti. The image in my head is that of a gorgeous-looking young mother waking up in the maternity ward and being presented by a smiling midwife with something that looks like a miniature version of Wayne Rooney.
  11. Ah, I see. Didn't realise that it was a classic car, so now understand how the value might have increased. These (insurance claim) things are difficult enough to sort out at the best of times, so near impossible with unwanted family interference. Hope your wife gets it sorted to her satisfaction. Bad enough losing a much loved car...
  12. Your posts raises a few questions and things requiring clarification. Firstly, has has it really take 2 years to finally decide that the car won't be found (!), or was there a long delay in deciding whether or not to claim for the loss? The insurance company will generally pay out (what they regard as) the "market value" at the time the car was stolen (i.e. 2 years ago). As the car can't be inspected, the insurance company would need info (i.e. proof) about mileage and general condition at the time it was stolen as these can dramatically affect the market value. It is not clear to me who has said that the car is worth only £3k. Do you mean it would only be worth £3k now (if found undamaged)? If so, that's not really relevant. The broker simply acts on your behalf in discussions with the insurance company if you think the valuation is too low, but that is usually only if he agrees with you, supported by written/photographic evidence. Finally I'm not sure what you mean by "same car" in the last sentence, as it reads as though the car that was stolen could somehow be valued higher today than it was 2 years ago? Making a claim in this case is no different from any other. You have to weigh up the £excess and (especially) the down-the-line cost implications. The mere fact that you have had a car stolen may affect future insurance costs (I am no expert on that one) but it definitely will (probably by a large amount) if you make a claim for total loss. If you are convinced that your have a good case (for undervaluation) and are not getting any help from your broker you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service.. https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/businesses/complaints-deal/insurance/motor-insurance/vehicle-valuations-write-offs
  13. Congrats. Is it brand new? It looks just like mine (same colour), but mine is a manual (bought new in 2018). It has been a delight for the last 2+ years and absolutely problem free. Just cost me 1 oil change so far; still on the original tyres.. As for Ellixtt's question about R vs TTS, I think I did a thread at the time I swapped, but briefly (imho).. TTS has a better interior, better digital dash, better throttle response (no need for pedal box), and is a bit more fun (not much in it, though) on smooth twisty roads - due to the lower CoG and slightly less weight. I didn't have DCC on my R, but I suspect that the (standard) mag ride on the TTS is roughly equivalent. Both very good. The rear seats are a bit of a joke (for adults anyway) but I don't need them. Loads of 'boot' space with them folded down. I'll be interested to see how you get on with it.
  14. BMW have only teased a hazy image of the rear end (which looks exactly like the new M3) and they are bound to want to retain their dodgy new "signature look". Long wait too for the Touring, as not due for release until 2022. Like the current M3, these new M cars have been injected with way too much testosterone for my liking. Unless you live somewhere very affluent like Harrogate (where every other car seems to be a 911), these cars are going to stick out like sore thumbs. And 500 bhp on crap British roads?
  15. Just be careful with Michelin's naming convention. Easily confused when people (on other car forums, obviously!) use the plural PS4's, often without the apostrophe. The newer PS4S model is generally regarded as a much better tyre than the PS4, but is considerably more expensive.
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