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  1. Front left speaker and drivers seat belt receptacle replaced. The latter rubbed against the seat and made a really frustrating squeaking noise!
  2. So I was drying my car earlier after washing it and it turns out the petrol cap cover can slide off! The drying towel managed to somehow get caught and it just ripped off, it hit the ground and is now scratched as per the pics. Not much damage but V frustrating. I’ve been washing this car every 3-4 weeks for the past 2 years and never had this before.
  3. By the sounds of it I actually tend to dry mine a little more vigorously than others. This is probably going to get me thrown out of this section...... but I also tend to find a wet towel helps to get rid of water spots. I put a lot of effort into the prep (snow foam, citrus pre wash etc) and then the actual wash, so by the time it comes to drying I’m not that worried about swirl marks appearing. I’ve got a ceramic coating on mine and I top it up every couple of months with C2v3 and that needs to be buffed off with a cloth. So the car needs to be immaculate by then anyway. I did just try the open hose rinse at the end of the wash and that works really well 👍
  4. A friend of mine has an A45 and she loves it. It’s a savage car, the ride is very stiff and the acceleration is fairly brutal. The exhaust farts on gear changes are pretty loud too. I have a manual R and there’s no way I can keep up in a straight line. I wouldn’t say it’s as practical as the R, I certainly wouldn’t want to swap but it would be a good choice. Not sure I could live with the A45’s brutal nature all the time.
  5. Has anyone had a problem with their Dynaudio speakers? The front left speaker on my 7.5 R seems to crackle quite a bit, especially if I’m listening to music from my phone (iPhone 8). Just wondered if anyone else has had this and if they’ve managed to get a replacement under warranty? Thanks
  6. Same here, just had the first service on my 7.5 R and received a service book first day I picked it up.
  7. I think it depends on the quality of the VW dealership. We have two quite close together here in Belfast, one is owned by a chain of dealerships and is terrible. The other is an “independent” dealership in Lisburn and is so much better. I used the guys in Belfast to find a fault on my old R32 and they had no idea. After several wasted visits (and £££) I took it to the other garage and they fixed it straight away with little fuss. When I bought my 7.5 R they also offered me £2K more for my R32. I’ll certainly be using them for servicing etc.
  8. So a little more elbow grease worked and they’re looking a lot better. Quite surprised by the amount of pitting after just 4000 miles and 10 months of use.
  9. I’ve got a pedal box on my 7.5 and I think it definitely needs it. It makes such a difference, the car almost feels like my old mk5 R32
  10. So I’ve tried Bilberry wheel cleaner, light scrubbing with a scouring pad, M1 polish and Mother’s Mag and they still look like this! 4 months ago the exhaust tips were immaculate, but with the weather here in Belfast I haven’t washed (or used the car that much) over the past few months. Any more tips or am I now cursed with dirty pipes for the rest of my time??? 😭
  11. I use the Karcher Lance from Halfords (along with Gtechniq snow foam) and I’ve not been that impressed. Has anyone switched from the Karcher Lance to one of the others listed above and seen a noticeable difference? To be honest I was going to finish the bottle of snow foam I have and try the Valet Pro stuff to see if that helped too.
  12. Completely agree, it looks great and will only add to the appeal of your car.
  13. I have keyless on my 7.5 and really like it. My only gripe would be that there are no sensors to lock/unlock on the rear doors (5 door). Would definitely spec it again.
  14. I also have standard nav and Dynaudio and it works brilliantly. I try and use the two buttons on the unit as much as I can as I’m constantly cleaning my finger marks off the screen as it is. The dealer didn’t have a Nav Pro in the showroom for me to play with so I couldn’t warrant spending the £1300 without seeing it either. In practical terms, not sure what your money gets you either.
  15. Fitted a pedal box to my manual 7.5 today and really pleased with the improvement. Car feels way more responsive and much more like my old R32. Trying different modes but Sport + seems to be the best setting for me.
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