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  1. ATS Euromaster 10% discount included for getting them fitted on a monday
  2. I’ve getting 4 18” PS4 fitted on Monday for £332 and getting a free fire HD tablet, also 5.25% cashback through Quidco and if you bank with Halifax you could also get between 5-7% further cashback
  3. Yeah. Caliper brackets mount to the hub using the original bolts. Fitted new lines. Had by 10 year old girl help me bleed the brakes. I had to remove the weights on the inside of the rim, as it rubbed the caliper. so need to get wheels re-balanced, and weights positioned to rear of the wheel. Running a 15mm spacer up front.
  4. New discs, pads and calipers fitted, along with wheels spacers.
  5. What pads are people using with these? ive read that a few oem use these callipers. IE Aston Martin and also Range Rover Sport.
  6. Is anything like this possible with odbeleven
  7. Mind if I ask how much and where from?
  8. Yes but you require these https://www.vagbremtechnic.com/front-caliper-carrier-kit-allows-fitment-of-ttrs-rs3-4-piston-brembo-calipers-to-oe-340-or-345mm-discs-ak0003/
  9. I can make my own spacers. Is 15mm the minimum?? are you also running a spacer on the rear?
  10. Any idea what size spacer? and are you running the oem ttrs discs? did you fit the kit yourself?
  11. That’s great news!! im undecided what discs to get tho. The 370mm or stick with 340. I’ve ordered the brake lines. Is there any mod I need to the brackets that hold the lines? more importantly can I fit these under Cadiz? I’ve read they fit under various 18’s but not seen Cadiz mentioned
  12. Has anyone done this mod themselves rather than leaving to a garage?
  13. What brake lines are required when upgrading to these calipers? Will oem ttrs/rs3 (8j) work?
  14. Did they sell? i can't locate the advert anywhere?
  15. Lovely looking car Are you selling your old brakes
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