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  1. Just been sent a video via WhatsApp. Is it possible to post on here? its golf related by the way
  2. Daveleach

    Front Bumper Removal

    Try this fella. https://manuals.goapr.com/Engine_Hardware/Intercoolers/IC100019_20T_MQB.pdf
  3. Daveleach

    TTRS Calipers Fitment

    Would these be a direct fit?
  4. Daveleach

    TTRS Calipers Fitment

    Not planning on tracking it. Are these calipers and discs a bolt on replacement? Or do I need brackets? And will they fit under Cadiz wheels?
  5. Daveleach

    TTRS Calipers Fitment

    I've been offered a set of TTRS MK1 calipers, discs and pads. Are they worth it?
  6. Daveleach

    TTRS Calipers Fitment

    Are these from a mk1 TTRS? Any ideas if these will fit under 18" Cadiz?
  7. Daveleach

    So many usless garages in & around West London

    Fit them yourself. ive fitted my own. Not that difficult. You'll prob take more care than any garage would. then just the alignment done
  8. Daveleach

    Downpipe advise

    I got a engine light on mine with a scorpion sports cat fitted before my stage 2 map
  9. Daveleach

    Downpipe advise

    And also a check engine light
  10. Daveleach

    exhaust question

    Sell you exhaust. Is it a full system or just back box
  11. Daveleach

    Road trip ready

    Were the discs from ecp as well? I can't see them listed?
  12. Daveleach

    Road trip ready

    what was your disc and pad choice
  13. Daveleach

    Rear doors !!!

    Childlock. Little switch to turn on and off inside the door by the latch
  14. Daveleach

    Driveway resonator delete

    Just slightly more expensive than Lego Technic
  15. Daveleach

    Driveway resonator delete

    No but I'll have a bloody good look! im an aircraft engineer. It's only nuts and bolts!