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  1. @invisiblekid the post is still there and reported. I note the following post after this was liked by a mod. I also see above that some members are taking this more seriously than others - perhaps.
  2. Well I have been asked a direct question so will answer. Previous posts were clearly seen by at least one moderator and not removed until complaints started. There was one titled 'matt and gloss' that was not dealt with and must have been seen. Your records should show this - eg any likes after its posting. Regards
  3. If anyone is in any doubt, the 'George Floyd' post would pass the threshold for prosecution as being grossly offensive. Not sure the forum sponsors would approve either.
  4. And a sexual position referencing George Floyd with the man's foot on a woman's neck. Been liked too from a screenshot i have received.
  5. Shouldn't have to in the first place. But I agree. Oops old post.
  6. I provided this public service announcement last year. A Honda wouldn't need the buyer to start cable tying parts together...and a rather vital one at that. A world of horror awaits those who ignore. Actually neither does a Honda's heated wing mirror glass fall/fly off...
  7. I don't go near the thread now. Matter for mod(s) and admin to 'police'. Members who choose to go to the thread, of course, have an option to report.
  8. Please amplify how it speaks volumes about 'that person's personality'. Now I'm no grammar pedant, otherwise I would have a field day on this forum. However, if you are going to personally insult Dave then at least do so in a grammatically correct manner. I happen to agree with Dave so what does that say about my personality? Leo9 and I met up some time ago to compare cars and while I had the passive set up on my estate, he had DCC on his hatch. We both agreed that comfort setting was unsuitable for the reasonably challenging (both dry and wet) roads driven. In our shared opinion the damping was unsuited to such roads. When he changed his DCC setting to normal we could discern no tangible difference in handling characteristics between the two cars. One review has included the following: In Comfort mode, it’s freakishly languid and soft – more so than a normal Golf. Normal mode is an ace compromise for everyday driving This is an opinion both Dave and I agree with; having this opinion does not merit a personal insult about his personality. Dave and Leo are also very knowledgeable. I have my own very particular set of skills, which I have acquired over a very long career. I do, however, know a great chassis set up when I experience one. My experience from Evo and Autocar, amongst others, is that the car provided for testing is chosen by the relevant marketing department via the press office. Chris Harris was provided one with Cadiz 18 inch wheels. I was an early adopter of the mk.7 R and have both leased a 14 hatch for two years fitted with with Cadiz 18s, and now own an estate with 19 inch Pretorias. Both perform(ed) brilliantly, but I am glad I have the latter wheels, as at least in the UK, they do not do PS4S in 18s. I was also an early adopter of the fantastic PS4S tyres. A quick internet search will prove this incorrect and I presume you are referring to the S model. They actually spent 3 years and thousands of hours creating a Nordschleife setting in the menu which included what is affectionately known as the 'bumpy track mode' or 'Nordschleife cheat'. It is basically a special setting in the menus, utilising DCC, to allow for a firm track set-up with a greater element of damping compliance specifically tailored for the Nordschleife; this in particular allowed it to more effectively jump the kerbs. The time was certainly not set in 'comfort settings', or anything remotely like them. The heavier FK8 Type R then thrashed that time (not in its comfort setting) followed by the lighter Megane Trophy 300 R with passive suspension you would not want on the road. Looks like a special edition Type R is going to take the crown again, but I do not personally care. What I do find interesting is that a fully representative road version of the Clubsport S with an equally talented driver took nearly 10 seconds longer than the official time. VW cheating? Unheard of... Finally, I note Tiff managed to drive the Golf R estate swiftly and safely on wet public roads without getting the 'rear to step out'. You don't refer to the tyres fitted or the circumstances, but this would take some provocation not fit for the public roads. I have driven my Revo Stage 2 ECU/TCU estate swiftly but safely on the public roads for a number of years now and not experienced anything like this. And while I'm here, if not already done so, can the 'joke thread' be cleared of the at best borderline prosecutable racist material. Being after dark to members only is no defence. (legally or otherwise). @SpursMadDave for info.
  9. Your 1978/9 plate appears to have shrunk over time 👓🤏 or your car is bigger than a standard Golf R?
  10. 🤭🤫🤐🤔😂 Sorry do like the new paddles!
  11. Now you mention it dave @Leo9, who sadly I now cannot get into contact with, had a hatch with the arb upgrade and even kept a spare alloy with tyre in the boot for added weight. He also had a unicorn tune. Very nice car. We met up a few times down in deepest Kernow @Leo9 where are you??!!
  12. Hurrah I thought I wad the only person who knew this. Yes amongst others they set up the gt3 rs. That's why for the road I have left my estate with slighty more weight at the back and accordingly slightly stiffer spring rates well alone. Otherwise same wheelbase etc. It makes me laugh when people assume all MQB chassis' were created equal - eg S3 and Seat ST etc. It was only VW who used the Porsche specialist with the R. Previously had a 14 R hatch which may have benefitted from the rear arb etc, though for the road I was very happy. Estate handles a bit better with that rear end. And stage 2 goes as it should too... Having seen an interview with him I also chose not to go the DCC route. He wouldn't commit but you could tell he preferred the passive set up... He is the reason I have bought my first VW over Honda (and AWD). Leased the 14 R. I am purely road-based. MQB also superb platform from which to start. If you are getting understeer on PS4S on the road then you are driving too quickly for the road. Ps the jan 16 R estate is so good that it is properly paid for and a keeper together with my premier edition ep3 civic type r - very late 56 reg.
  13. Ah the name RAZZLE reminds me of a very particular type of photography and magazine from my puberty😆 @SpursMadDave still has his collection in his garage😀🤫
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