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  1. Might be better Paul, purchasing a Sachs Performance Clutch yourself and getting them to fit it for £150 approx. Maybe another forum member could recommend the best place to buy it or just check out ebay.
  2. Hi Paul I can recommend either of these VAG specialists, if you want to give them a call.
  3. Hi Folks OBD Eleven has logged these faults a few times. Cleared faults, changed fuel, added injector cleaner and octane booster (using BP Ultimate in Northern Ireland), spark plugs, but faults have reappeared. Took it to VAG under extended warranty, but it turns out the last owner ( Car Dealer) had Remapped it, the VAG dealership never told me after replacing the alternator under warranty, so I extended it for another year. Has anyone had these codes and found the solution. At present I'm thinking about replacing rather than swapping over the coils, any thoughts ? Cheers Dave Date: 2019-02-20 14:33 Car: Volkswagen Golf R Year: 2015 Body type: 3-dr hatchback Engine: CJXC 221 kW (300 HP) 2.0 l Mileage: 27122 KM---------------------------------------------------------------01 Engine System description: 2.0l R4 TFSI Software number: 5G0906259E Software version: 0005 Hardware number: 06K907425B Hardware version: H13 ODX name: EV_ECM20TFS0205G0906259E ODX version: 001005 Long coding: 091900322446050B2004 Trouble codes: P233600 - Cylinder #1 Above Knock Threshold Intermittent Date: 2019-02-19 09:00:22 Mileage: 26989 km Priority: 2 Malfunction frequency counter: 8 Unlearning counter: 255 Engine speed: 2045.75 1/min Normed load value: 20.0 % Vehicle speed: 81 km/h Coolant temperature: 99 °C Intake air temperature: 11 °C Ambient air pressure: 990 mbar Voltage terminal 30: 14.746 V Dynamic environmental data: 20962811DC04E510C0040214600B39601387396102733962037E396306B1 P233700 - Cylinder #2 Above Knock Threshold Intermittent Date: 2019-02-20 10:05:19 Mileage: 27097 km Priority: 2 Malfunction frequency counter: 1 Unlearning counter: 255 Engine speed: 2031.25 1/min Normed load value: 13.7 % Vehicle speed: 80 km/h Coolant temperature: 101 °C Intake air temperature: 19 °C Ambient air pressure: 1000 mbar Voltage terminal 30: 14.648 V Dynamic environmental data: 20962711DC043E10C0040414600339601387396102F8396202763963052D
  4. Thanks, for your thoughts guys on the alloys. The white rot problem, I'd forgotten about and could mean £120 a corner refurb cost in the future, if using them all year round. Maybe it's time to just reconsider after market alloys.
  5. Having had 18 inch Cadiz wheels previously,which took ages to sell, I'm currently considering a new but unused set of 19' Cadiz, as I personally like the style. Are these alloys really like the Black Death and not worth much more than 18's in the same condition ? The 4 x 19's are pristine with 3 new tyres and a bare rim. Does anyone have any idea regarding a realistic price for these ? Is it better to buy something else ? Cheers
  6. https://apple.news/A7YsLHEqGTweZS3kfwIJm5Q
  7. Got front seat covers made with R logo from this company. Very pleased. http://rhinouk.co.uk/index_files/Page314.htm
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