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  1. There's still talk of play and rattling above
  2. But these Chinese fakes don't seem to fit properly. The paddles are an important interface.
  3. 5G9064365 Have a look on eBay- about 170
  4. Wash and go - take two bottles into the shower? Not me 😀
  5. They don't look like mk7.5 headlights to me? Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  6. You are indeed a personal Jesus!
  7. Well people are people
  8. it's just something very expensive to go wrong in the future for those of us keeping the cars. It's a keeper for me together with my EP3 type R. Last of their kind.
  9. I put full scorpion on my stage 2 estate 7. Then added some tail pipes from ali express. Previous posts on this. Bob
  10. Brexit is like jumping off a cliff hoping you survive.
  11. Remember that old gti was not tuned to run on super unleaded. The r is. Hence will make decent difference as car pulls back ignition. My stage 2 is tuned for 99 ron which i must use or risk damage to engine through pre ignition.
  12. Have you been in prison😀 apologies if you have been ill😥
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