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  1. PhilC22

    Rusty discs

    Plenty of info on here. Just enter "hammerite" into the search box.
  2. PhilC22

    Prince Philip.

    True, but there is definitely a problem at the extreme other end too. Towards the end of last year there were three fatal road accidents within 10 miles of where I live (two occurring at T junctions) and all the drivers at fault were well over 80. Of course, people in their 80's and 90's are far more likely to be seriously injured or killed in a big collision than someone 40-50 years younger, so it is fortunate for Philip that he walked away without injury. P.S. there was a photo in the paper this morning of the Queen driving her Range Rover on a public road not wearing a seat belt. She "never does" apparently and, of course, never took a proper driving test.
  3. PhilC22

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    I think so. Quite a few issues here. Have you agreed for them to turn up with the cash? Better to be safe than sorry. Not paranoia, just common sense. The following guide was written after a member on here had a terrible experience with a guy pretending to be a genuine buyer.
  4. PhilC22

    Exploding Sunroof

    Spot on Ben. Having never had a sunroof I didnt realise that they are made from much lower quality glass than the windscreen. Wonder if the VW garage garage gave a reason for saying that it was probably impact damage or were they just guessing? Who did the report that went to the dvsa? Qualifications of said person? Just a couple of thoughts... 1. Any chance you had just driven under a motorway bridge? Anything "falling"off the bridge would give a net impact speed of 60-80 mph so would go with a huge bang. And the offending object would bounce off and could end up 100 yards away, so not surprised that you didnt find anything inside the car. I am guessing you don't have a dashcam as that would have thrown some light on the whole event. 2. If VW cant prove (within reason) that it was caused by a high speed impact then the only other likely cause is spontaneous failure (caused by a manufacturing defect). And to my mind that would make VW liable.
  5. PhilC22

    What did you do to your R today?

    If you mean gatso type, i think it is quite rare these days to find two "close together" (say less than a couple of miles apart) so almost certainly two separate offences. Depends on the policy of the local force though. I think that you can only get done once for a given incident within a given 'average speed zone'. Most zones range in length from a few hundred yards to several miles. You can of course have several sets of SPECS cameras within a given zone and you will not know which ones are paired. Only safe thing is therefore to remain within the speed limit for the whole length of the zone. Beware though that some zones are quite close together (e.g. only a few miles apart), so if you exit one zone and enter another you could potentially be done twice within a few minutes. If you have a 7.5, just get the speed cam database downloaded to your satnav map...
  6. This one caught my eye recently. Note the adaptive suspension. I think the M2 comp is just too aggressive looking..attract unwanted attention? The M240i is understated by comparison and has many of the attributes of its big brother (i entered a false post code for the motors.co.uk search) https://www.motors.co.uk/car-51451129/?i=0&m=mcp
  7. PhilC22

    A45 's'...... 421 PS !

    It is interesting to step back for a moment and think about where this hyper hatch "arms race" is heading. It seems to be more about bragging rights between the main German manufacturers than actually improving the ride/handling of the car. As long as they think that us folk in the hot/hyper hatch market will continue to be seduced by ever increasing bhp figures they will keep doing it. But where will it end? We now have a hatchback that will apparently have more bhp per litre than a McClaren Senna..
  8. PhilC22

    What will your next car be?

    Brilliant! A true petrol-head. Thinking about the next car even before the 'current' one has arrived ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. PhilC22

    What will your next car be?

    The F type actually reminds me a bit of the 350Z from the front (that's not a good thing btw) but the rest of it looks fantastic. Taking on Porsche head on - Cayman at the entry level end and 911 at the top end. God luck with that one, but it deserves to do well. Very stylish. How @Lee63got his dog in the back of it though, I'm not quite sure. Obviously not a labrador ....๐Ÿคซ
  10. Agree with most of the comments. The BBC is also a very left-wing biased / PC organisation (i never watch bbc news any more) so their reporting will actively seek out all those "he was such a lovely young lad" comments and they wouldn't even think about delving into his background - despite the police saying that the stabbing may be "gang related".
  11. PhilC22

    Euro Trip

    It suspect that it be quite busy in late July, but the locations are still fantastic. I note that you have not included Stelvio, which is probably wise. Since the Top Gear feature it has really become a tourist trap. If you look at most of the vids on YouTube (not sure on time of year as the mountains at that altitude nearly always have snow on the top of them!), there are cars crawling along following huge coaches!
  12. PhilC22

    What will your next car be?

    Fair comment. I'd be interested to hear how you get on if you give it (M2 comp) another try. I am nervous about doing likewise as i think i would actually end up selling my sister. And i quite like her really.๐Ÿ˜Š
  13. PhilC22

    What will your next car be?

    Expensive sure (in a different league to the R tbh), but skittish? Some reviewers comment that the non-adaptive suspension is a bit firm, but to be expected in a thoroughbred ("old school") sports car. You can even buy one as a manual and some say it actually suits the car better. I haven't driven one yet, but all the reviews i have read / seen on YouTube say that the new competition model is THE best m-car you can buy at the moment. All say that the throttle response is lightning fast, which is something the R can only dream about. To say nothing of the (authentic) noise of that engine... Ok, not a practical hatch, but hey ho. Unless you have kids, practicality can go hang..๐Ÿ˜Ž. Just don't take it out when there is snow/ice around! I know a few on here are looking at this car, despite the cost. The message seems to be .. don't test drive one unless you are in a position to buy one because you will HAVE to have one after the test drive. Sell your sister, rob a bank, whatever ๐Ÿ˜‚
  14. PhilC22

    dealership messed up on service!!

    That was good advice. I would get it done at a good indy (only takes a few minutes so shouldnt be expensive) and then discuss with dealership manager. Obviously a very different conversation if the test throws up a problem. If test is ok, then they should at least pay for the engine bay to be professionally cleaned.
  15. PhilC22

    19" prets and potholes... wtf!

    Easier said than done! In daylight you've got half a chance, but night time driving is a nighmare (haha) on poor roads, especially unfamiliar ones. I was travelling south on the A1 near Doncaster a few weeks ago and narrowly missed some horrendous potholes. No fun when you are doing close to 70 mph. Did hit a smaller one, but my other half's A1 somehow survived without damage. Horrible 'bang' though. Makes you dread pulling over to take a look! Doubt whether prets would have beed unscathed. Just part of car ownership in the UK unfortunately. Alloy insurance and hope for the best!