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  1. I did the oil change and a VCDS re-adaptation after. The behavior improved marginally. Does someone know a good DSG software tuner?
  2. You do think an oil flush could cure it?
  3. I'm worried that after changing the oil and doing a full adaptation it will be the same and then I need to change the clutches that mean another oil change
  4. I'm glad that I found this topic. I'm getting the same issue, but on a lower scale, on a Golf 6 R. The car is 100% stock. I got the car scheduled for DSG oil change but I don't know if I should change the clutch pack also. https://photos.app.goo.gl/yuwNysRGaFNZdXNAA https://photos.app.goo.gl/W5dGGV6cyJFpkETm7 Will a DSG tune cure it without replacing the clutches?
  5. Isn't this supposed to be the other way around? I think less pressure increases the mechanical grip. Thicker rear sway bars should induce a bit more oversteer and also a rear locking diff but I know none available (Wavetrac had one on the horizon but I don't know if it became a product till now)
  6. I think I saw a previous post from a tuner stating this but nothing ever since. No before/after videos...
  7. For sure it's not about the flaps or the exhaust. The ECU should do it... check A45 AMG, Focus RS, facelifted R and S3. So are there any tuners that can code this? APR, Revo etc.
  8. I believe it's not google maps but google earth. I would get the active info display just hopping that some sort of tuners/hackers will get the chance to enhance it. As far as I read it has a tegra processor so it would be pretty easy to write some 3rd party of it.
  9. Audi A5 sportback pre-facelift has the front sensors mounted pretty low so detecting the kerb is pretty accurate. I don't how the "see" higher objects. I guess I'll pass the sensors and get just the camera.
  10. Front parking sensors and curbs Pretty stupid one but this kind on information only forum colleagues can help with :). I find pretty steep to pay 500 euro for the front + rear parking sensors when the reverse camera is just 200 euro. So for me it all boils down to: Are the front parking sensors calibrated well enough to notify me when I'm about to hit the front bumper lip to a curb? Or it only senses things at a much higher height?
  11. Hmm... wasn't the prefacelift getting more power on stage 1 and better 0-100 times? Revo was quoting 370hp and 0-60mph 3.7s. Is this a development version of the software from APR and will be improved or I'm comparing apples and oranges here?
  12. Main questions: - where does the 10 hp power increase comes from? Bigger turbo , other hardware changes or they just fiddled with the ECU software? - the DSG 7 speed transmission is the same they employed in the RS3? - is tuning potential changed in any way or stage1, 2 and so on will make no virtual difference between prefacelift and postfacelift?
  13. If I opt for Pretoria 19" do I get from the factory Michelin Supersports? Is there any chance to get semi-sticky tires?
  14. That's my main concern also. When I associate Akrapovic and titanium I get the impression that I should just proceed with my order and forget this ever crossed my mind
  15. Same in Romania... 450 euro for the active info display.
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