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  1. To hide half a bottle of spirits from the wife - perfect fitπŸ˜ƒ
  2. The brembos I had fitted to the rears a few months ago came ready painted- not just on the hub but also the edges of the disc. When fronts need changing will use brembo too.
  3. Leave alone for now, re tune (lower torque) and avoid hard driving in D/ stay in manual? How much is a clutch pack change? Any error codes?
  4. have they tried resetting the dsg?
  5. What about if they take the ECU tune off too? Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  6. Do you have a pedal box?
  7. As title thinking of activating both. Will be using android auto. Do you use mirror link to put Google maps on the screen? Idiots guide would be gratefully received. Would rather not spend 470 quid unless voice activation really adds something. Ta Bob Ps mib2 2016 golf r.
  8. When I am dictator any Rs with anything other than PS4S tyres fitted will be seized 😁 Edit: for 19 inch wheels, otherwise PS4 for cadiz or other feeble 18 inch wheels 😁
  9. I've got ds2500 pads on front and fairly standard brembo pads on rear. All good.
  10. Few more to go then 😁
  11. 'They're mugging you mate!'. He's passed his GCSE's now. Why was he banned??
  12. Bob

    Failed to stop

    If there is no damage then the tosser hasn't committed an offence by driving off without giving his details.
  13. I like a 50/50 split handling and power. Need at least 200 ps though and in a light car no more than 1200kg. Otherwise 400 ps in no more than 1600 kg. Bob
  14. I got off the ride early 2016 - my stage 2 r estate and very late 56 reg ep3 civic type r are keepers. Bob
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