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  1. Liam from CM Wheels has confirmed they'll be stocking Estoril's in gloss black soon!
  2. I still feel a ghost immobiliser or something similar is ideal to keep these cars safe.
  3. A JB4 with a custom map is what I'm waiting for. I'm sure @george@BMSand the team can come up with something in the near future 💪🏼
  4. I hope you've taken out GAP Insurance with that hefty deposit. Huge risk otherwise.
  5. Thanks guys. I've always stuck with the philosophy of shopping around different dealers to get the cheapest service when it's due. @faddyyou made a good point regarding the tyres. Think I'll have to shop myself when the time comes.
  6. Hi guys, I've been quoted £615 by a leasing company for Maintenance added over 3 years / 5000 miles. Covers all services, tyres, punctures, bulbs, wipers etc. What have you guys been quoted from VW direct for their Service plans? I've seen they do a minor and major service for 2 years at £386. 15. However this doesn't include tyres replacement, bulbs, wipers, punctures etc. Would the lease option be better value? I'm assuming the 3rd service being a minor one would cost £180 or so?
  7. Wow that's unbelievable. What lease company was this if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Hi, for those that have added maintenance packs to their leased 8R's, does it still cover tyres if you were to change the alloys for a bigger size than standard? I know you can't change the alloys unless you get permission from the Leasing company. Some allow it as long as the car is returned back to standard. Has anyone had tyres changed on their previous R's through a maintenance pack? Thanks
  9. They still look smart! Should've said, I'm trying to find a Black R with them fitted
  10. Has anyone come across an MK8 R with Racingline R360 alloys or is it far too soon? Keen to see what they'd look like on the new R as they were stunning on the Mk7/7.5 R's! Do we have a photoshop genius here? 👀
  11. What does 1 Estoril alloy weigh?
  12. Yikes! Definitely need a lighter option
  13. What's the weight of these per alloy? Trying to find out the weight of the standard 18 Jerez 🤔
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