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  1. Hi Guys, There’s a link here to the demonstration video which shows how simple it is to use. https://www.facebook.com/safesoundvehiclesystems/videos/1642217795794407/ I often say to customers if we install one and you don’t like it then I’ll remove it for you but I’m yet to be taken up on the offer. In relation to putting a code in each time the door is opened, that’s the hi-jack feature which as I mentioned before Christmas isn’t supported on VAG cars without a Shadow installed. It’s only supported on the MK3 Focus. All other vehicles such as BMW, Merc etc its a trial to see at the point of installation but no guarantees can be given but it will it work on VAG. For the programming codes and other things the ghost can do - I simply can not give a feature table. You guys could end up in all sorts of trouble as the codes that are applicable for one MQB VAG car aren’t forced to be the same on a G100 car so where one may fold wing mirrors it put the windows DOWN in another car. Those features are programmable by the installer only. It’s not worth you guys trying. There is the start stop override which some of you may have but again this isn’t officially supported or endorsed by myself or Autowatch. If anyone needs to turn it off please speak to your supplying dealer or if it was me and we did it by accident [emoji12] then just give me a call in office hours and I’ll talk you through it while you sit in your cars 01133979597 Hope this helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. PS: The video of the bmw shows engine lock not gearbox lock. The installers could have done gearbox lock which works as in this video... This is what both the ghost and shadow could achieve along with hijack and the other options I mentioned. https://youtu.be/Mydqls1vdcA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi Guys, Thank you for all your kind comments in relation to my customer service and after-sales support, it’s appreciated. Anyone looking for an installer, feel free to ask me and I’ll help you locate a reputable one if I can. It would be best to do it via private message or email with your vehicle make, model, year and your postcode area. I personally cover south of Newcastle down to chesterfield and Hull to Warrington so can help anyone in that area, no problem. I do have some good contacts around London and the midlands also so I’ll do my best for those of you around there. I’m also happy to meet halfway to accommodate others. In relation to the anti hijack feature covered in the video on the bmw, this wont work on your vag group cars. It’s specific to some vehicles and only works on a handful. Example, the M car in the video it obviously works on however another car the same model and year it isn’t forced to work on. It’s purely a vehicle by vehicle basis and can only be confirmed by the engineer at the point of installation. The only way to get anti hijack on your vag cars is by using the Autowatch Shadow. The shadow is a second device which works in conjunction with the ghost, they talk to each other using the vehicles CAN network. There is no direct link between the two so they are therefore untraceable. When armed or hijack is activated by the opening of the drivers door on a manual vehicle, the car will stall as soon as the wheels begin to move and on automatics it will stall as soon as a drive gear is engaged. The Shadow has a number of uses which include the following but not limited to: * Can sound an internal siren or vehicle horn if the ghost pin is not entered within 15 seconds of the ignition going on. * Could also send alert via compatible tracking system * Will immobilise the vehicle if the Ghost is ever unlawfully removed * Can be used to give the anti hijack feature as seen in the bmw video on vag cars * Can sound a siren or vehicle horn if too many failed attempts are made at entering the pin * Allows for gearbox lock on vag cars where currently we can only do engine lock. The shadow is a separate device and therefore requires quite intricate installation. It can be added onto any existing ghost system or installed at the same time. There is a little more testing to do before we’re happy to release it but so far bladed key vehicles work well however the keyless PTS (push to start) vehicles need a bit more development. After speaking with Autowatch (Brad Boxhall as mentioned earlier) I’ve agreed to do some trials on my own vehicle over the festive period so hopefully this will be ready for you guys early next year. Price wise I believe the shadow will be about £299.00 but I’ll confirm this once I know more. There’s also a couple of other things coming from the Ghost towards the end of January but I’m unable to say at the moment but trust me, you’ll like it!! I hope the above has helped clarify some of your points and concerns. As I said if I can help find an installer for you or even just give you information on the Ghost or shadow and answer your questions then I will but please be aware I am closed from 19th December through to January 4th for some family time and it may take a while for a reply. Email is probably best - [email protected] Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hello, I personally think the ghost is a great bit of kit and one that the industry has needed for a lot of years. I use it on my own vehicles and I’ve also had many customers who’s potential theft has being stopped by it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not for everyone and I always advise to go with the product that best suits you and your circumstances. I’m personally knocking on the door of 700 installations without any real issues and to those customers who are unsure about it I always say “I’ll fit you one and if it doesn’t give you confidence and you’re not 100% happy with it then I’ll give you your money back and remove it”. I can’t say any fairer than that. The Ghost will prevent the theft by the most common methods other than tow away, for that you need a tracker. Some installers will offer a standard category 2 Immobiliser but if they take your keys then they’ve still got your car as that’s where the touch key for the Immobiliser is kept. I personally will always have one on any vehicle I own. Hope the above helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi guys, I’m away on holiday at the moment so I’ll keep it brief as I’ve covered this video several times and once home I’ll post the link to the thread on the Audi Sport forum. Basically it’s a stooge video designed to ruffle feathers and discredit the ghost after an installer failed to fit one correctly and was struck off as a dealer. He got the hump and this video was the result. What is shown in the video does happen if the device isn’t installed correctly. I tried to contact the guy in the video before I realised it was a stooge. He turned comments off on the video and abused Autowatch staff when they contacted him. If it was genuine why would he do these things after spending £399.00 to protect his £40k car? Anyone who want to try it on here are welcome to but your vehicles won’t start you’ll just flatten your batteries. Trust me your vehicles are Immobilised. *unless installed by this clown* Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Apologies, I’ve only just seen this post. All VAG group vehicles will show errors in the ecu as the ghost can’t operate securely without them been there. Don’t worry from a warranty point of view, me alone have had many vehicles in to dealers with Ghost installed and never had one quibble. This doesn’t include the ghost dealer network as a whole. When the vehicles go in for service or warranty work you put the ghost into service mode which allows the dealer to communicate with the vehicle and clear error codes. Any codes pending after the clear will be issues with the vehicle and not ghost related. Hope this helps and makes some sense. I can’t go into too much technical detail for obvious reasons. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hello, You could have it installed either standalone or via a C650 but we don’t deal with Clifford sorry. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thank you for your comments. There is a way to turn it off yes. It’s obviously not the primary use of the ghost but it can do it. It ideally needs to be done at the time of installation to avoid complications. It’s not something I’m keen to activate in all honesty but if you want to call tomorrow I can have a chat with you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. If your car is stolen it has the potential to load your premiums over the following years and could cost you more long term. Each customer is individual and what’s right for one doesn’t suit the other. I always say it’s how far you want to go and what helps you sleep at night. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Mark@sasmobile

    autowatch ghost

    Best person is Nick at Kits & Bits. Mention myself, he'll look after you. 01446 334005
  11. Mark@sasmobile

    autowatch ghost

    Becky, I have no benefit in lying to you nor will I waste my time arguing other than to say, as mentioned we are under contract with Autowatch in the same way resellers of Apple products are. There's no comparable products to the Ghost which allows Autowatch to stipulate the £399.00. If Unique are doing cheaper prices thats fine (there's always deals to be done) but the advertised price can not be less than £399.00 otherwise dealers face been struck off. My post was to give people an insight, be open, honest and to put owners minds at rest, not to spark debate. All the best.
  12. Mark@sasmobile

    autowatch ghost

    Hi Guys, Apologies for no input to this until now my notifications aren't coming through. There was one Focus RS MK2 that was taken with a Ghost installed. I can't go into exactly how it was taken for obvious reasons. What I can say is the technology used on that vehicle is from 2009 so the Ghost had to use older technology to secure it, which it does. New ghost software is used every month or so. The software used on an Golf R January installation won't really be the same as a March Golf R installation. Every vehicle make and model has it's own specific software so a plug in OBD defeater wouldn't work especially as the networks won't always be available at the OBD port. The theft of the Focus came down to human error when parts of the software were removed for reasons I'm not sure of other than to say we all make mistakes. Off the back of the theft new Ford Focus MK2 software was developed and in doing so the developers realised there was further improvements could me made on the MK3 Focus software, (it still uses very old technology even though its a brand new vehicle). Existing installations were and still are secure however we're here to make your vehicles as secure as possible so a recall was set up. I myself went back to update 26 MK3 Focus installations across the country. Newer vehicles like what VWROC members have are far more advanced than a 2009 Ford therefore the technology used by the Ghost is far more advanced in comparison and makes for a far more secure installation. **PLEASE READ THE WHOLE OF THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT** There's a Lancashire based company who claim to have installed a Ghost to a vehicle which was later started by thieves but then recovered further down the road after the ignition was cycled. There's been no solid evidence come forward to support this though and the installer was quick to take to social media to say "the Ghost had been bypassed by thieves and as such he was removing the Ghost and installing an alternative product instead". What he failed to mention was the fact it was actually him who had installed the Ghost incorrectly, he'd even posted on our "Ghost Installer Forum" about the issue! The social media claims were clearly to cover his embarrassment of the incorrect installation. Autowatch were quick to set him straight and as such he has now been removed as a dealer. Off the back of this there's a few videos going round of a supposedly "disgruntled Ghost customer" who says he can still start his car and can bypass the Ghost. The funny thing is this customer has been contacted by Autowatch and has refused to have the issue rectified and instead just becomes abusive. Let's not forget he has a £50,000 car with a £400.00 security device installed but yet he's refusing help to have it installed correctly????!!! I SMELL A RAT! No one on this forum would do that, would they? It seems to be retaliation to me, To clarify there has only been one theft of a vehicle with the Ghost installed which was the above MK2 Focus. The Ghosts installed to your vehicles are all perfectly secure and certainly going nowhere!! I assure you!! I myself have had customers who's vehicles have been saved by the installation of the Ghost (a few are from this forum). Unfortunately success stories like this are not quick to spread but sadly there are many people out there who are quick to slag a product off with little or no grounds to do so, generally just based of hearsay. If you're looking to have a Ghost installed then please choose a company who has good reviews, who was recommended by a reputable source and then speak to that company to gauge their understanding of the product and how it will work on your car! Due to the Ghosts success there's too many installers trying to jump on the band wagon and install the product thinking they can make a quick buck. All installers are now under contract to sell the Ghost at £399.00 so if you see a cheaper price or are offered a crazy deal then ask yourself why? (I'm still happy to help VWROC members) I offer as good aftercare as what I do before and throughout sales because I understand the product this stands me at the Norths biggest dealer and 2nd biggest in the country. I hope the above puts your minds at rest. Your vehicles are safe!
  13. Mark@sasmobile


    If you want a tracker purely for peace of mind then you’d be better with a Ghost. The price of the subscription for your first year plus the tracker is the same as the cost of the Ghost. Here’s a few different cat 6 trackers. https://www.sasmobile.co.uk/view-category/376/VEHICLE-TRACKERS If your interested in Cat 5 then save your money and go for a Tracker with Driver Recognition like the Smartrack Keyguard. It does the same job at nearly half the price. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Mark@sasmobile


    I was thinking the same. The subs cost is more like that of a cat 6 unit, as is the purchase cost. That said Scorpion did some stupidly cheap deals when they first launched their cat 5 but thing it was only £495.00 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hello, If you check the group buy section all the prices and information is on there. I’ve just tried to copy and paste it but can’t seem to do it on my phone or copy the link. Hope that’s ok. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk