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  1. Bob

    Brand new golf R insurance

    Yeah admiral (same company as elephant) just transferred my no claims on golf r (golf r retains it too - so they share it) when bought ep3 civic type r - Now 3 cars with them including wife's on multicar policy. Civic just another 200 quid for nearly a year.
  2. Bob


    Brake fluid needs changing too. Me and my indie dont call them minor or major and I usually do engine oil changes out of sinc and more often. You need engine oil change, inspection, haldex oil and brake fluid change. Year 4 is DSG oil change. I use a fully VAG equipped indie. Car not been near a dealer since purchased. After 3 years need brake fluid changing every two years. No idea why initially lasts 3 years from the factory. https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/servicing/what-we-check-and-why Have a look at above link. Actually says dsg oil change every 40k miles. Cam belt 5 years and spark plugs every major service whatever that means (If every other service I think not!) Haldex oil used to be every 4 years but now every 3. Many dealers haven't realised...
  3. I think there is room to get the cat hotter - see amended post above. Cheers bob
  4. Up to temp oil-wise but probably not particularly hot cat. It got taken from tuner to mot and looks like done fairly quickly.
  5. Absolutely true but the oil temp can get relatively quickly back up to speed but with the cat less so cheers.
  6. @Marty77 sorry forgot to ask - this year ok as cat nice and hot and no delay? Cheers
  7. Cheers - forgot to say these are CO results - rest well within limits.
  8. Anyone else got these? Mine passed by the skin of its teeth- Right on the limit for fast idle (0.2) and 0.288 natural idle - limit 0.3. First MOT. Stage 2 revo with Scorpion. Passed first time and they did the emissions test first at nearby tester to tuner. Cat will not have been red hot though. A pass is a pass and I suppose one can say scorpion has got the best out of it. Cheers Bob
  9. I have a revo ecu stage 2 also with stage 2 dsg tune. When I got to stage 2 ecu I realised I needed the dsg map. Stage 1 fine without it. I have scorpion sports cat 200 cell downpipe and it passed its first mot today including emissions - phew! Also have revo carbon intake, panel filter and intercooler oh and turbo inlet and elbow. Bob
  10. Hi I think this would probably be too loose with an extra 6mm. 3 - 4mm would probably be ideal. See if you can make a cardboard version at 57mm and see how it fits - I suppose the exhaust paste will take up some of the slack. Bob
  11. So in a nutshell do not buy this new version if you want to tune it - the gpf will restrict power even if tunes come out - or if you want to keep the car for more than 4 years. I wouldn't touch it as a tune is essential for me - stage 2 - and I am keeping mine forever along with my ep3 civic type r. Times are a changing and not for the better.
  12. Bob

    What do you dislike about your R?

    Even stage 2 I have got over 40 miles after indicates zero. This was in Wales when trying to find v power!
  13. Bob

    Back in a vag!

    Soft or hard 'g'?😁